Know How to Turn Office Supplies Into Mini Weapons

This tutorial is for everyone sitting in an office, most likely reading this post during their lunch hour or afternoon cup of coffee. Take a look around you. What you see are an endless stream of supplies that Jörg Sprave will show you how to turn into DIY weapons.

Sprave writes on his YouTube site that Businessweek challenged him to make weapons out of office supplies for their “how to” series. Making good on the challenge, Sprave — who is well-known as the creator of “The Slinshot Channel” — found there are actually a lot of “heavy, sharp things around” the office environment.

Main materials include paper, pencils, scissors, metal fasteners, rubber bands, hole punches and USB cables. Oh, and don’t forget the Scotch tape. With them, he creates a pencil shooter (a sharp pencil is a must), a flail, “deadly” pick axe, and, of course, a signature slingshot.

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Earlier today, I took our dog to the vet. Time for her to get her nails trimmed. Surprising that she just stands there and lets the vet trim away, when she whines and cries and licks my hands and fingers when I used to trim her nails. Now she is happy (this I can tell because she strutted around the house for a while, just to show off her nails). But the vet weighed her, and she gained almost half a pound since last time (about 2 months back). She is old (9 going on 10) so she is not as fast as she used to be. She no longers runs when she goes out side. Vet said yes, not getting enough exercise is making her a bit chubby. Suggested a nice daily walk. Then we talked about her food. We have been giving her a can a day (1/3 per meal) of her kibbles and bits food. She wants more and more. Vet said to go by what it says on the can and feed her that much. Damn, got home and checked with wife (hey, hard as hell for me to read all that fine print and yellow on white is not the best combination). Says to give her for her weight 1 1/2 cans per day! Geesh, starving the dog and she still gains weight? Now she will get half and half (cannned and dry) according to the can and get a full serving at each meal of about a total of half a can.

This evening, it is STEAK NIGHT at the casino! And hey, half price for us! Plus our sister will pay for my wife’s half (not me, as she did not see me helping clean out and fix her garden like my wife did). Told her, well then you can walk to the casino, or take your own car. Anyways, the three of us will go and I will eat too damn much good steak! And maybe just a bit of slot action. And wife is not happy, as today in the mail got the mailing for ME from the casino, she did not get one. Changed it up for next month, I get a free buffet! Plus a big bump on the free comp on the slot machines. Think wife will be talking to the people at the casino this evening about why she gets nothing.



The Hague has delivered its verdict on former Liberian president Charles Taylor, finding him guilty of arming Sierra Leone’s rebels who paid him in “blood diamonds.”

UN judge Richard Lussick:

“The trial chamber uanimously finds you guilty.” Taylor’s practical assistance, including trade in blood diamonds and moral support, had substantial impact on the commission of war crimes and “he knew it well. … The trial chamber finds beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is criminally responsble for aiding and abetting the commision of crimes.”

Taylor is the first African leader to be convicted in a war crimes trial. He will be sentences May 16.
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Around 40,000 people gathered in musical protest today in Oslo, Norway, near the court building where Anders Breivik is on trial for a deadly spree that killed 77. The crowd sang the 1970s song “Children of the Rainbow,” which praises multiculturalism and which Breivik has called “Marxist propaganda.”

The gathering occurred on the same day that survivors of Breivik’s July 2011 attacks offered harrowing testimony, including a young woman who described how she had survived his bombing of government offices.

Anne Helene Lund, 24, said she had been working at a reception desk when Breivik parked a big white van outside and lit a seven-minute bomb fuse. Lunde suffered head and brain injuries and her legs were crushed; she was cut all over and still has glass shards stuck in her body. “The head injury I got caused me to fall into a coma, and as a consequence I don’t remember anything from that day, and very little from 2011,” Lund said.

“She was labeled ‘miracle girl,’” her father said, “because the doctors said it was almost impossible to survive something like this.”

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Is this a Kiss of Death from Jimmy Carter?

As for the November elections, Carter said he thinks Obama will be re- elected, but he won’t mind if presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney ends up in the White House.

“I’d rather have a Democrat but I would be comfortable – I think Romney has shown in the past, in his previous years as a moderate or progressive, that he was fairly competent as a governor and also running the Olympics,” Carter told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing.

Carter said Romney has adopted some extreme positions in order to win conservatives’ votes, but he believes the former Massachusetts governor will swing back toward the center.

“He’s gone to the extreme right-wing positions on some very important issues in order to get the nomination. What he’ll do in the general election, what he’ll do as president, I think is different,” Carter said.

We may have to support Romney because that’s what the RNC wants.   I don’t trust him but I know Obama is beyond trusting for doing the right things for this nation.   You don’t get elected Governor of Massachusetts by being a conservative.


The Redneck went to the hospital after his wife had a baby.

Upon arriving, the Nurse says, “Congratulations, your wife has had quints, 5 big baby boys!”

The Redneck says, “I’m not surprised, I have a penis on me like a chimney.”

The Nurse replies, “You might want to consider getting it cleaned, they’re all black.”


We do still pretend to be a nation of laws, right?

Ben Shapiro at points out something that apparently didn’t occur to anybody who planned President Obama’s creepy love-fest appearance on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Fallon show: it was a blatant violation of campaign law.

The equal time rule states that if a licensee permits a person “who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station.”

There are exceptions to the rule: appearances on (1) a bona fide newscast, (2) a bona fide news interview, (3) a bona fide news documentary, or (4) on-the-spot coverage of bona fide news events.

Only the second provision could be construed as saving NBC from giving Mitt Romney equal time. But this was not a bona fide news interview. In fact, it wasn’t an interview at all – no questions were asked, no answers were given. It was literally Obama reading a campaign speech over a guitar, a horn, a keyboard, and some drums.



The Obama Administration is working on regulations that would prevent children from working on our own family farms. This is more overreach of the federal government with many negative consequences. And if you think the government’s new regs will stop at family farms, think again.

My family is a commercial fishing family, and commercial fishing in Alaska is much like the family farm (but the year ’round farmers no doubt work harder than we do!). I guarantee fishing families wouldn’t stand for this nonsensical intrusion into our lives and livelihoods, and, as a former 4-H member, I don’t believe farm families will either. Our kids learn to work and to help feed America on our nation’s farms, and out on the water.

Federal government: get your own house in order and stop interfering in ours.

- Sarah Palin


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Last night, President Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s unwatchable late-night show – a show most notable for Fallon’s almost-incredible inability to keep a straight face while telling the world’s least funny jokes – to discuss the Secret Service prostitution scandal. “The Secret Service, these guys are incredible,” Obama said. “They protect me, they protect our girls. A couple of knuckleheads shouldn’t detract from what they do. What they were thinking, I don’t know. That’s why they’re not there anymore.”

But the Secret Service agents in question don’t need Obama’s help n their defense. They’ve got a new one all lined up: they didn’t have sex with the prostitutes because they were too drunk to do so. As the Washington Post reports, “The people familiar with the accused employees said some of them have said there was no sexual activity because the men were so drunk that they fell asleep immediately after bringing the women to their rooms.” This may be the first time in recorded history that the “too drunk to have sex” defense has actually been leveraged.




Monday, Soledad O’Brien’s “Starting Point” couldn’t clear 100k viewers in the coveted 25-54 demo or even a half-million total viewers.

“The Daily Show” itself came in at #23 in the cable rankings with only 1.54 million total viewers.

You think maybe part of their viewership problem might have something to do with the cultural bigotry and intolerance displayed below?

So here you have Soledad O’Brien, a CNN anchor and star, in a skit stereotyping and mocking “rednecks.” Sure, she can put on Jon Stewart’s clown nose as a defense, but would she ever participate in a skit that portrayed Blacks, gays, or Muslims in a derogatory fashion. MORE  HERE


After numerous surgeries, Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old Ukranian, has finally achieved her dream of being plastic a real-life Barbie doll. Don’t miss her Facebook page full of creepy pics (sadly, no Ken sighting).

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