‘It gets bigger’ for teen boys wanting to know in this PSA parody

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (and by “they,” we mean everyone but copyright attorneys), but sometimes parodies are an even greater tribute. Take this video (with NSFW language), which puts a new spin on columnist Dan Savage’s inspiring “It Gets Better” campaign. The guys who made this clip address every teenage boy who has looked down at a certain part of his anatomy and asked, “Is this normal? Am I normal?” The videomakers’ answer is a resounding “Yes!”



A Maine man claims he made up allegations of sexual abuse against Bernie Fine at the direction of a man who brought the first allegations against the former Syracuse assistant basketball coach.

Zach Tomaselli, who is set to begin a 39-month prison sentence for sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy in Maine, said his tale about being molested in 2002 in a Pittsburgh hotel room while on a trip with the basketball team was fabricated by Bobby Davis.

Tomaselli’s allegations came shortly after Davis and his stepbrother, Mike Lang, revealed to ESPN in November that they were allegedly molested by Fine while working as ball boys for the team in the 1980s.

“It has become a burden of a lie and I am sick of it. Bobby Davis told me what to tell detectives and it pretty much took off from there,” Tomaselli wrote in an email to CNY Central of Syracuse.

“The evidence that supports me is just pure luck, not real evidence. I made the ENTIRE thing up. I have never met Bernie in my life.”

Tomaselli, 23, now maintains he was motivated to lie based on his dislike of the Syracuse basketball team, who defeated his favorite team, Kansas, in the 2003 NCAA Tournament final.

Convicted child molester, Tomaselli, claims that two other Coach Fine victims told him to lie and say he was also abused.

“It was a game to me. It was fun trying to make this story come alive,” he told the station in a phone call.

“I was told by Bobby Davis what kind of porn Bernie likes. So I would add we were watching lesbian porn and going on and on. But, it didn’t pan out because of my school records, there was a hole I didn’t fill.”



Internets Revolt as Facebook Backs CISPA: Facebook (and also Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T, Intel…) has come out in support of CISPA — SOPA’s evil twin that essentially would obliterate online privacy — and the wrath of the web has reached a fever pitch.

What’s the best way to fight back?

Sign the petition by Demand Progress:

“Internet users were able to push GoDaddy to withdraw its support of SOPA. Now it’s time to make sure Facebook knows we’re furious.”

And/or share your opposition on Facebook, natch.


In a daring escape caught on film, a young steer took his life into his own hooves Tuesday when he fled from the New Jersey slaughterhouse where he faced certain death. After crossing a river and surviving an urban roundup, complete with police cars and a tranquilizer gun, the lucky steer has found a permanent home with a volunteer from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (with the blessing, of course, of the slaughterhouse owner).


LONDON (Reuters) – Iran is concealing the destinations of its oil sales by disabling tracking systems aboard its tanker fleet, making it difficult to assess how much crude Tehran is exporting as it seeks to counter Western sanctions aimed at cutting its oil revenues. Most of Iran’s 39-strong fleet of tankers is now “off-radar” after Tehran ordered captains in the National Iranian Tanker Co (NITC) to switch off the black box transponders that are used in the shipping industry to monitor vessel movements, oil industry, trading and shipping sources said. “Iran, helped by its customers, is trying to obfuscate as much as possible,” said a senior executive at a national oil company that has done business with Iran. And Iran may have countered a reported reduction in its oil sales in March by offering big discounts in the form of free freight, finance and insurance and generous credit terms, the sources said. Europe’s July 1 oil embargo, and U.S. and European financial sanctions against Iran’s nuclear programme have seen Tehran’s oil sales drop to most Western destinations and drawn promises from some Asian buyers that they will cut purchases. But cheap, covert sales may have curbed or even reversed the reduction in shipments, the sources say. Discretion is paramount. Ship captains steering NITC supertankers have switched off recognition systems and customers are keeping business strictly under wraps. “People are being very secretive right now. They are not talking about this on email, Yahoo or mobile,” said the head of a crude oil desk at a top oil trading houses. A Reuters’ survey of the Iranian fleet via the ship tracking system AIS Live shows only seven of its 25 very large crude carriers are still operating their on-board transponders, which allow computers to track vessels. Only two of NITC’s nine smaller Suezmax size tankers now have their tracking systems in operation, shipping sources say. “NITC oil tankers are going to operate in stealth mode,” said a shipping official, who declined to be identified. Under normal circumstances, tankers would generally not turn off their tracking systems. Some did so last year during the Libyan civil war in order to trade with the Gaddafi government. As sanctions make it harder to pay for and ship oil from Iran, it is increasingly difficult to gauge how much is moving out of the country’s main terminal at Kharg Island. Iran’s Oil Minister, Rostam Qasemi, has said Tehran’s crude exports are steady at last year’s rate of 2.2 million barrels per day. But that has been hard to square with tanker tracker data and market intelligence.

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A protected area is a designated location that has been preserved for its ecological, natural and/or cultural values. Governments work with conservationists to ensure that these areas continue to function naturally, with minimal (if any) human management. The preservation of many protected areas has stopped or slowed the extinction rate of several species. Currently, there are over 160,000 protected areas in the world that cover 10 to 15 percent of the world’s surface area (both land and sea).

Listed below are the ten largest protected areas in the world.

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Just another branch of Obama supporters (or is it, Obama supports this branch?).

Just what the capitol needed — a lobbyist from the American Nazi Party. John Taylor Bowles, the National Socialist Movement’s presidential nominee in 2008, registered this week to lobby for “political rights and ballot access laws,” according to the registration form, which also lists as “general lobbying issue areas”: accounting, agriculture, clean air and water, health issues, the Constitution, immigration, manufacturing, retirement, and civil rights.


Just I don’t know what, but a hell of a lot of Obama appointees have got to go pronto!

(CNSNews.com) – Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Thursday that Obamacare had made it possible for a 25-year-old law student to devote her career to working on social justice issues instead of working for a big law firm.

“Because of the steps we’ve taken there are 410,000 African American young adults across the country who were uninsured but now have insurance coverage under their parents’ health plan, thanks to the new law,” Sebelius said.

“Now one of them was with me in Miami a couple of weeks ago a 25-year-old law student named Ashley,” she said, highlighting the student as a success story for the Affordable Care Act’s policy that allows children to stay on their parents’ health care plans until they are 26.

“Now Ashley is one of those young people who make you have renewed faith in the future of this country,” Sebelius continued.  “She’s bright.  She’s dedicated.  She is working on her law degree.”

“She wants to devote her career to working on social justice issues, which is why she’s going to law school,” she said.  “And she can go ahead and pursue that dream now because she no longer has to worry about getting health coverage.


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Hilary Rosen does not now nor has she ever worked during my tenure for the Democratic National Committee and does not work for the campaign, does not have a contract with either the campaign or the committee. And as David Axelrod pointed out, she has a contract with CNN as a contributor and they actually released a statement yesterday saying they prohibit their contributors from having formal relationships, contractual relationships with campaigns.

Via Beltway Confidential:

Controversial Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, Hilary Rosen, was hired by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to coach her on media appearances. [...]

But Republicans at the Republican National Committee, have already pulled data on payments made by the DNC to Rosen.

“DNC has paid $120,000 to Rosen’s firm since 2011 for both a “communications consultant” and “media consultant,” tweeted Joe Pounder, the director at the RNC, “Sounds like Dunn and Rosen.”


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