Is there gold in Fort Knox?

This one does make a normal, sane American think and then want to really know:

Is there gold in Fort Knox?


Have you heard or seen the term “fiat money”?

Wikipedia explains that the term “fiat money” derives from the Latin fiat (“let it be done”, “it shall be”), which hints at the arbitrary nature of the money. In contrast to “representative money” that is backed by gold or silver, and which entails the legal requirement that the bank of issue redeem it in fixed weights of gold or silver, fiat money is money without intrinsic value, but is simply money declared by a government to be legal tender, which is neither convertible by law to any other thing, nor fixed in value in terms of any objective standard.

The United States once had representative money. But the Nixon Shock of 1971 ended the direct convertibility of the U. S. dollar to gold. Since then, all reserve currencies have been fiat currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the Euro.

Nadir of Christian Light Ministry puts it even more bluntly: “The truth is that private international banks owned by the same people under different names create what we call ‘money’. This money is something created out of thin air and interest is charged upon having it. […] It is make believe money. In the United States, this private banking cartel is called the Federal Reserve Bank.”

Fort Knox is a United States Army post in Kentucky south of Louisville and north of Elizabethtown.

The Department of the Treasury has maintained the United States Bullion Depository in a fortified vault building at Gold Vault Rd. and Bullion Blvd. on the army post since 1937. Inside the building supposedly is a large portion of United States official gold reserves — 5,046.3 tons of gold bullion (147.2 million oz. troy), roughly 3% of all the gold ever refined throughout human history and occasionally other precious items belonging or entrusted to the federal government.

Even so, the bullion depository in Fort Knox is second in the United States to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s underground vault in Manhattan, which holds 7,716 tons of gold bullion (225.1 million oz. troy), some of it in trust for foreign nations, central banks and official international organizations.

But that’s what we are told.

How do we know there’s actually gold in Fort Knox or in the Manhattan underground vault? Did you know that the last audit of Fort Knox occurred 60 YEARS AGO in 1953?

Fascinating read found at Fellowship of the Minds.



WARNING: GRUESOME IMAGES! Take a look at whom Barack Hussein Obama will be helping if he attacks Syria

The people in Syria who staged the poison gas attack, killing hundreds of civilians, were the al-Qaeda-linked Free Syrian Army rebels, NOT Bashir Assad. This is the group Obama is supporting. This is the group on behalf of whom American troops will die.

BNI readers have seen these kinds of videos. Please send this one to your Obama-loving friends who have not, and tell them these are the savages whom their dear leader, Obama, is backing in Syria.

Go view the video at Bare Naked Islam, if you dare!



Unlikely…but not Impossible”

If liberals invented and made stuff, probably be something near to these.

Improbable objects

From an Italian artist HERE. Oh, much more on the site!


Afghan Exchange Student In US Army Course Gets B+ For Planning Mass Killing Of His Classmates


The Coming Show Trials

Wall Street prosecutions for the election season.

The Obama administration is hearing footsteps on its left and needs to placate a base disappointed by the Great Peacemaker’s evolution into the Big Brother that Dick Cheney never even dreamed of. Since the Left is motivated mainly by hatred and envy, the answer to Barack Obama’s midterm problems is show trials for Wall Street.

Eric Holder, the reliably dishonest man who inexplicably serves as attorney general of these United States, has done that great Washingtonian thing: announcing an announcement. The announcement he announced is that the Justice Department plans to bring charges against a number of financial firms in relation to the 2008–09 financial crisis. When exactly that is going to happen was not enunciated in Mr. Holder’s announcement announcement, and neither were the targets of those charges — but the likely suspects include JPMorgan, corporate home of former Obama chief of staff William Daley, and Bank of America, financier of Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign and corporate patron of Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff Stephanie Cutter. Barack Obama has consistently filled high positions in his administration with Wall Street players, much to the dismay of that faction of the Democratic party associated with Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has no doubt been shaking the walls of her $1.7 million Cambridge mansion with howls of proletarian outrage.

Continue reading all of this at the National Review.


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The government shutdown freakout hits Facebook!

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MLK’s ‘Dream’ at 50

Intelligence insider: Syria, World War III & the hidden objective



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