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Jihad in America, Constitution Free Zones, American Power, More

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Steve Emerson’s masterpiece: “Jihad in America – The Grand Deception” now available for viewing at BNI

The Grand Deception is an eye opening investigative documentary that traces the roots of Islamism, stealth jihad, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

This documentary explores the brotherhood and politics, commonly referred to as Islamism, and examines the influence of Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. This insightful film yet entertaining documentary also highlights the danger that Islamist influence poses for all Americans. It also includes never-before-seen interviews with brave Muslim leaders, former FBI agents and federal prosecutors, a prominent Hollywood director, journalists, and even a top official of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood.

Now go and view all the videos on this! Bare Naked Islam


Just to piss off any mooselimbs who drop by my blog.



Highly Decorated WWII Vet Warns America: 90 percent Of Congress Are Traitors

HUD Proposal Slammed As Fair Housing Act Overreach


nobody has the right to


Judge Upholds Constitution Free Zones 100 Miles Inside Borders

While everyone was busy celebrating the New Year last evening with parties, revelry and resolution-making, “a US federal judge reaffirmed the Obama administration policy granting officials the authority to search American’s laptops, citing a controversial premise that makes citizens within 100 miles of the border eligible for a police check.”

According to

District Judge Edward Korman made his ruling in New York on Tuesday, more than three years after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit. The ACLU claimed that – since Americans put so much of their lives on their computers, cell phones, and other devices – border officials should have reasonable suspicion before sifting through someone’s personal files.

Attorneys argued that searches conducted without reasonable suspicion are a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure.

Not so, according to Judge Korman. In his decision Tuesday he argued that the area 100 miles inland falls under a “border exemption.”

Before going any further, it’s important to note the context of the situation under which the suit was filed.

Read it all HERE.


obamcare and loss of health insurance


The Diary of Barack Obama: My plot with Putin

Cartoon of the Day – Benefits


this is cold irony


The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power

Editor’s Note: The following Geopolitical Weekly originally ran in January 2013.

By George Friedman

When I wrote about the crisis of unemployment in Europe, I received a great deal of feedback. Europeans agreed that this is the core problem while Americans argued that the United States has the same problem, asserting that U.S. unemployment is twice as high as the government’s official unemployment rate. My counterargument is that unemployment in the United States is not a problem in the same sense that it is in Europe because it does not pose a geopolitical threat. The United States does not face political disintegration from unemployment, whatever the number is. Europe might.

At the same time, I would agree that the United States faces a potentially significant but longer-term geopolitical problem deriving from economic trends. The threat to the United States is the persistent decline in the middle class’ standard of living, a problem that is reshaping the social order that has been in place since World War II and that, if it continues, poses a threat to American power.

The Crisis of the American Middle Class

The median household income of Americans in 2011 was $49,103. Adjusted for inflation, the median income is just below what it was in 1989 and is $4,000 less than it was in 2000. Take-home income is a bit less than $40,000 when Social Security and state and federal taxes are included. That means a monthly income, per household, of about $3,300. It is urgent to bear in mind that half of all American households earn less than this. It is also vital to consider not the difference between 1990 and 2011, but the difference between the 1950s and 1960s and the 21st century. This is where the difference in the meaning of middle class becomes most apparent.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the median income allowed you to live with a single earner — normally the husband, with the wife typically working as homemaker — and roughly three children. It permitted the purchase of modest tract housing, one late model car and an older one. It allowed a driving vacation somewhere and, with care, some savings as well. I know this because my family was lower-middle class, and this is how we lived, and I know many others in my generation who had the same background. It was not an easy life and many luxuries were denied us, but it wasn’t a bad life at all.

Continue reading this HERE.


rehearsal so relax

From HERE.


Anger in Britain and the U.S. at Afghan plan to release 88 Taliban prisoners responsible for scores of attacks that killed and maimed troops and police

  • U.S. only recently transferred the prison at Bagram to Afghan control
  • Had become serious source of tension with the government in Afghanistan
  • 30 percent had participated in direct attacks that killed or wounded 60 U.S. and coalition troops

Read it all HERE. What the f*ck are we doing still in Afghanistan.


A lucky man – constant shortage of toilet paper in Communist Poland made it the object of mass desire – April 1985.  Venezuela had a shortage, now will the USA under buck ofama have such a shortage?

toilet paper and socialism


Reverse the race of the victim and call the BGI-Graphic warning!

Eugenics & Obamacare – The Ultimate in Political Manipulation

Where do we draw a line of morality?


are  you alcoholic


Here’s what we learned about the NSA’s spying programs in 2013.

New Study Shows How Earth’s Crust and Mantle Look Like 4 Billion Years Ago .

Legal marijuana sales commence in Colorado (+video) – .

NSA stands for ‘No Such Amendment’: Intelligence agency violates US Constitution.

92 universities reject academic boycott of Israel .


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