Local Community College

So I was browsing my local community college website for low-cost programs that prepare students for high-salary fields.

In Austin, TX, where I live, an MRI technician makes a median salary of $71,220. The normal range is between $64,795-$78,027.

Want to know what it costs?

$2,465. Total. For the whole program. That’s tuition + books + supplies. You have to pay for your own food and rent, but if you’re able to work part-time and have roommates (or live at home), it’s definitely doable. Possibly without debt.

Oh, and how long does it take? 6 months.



6 months, $2,465 + rent and personal expenses, and you can enter a career with a low-end salary of $64,795. In Austin, that is great. With a community college degree that took you 6 months and less than 3 grand.

If you are a high school student thinking about your college options, PLEASE look into your local community college. They likely offer a wide range of short, affordable programs that will get you into an actual career that will actually pay a decent salary WITHOUT amassing huge amounts of debt.


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