Leftists are NUTS

Okay, lefties as a general rule do stupid shit, like riot, like fight with others, fight with police, just fight and cuss and spit at people, and basically just fight as they are arrested, kicking the police and much more. Then when they are called forth for doing all this shit, and fired from their jobs? They start crying and using the victim card! Like this stupid cunt…oh, do read it all….

Station Fires Reporter After This Video Of Her Berating A Cop Goes Viral

On Sunday, local Philadelphia news reporter Colleen Campbell probably didn’t think her evening would end with an arrest and video resulting in her termination from PHL 17 News – but that’s exactly what happened.

As Philly.com’s Rob Tornoe aptly notes, “[C]ampbell allegedly just broke the first rule of journalism — don’t become the story.”

The 28-year-old Temple grad has gone viral after a video shared by New York City comic Will Sylvince shows Campbell unleashing a profane tirade against a stoic Philadelphia police officer outside the Helium Comedy Club on Sunday night.

According to Sylvince, Campbell’s bad behavior began inside the club after she interrupted a show featuring Craig Robinson, who played Daryl in The Office, with her “loud whispering.” Sylvince says she was asked to leave the club after multiple warnings, and on the way out claims Campbell allegedly assaulted employees in the bar area.

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