Maybe the Civil War has started???

And So It Begins

A lone gunman in Virginia decides to shoot up a a bunch of republicans during an early morning softball practice. If reports are correct he asked if the people on the field were democrats or republicans, when told the latter, he opened fire.

You can thank numerous people for instigating this kind of violence, Kathy Griffin, the Caesar play, twitter, NBCMSNBCABCCBS “news” networks, Steven Colbert, Conan O’Brian, Samantha Bee, Antifa thugs, BLM, and the other liberal nut jobs calling for violence against conservatives and conservative politicians.

The divide in this country has entered critical mass. With the Trump election the left has lost their minds and are spitting out the most vile and nasty shit about his administration and the lefts useful idiots are taking it to heart, thus begins the civil war. With the left becoming militant, the right has no option but to fight back…this will not end well.

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