National Security Filled With Incompetent Fraud

But We Should Hate Snowden And Trust Them To Spy On Us?

For the last few days the regime and their media lapdogs have been out hounding Edward Snowden, deriding his motives, doubting his ethics, and deconstructing his character. This man is a spy because he collected data on our completely benign and legitimate government’s spying activities. He has aided our enemies by revealing information that is completely unimportant because we already knew about it or that it is even untrue (really, people are saying this). We are assured Snowden is misleading the American people because they are being kept safe, internal controls are in place to stop abuse, and their data is protected.

But if our data is so protected how was Snowden able to give it to the newspapers? How did he ever get access to it if he was such an unstable character?

It turns out that the national security system, while it is harvesting and mining data on everyone, is not competent enough to do a background check on anyone. USIS got the contract to do background checks. It has now come to light the first hints of how bad a job they were doing (or, perhaps not doing) that the leaker (!) speaking to the Washington Post says he will recommend that the government cut all ties with USIS unless they can prove their innocence. But it sounds doubtful that the government is even capable of letting USIS go:

“Cutting off USIS could present a major logistical quagmire for the nation’s already-jammed security clearance process. The federal government relies heavily on contractors to approve workers for some of its most sensitive jobs in defense and intelligence. Falls Church-based USIS is the largest single private provider for government background checks.”

So we are stuck with a company that not only proved incompetent, but covered up that incompetency with fraud so that it could earn undeserved incentives.

“After conducting an initial background check of a candidate for employment, USIS was required to perform a second review to make sure no important details had been missed. From 2008 through 2011, USIS allegedly skipped this second review in up to 50 percent of the cases. But it conveyed to federal officials that these reviews had, in fact, been performed. The shortcut made it appear that USIS was more efficient than it actually was and may have triggered incentive awards for the company, the people briefed on the matter said. Investigators, who have briefed lawmakers on the allegations, think the strategy may have originated with senior executives, the people said.”

So there is your all powerful national security system working tirelessly to milk taxpayers for work that they never even do. Yet on their website, they brazenly advertise “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse solutions.”

Yet we are supposed to trust these people with our national security and allow them to keep all their actions and people secret?

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“Obama is a man of ideas. And he has surrounded himself with men and women who share his ideas. For Obama and his advisers, what matters are not the facts, but the theoretical assumptions – the ideas – that determine their policies. If they like an idea, if they find it ideologically attractive, then they base their policies on it. Consequences and observable reality are no match for their ideas. To serve their ideas, reality can be deliberately distorted. Facts can be ignored, or denied.” —Caroline Glick


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U.S. prison warden: Muslim prayers led to Muslim gangs

Muslim immigration leads to Muslim prayers and Muslim prayers led to gangs – With a lot of dawah, conversion and terror in between. h/t TROP

The warden of a U.S. prison holding high-risk inmates, including American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh, insisted Thursday that he was obeying a court order to allow daily group prayer by permitting inmates to pray in pairs within their cells.

Warden John Oliver told a federal judge that when the prison allowed group prayer earlier this year, Muslim inmates formed gangs and bullied other prisoners.

Lindh attended the hearing by video conference from the high-security unit that houses him and about 40 other inmates, including several convicted on terror charges.

A U.S. District judge ruled in January that barring Lindh and his fellow Muslims from engaging in daily group prayer violates a 1993 law that bans the government from curtailing religious speech without showing a compelling interest. The judge issued an order demanding that the prison allow group prayer.

Ken Falk, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, filed a motion in Lindh’s name in April asking the judge to find the prison warden in contempt. The motion argued that the warden allowed only three group prayers per day in a single room, instead of the five that Lindh said his faith requires.

But Oliver said he believed he was balancing inmates’ religious rights with the security needs of the special unit that severely restricts inmates’ communications with the outside world.

The prison converted a recreation room into a “meditation room” to accommodate group prayer in March, but Muslim inmates, who make up more than half of the 42 people in the unit, used the inmate-led prayers to set up a prison gang, Oliver said.

Some Muslim inmates “shunned” others by banning them from the prayer group, controlled access to food and claimed the room as their territory by leaving prayer rugs and other religious items there. Oliver said this intimidated inmates of other faiths and deterred them from using the room

In response to what Oliver called “gang activity,” he changed the rules in May, barring use of the meditation room for group prayer and limiting prayer to two inmates per single cell, which he said was more secure.

The judge said she will rule later on whether the prison has violated her order.

U.S. troops captured Lindh in Afghanistan in 2001. Lindh, who was raised Catholic, was accused of fighting for the Taliban to help them build a pure Islamic state. In 2002, he pleaded guilty to supplying services to the now-defunct Taliban government and carrying explosives for them. He is eligible for release from prison in 2019.


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Let’s All Move to Iowa


Is Iowa a model for the energy industry?


by Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow


It’s been the subject of many political speeches, but is Iowa a model for the nation when it comes to wind energy?


In a recent speech outlining ways to reduce carbon pollution, President Obama reiterated that Iowa now harnesses almost 25% of its electricity from wind. A check of the U.S. Energy Information Administration website provides similar figures, but wind energy in 2011 – the most recent year available and last updated in July 2012 – was still behind coal as an energy source.


Meanwhile, Iowa’s population of just over three million people is well below that of other states. Nick Loris of The Heritage Foundation discusses whether Iowa is a model for the rest of the nation.


“It’s only a model if it makes economic sense,” he says. “The wind industry has been artificially supported through the production tax credit, as well as other beneficial policies like renewable energy portfolio standards that are state-based.”


In an effort to show that it’s not just Democrats who support alternative energy, President Obama mentioned that much of the nation’s wind energy is generated in Republican districts, and it was Republican lawmakers who recently helped extend tax credits for wind energy manufacturers and producers.


“We’ve been subsidizing it for two decades now, and it still only provides a small percentage of our electricity,” Loris says. “And, you know, if wind can stand on its own two feet and be economical, that’s fine. But we should leave it for the market to determine.”



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