Links for Wednesday

The large blue butterfly is legally protected because they cannot be bred in captivity. The reason why is their parasitic life cycle.

Lessons From Growing Up in the Spice Trade. Caitlin PenzeyMoog offers us some simple advice about using spices, which is almost as interesting as the description of her childhood.

Utah’s First Federal Surveyor Fled the Territory Fearing for His Life. The animosity led to a two-year war.

Hollywood Logic Explained in Charts. They make sense, but only in their own world.

Your hair can now reveal many of your personal details. Like drugs you’ve taken, your body mass index, and what you ate months ago.

She tried to make a super baby. She didn’t, but she learned that perfection isn’t necessary.
The enormous economic costs of America’s obesity epidemic. The health care costs multiply as patients age.

The Original Locations of 30 Famous Food Chains. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.


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