Maker of EpiPen hit with fraud & racketeering lawsuit over price-gouging

A group of EpiPen purchasers have hit drug maker Mylan with a class-action lawsuit, claiming the company engaged in illegal price fixing to inflate the price of its allergy treatment over a decade by 574 percent.

According to the complaint filed in Washington state on Monday, Mylan acquired the rights to market and distribute EpiPen in 2007, and increased the list price 17 times, from $90.28 to $608.62, causing some patients to resort to carrying expired EpiPens, or to use syringes to manually inject epinephrine.

Plaintiffs argued the skyrocketing list price for the EpiPen was the result of Mylan’s behind the scenes payments of rebates to pharmacy benefit managers – CVS Caremark, Express Scripts and Optum Rx – which handle prescription drug benefit programs of insurance plans.

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