Liberals should read the quran and haddiths

Anonymous asked:
Leftists use the “that was translated wrong” or “that is out of context” argument to explain bad Quran passages, but they never provide info on what the “real” translation/context is. Like, if something truly is being lost in translation, why aren’t they telling us what it is? Its almost like they dont have a defense and are simply deflecting. . . . but they would never do that! Relion of peace, remember! All 109 passages calling for the death of infidels are simply being taken out of context!

Exactly. The problem is, almost all of them have not read the Quran or any of the Hadith books, they have only read chopped and cherry picked passages on tumblr posts, they only hear all the wonderful things their Muslim friend tells them and those Muslims only know what their parents or imams have taught them, who you’re never going to get an honest and critical perspective from. So the moment they are faced with the facts and genuine concerns, all they know how to do is scream Islamophobia and dismiss it as they have no real idea what they’re talking about. In many cases, one of three things usually happen when a Muslim truly reads the Quran, learns its history, its meaning and influence. They either abandon their faith, they become advocates for reforming their faith or they become extremists of their faith. I have said over and over, that of course there’s many millions of peaceful Muslims, but Islam is not a religion of peace. The differences between those two are deliberately muddled so a criticism of Islam becomes a criticism of all Muslims which is Islamophobic and it gets shut down. It’s a full cycle of lies and censorship that has to stop.

Above taken from this SOURCE, one you should go to often and read!!!

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