Is this finally proof we’re NOT causing global warming?

(Daily Mail) — Current theories of the causes and impact of global warming have been thrown into question by a new study which shows that during medieval times the whole of the planet heated up.

It then cooled down naturally and there was even a ‘mini ice age’.

A team of scientists led by geochemist Zunli Lu from Syracuse University in New York state, has found that contrary to the ‘consensus’, the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ approximately 500 to 1,000 years ago wasn’t just confined to Europe.

In fact, it extended all the way down to Antarctica — which means that the Earth has already experience global warming without the aid of human CO2 emissions.

At present the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) argues that the Medieval Warm Period was confined to Europe — therefore that the warming we’re experiencing now is a man-made phenomenon.

However, Professor Lu has shown that this isn’t true — and the evidence lies with a rare mineral called ikaite, which forms in cold waters.

‘Ikaite is an icy version of limestone,’ said Lu. ‘The crystals are only stable under cold conditions and actually melt at room temperature.’

It turns out the water that holds the crystal structure together — called the hydration water — traps information about temperatures present when the crystals formed.

This finding by Lu’s research team establishes, for the first time, ikaite as a reliable way to study past climate conditions.



First let me say that any business editor who uses the word “awesome” to describe a financial chart with GDP numbers and stock market returns sorted by presidency ought to be banished to the 1990s, constrained to a geographic area, like, not to exceed the political boundaries of the San Fernando Valley.

At the very least he should be forced to take a starter course in Microsoft Excel- for all eternity.

Awesome should be reserved for things that are, well, awesome: the face of God, the initial bombing campaign against Saddam Hussein, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson, the awesome senior business editor extraordinaire- as long as we are using clichés, let’s go for it- makes the case in The Obama Record: It Was the Best of Terms, It Was the Worst of Terms that economically Obama matches up with the best of presidents because the stock market has gone from 6,000 to 13,000 while he was in the Oval Office.

And, yes, Thompson uses the word “awesome.” He also uses other overwrought words and phrases like when he describes Obama’s economic record as “bi-polar”- meaning “good”-  and he asserts that “energy and multinational companies have led a stock boom that rivals the Dot-Com bubble.”

Boy, and here I didn’t know the Dot Com bubble was such a great thing.

After reading Thompson’s exclamation points to Obama (!!!), I wonder, first of all, how Thompson didn’t hyperventilate while writing it. You can almost feel Chris Matthews’ Obama-induced chill run up Thompson’s leg as he penned this love letter.

The market, ahem, was at 9,300 when Obama was elected. It was at 8,600 the week he was inaugurated and reached prices we hadn’t seen since 1996 under Obama. And it still hasn’t reached the Bush-era high of 14,000 if that’s the measure of a president. Which it isn’t.

Getting past the fallacy of the stock market “boom”- the current S&P P/E ratio is 23.62 versus its high of 44.20 before the Dot Com boom went bust- using stock market returns as a bolster for Obama’s candidacy is the economic equivalent of Obama heading down to Cushman, OK and saying “Drill, baby, drill,” just as he did last week.

Politically, the left, as represented by Thompson, Obama, Ezra Klein, et al. isn’t just wrong, they are in the process of declaring moral bankruptcy, just as I said last week during Obama’s Keystone photo-op.





Fidel’s favorite anchor….
Mitchell praises Cuban health care on MSNBC

Free Beacon:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell devoted part of her show Tuesday to an analysis of the upside of health care in Castro’s Cuban dictatorship.

Mitchell began her show with a panel discussion on the Affordable Care Act hearings before the Supreme Court, from a plaza in the police state.

This is not the first time Mitchell has praised the Cuban regime.

On Tuesday, Mitchell profiled a medical school she had previously toured with Fidel Castro himself, and called the country “highly regarded for its health care.”



Geesh…these lefties, especially the black lefties, continue making shit up!


Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida): This is Treyvon Martin. Trayvon Martin’s murderer is still at large. It’s been one month, thirty days, with no arrest. I want America to see this sweet young boy who was hunted down like a dog, shot in the street, and his killer is still at large.

Not one person has been arrested in Treyvon’s murder. I want to make sure that America knows that in Sanford, Florida, there was a young boy murdered. He is buried in Miami, Florida, and not one person has been arrested even though we all know who the murderer is. This was a standard case of racial profiling. No more! No more! We will stand for justice for Treyvon Martin.

(true, the facts mean nothing to these race baiters! they would all love to see one big race war in our country, only way I can see it)



Yet again showing that democrats love muslims of any color who are anti-semitic!

(WHNT) — The controversial leader of the Nation of Islam will be visiting Huntsville soon, much to the dismay of local Jewish groups.

Officials at Alabama A&M University told WHNT News 19 that Louis Farrakhan has accepted an invitation to speak on campus next month, just days after his latest controversial remark.

Farrakhan is scheduled to address students at Elmore Gymnasium on April 10th. A coalition of student groups asked the long time Nation of Islam head to come earlier this month, saying Farrakhan brings a message of “hope and positive energy.” But Jewish groups in north Alabama scoffed at that assessment, calling it outrageous and insulting. The 78 year-old leader has a long history of anti-Semitic statements, along with other disparaging racial remarks.

“All I can say is shame on A&M for allowing him [Farrakhan] to come,” said Etz Chayim synagogue member Max Rosenthal. “We [Jews] are related to Satan according to Mr. Farrakhan. . . Mr. Farrakhan is a rabid hate-monger, a rabid anti-Semite, and I think all he’s going to do is try to poison the minds of the A&M students. It’s a real disaster to the community, and I believe it’s going to be very divisive.”

The Alabama A&M Poetry Club and Alabama A&M Democrats were two of the student groups that invited Mr. Farrakhan to campus. Poetry club president Kris Taylor says A&M administrators gave the go-ahead for Farrakhan to come, and called criticism of his past remarks overblown.


Check out and read each of the following sites daily for the truth. Certainly not the truth given forth by the liberal press or our president!

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Am thinking that Contessa Brewer is as dumb as a box of crackers.


“A compelling, alarming case against the GOP and its ‘War on Women.’ Lest you think it can’t happen here, just ask Iranian women how conservative, religious fanatics ripped their rights away.”

That’s how MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer introduced her Facebook fans to a March 25 New York magazine piece by Frank Rich entitled “Stag Party: The GOP’s woman problem is that it has a serious problem with women.”