Liberal-Progressive ideology

Within modern Liberal-Progressive ideology,  the idea of a right now revolves around emotional offense and harm rather than around the classical concept autonomy. It is a dangerous precedent. It ultimately means that none of my rights are securely grounded in what is inherently and necessarily my own. They are granted to me by the empathetic  judgment of policy makers and academics.

Now someone may remark  “Well the situation isn’t too bad ; a standard based on emotional offense and harm at least gives the individual some control over what is deemed a “right” in their case.  No. The Progressive’s intent is not to surrender the privilege of defining rights. That which is emotionally  harmful is something that is to be dictated only by the Progressive himself. At universities young women for example  are told what ought to be seen as offensive. They are taught what is acceptable behavior and what is not. If a women says she does not happen  to be offended by something that Progressive elites have already deemed to be offensive she is seen, at best,  as an ignorant victim,  and at worse as an ideological accomplice; not as someone with their own personal sensibilities and opinion.

And so we see that the goal of the Leftist here is the sovereignty of his own moral code and only his. The ultimate outcome of this kind of thinking is again, the replacement of the inalienable  natural right, which is grounded in our autonomy, with new rights grounded in the subjective preferences of an elite..


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