Never take GPS for the Last Word while Driving

Here are some real dumbasses who just did not look around while driving! They just followed what the GPS unit told them. Seems like no road, water, mud, should have been a clue that there was no road there.

Three Japanese tourists taking in the sights near Brisbane decided to do a day trip down to North Stradbroke Island using their GPS as a navigational guide.

Unfortunately, their GPS “forgot” to tell them about the 15km of mud, water, and muddy water separate Straddie from the mainland. The three promptly got stuck near Oyster Point, and the rental car was soon surrounded on all sides by Moreton Bay.

“[I]t told us we could drive down there,” said 21-year-old Yuzu Noda. “It kept saying it would navigate us to a road. We got stuck … there’s lots of mud.”


All I can say is Karma is a bitch at times!

Jason Russell, co-founder of the controversial nonprofit Invisible Children and the star of its ultra-viral fundraising campaign video KONY2012, was arrested yesterday in the San Diego neighborhood of Pacific Beach for masturbating in public while under the influence.

The San Diego Police Department says Russell, 33, was taken into custody after he was caught masturbating in public and vandalizing cars. Lt. Andra Brown also noted that he was under the influence, but did not identify the substance.

His overall behavior was said to have been “Very strange.”

UPDATE: Invisible Children has just released the following statement concerning Russell’s public display of self-affection:

Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday. Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue. We will always love and support Jason, and we ask that you give his entire family privacy during this difficult time.



This is just plain wrong of people to put shit like this on their vehicles. Shame, shame on anyone this freaking ass racist! And I would hope none of my readers would do this or think this bumper sticker is cute.

The bigoted bumper sticker above, which is making the rounds on Facebook today, is just one of several inflammatory anti-Obama slogans popping up on vehicles in Texasand other southern states.

The Dallas/Fort Worth-based ABC affiliate WFAA traced the stickers back to an Arkansas-based retailer called Stumpy’s Stickers. News 8 says shortly after it emailed the company for a comment, their site was taken offline, and their Facebook page was removed.

News One notes that the slogan above is not new, having been used on merchandise as far back as 2010. A t-shirt on Zazzle with the same offensive play on words caused a minor stir last year, before being pulled.


Another nice thing about IOWA!


The American Gothic House,also known as the Dibble House,is an iconic Carpenter Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa.It was the backdrop of the 1930 painting American Gothic by Grant Wood


Oliver North: Soldiers forced to disarm for Panetta emblematic of Obama’s intention not to win Afghan war

Environmentalists Whine to EPA to Attack Hunting Rights

WH: Obama ‘a fan’ of singer accused of homophobia

NPR Issues Embarrassing Retraction



Life news

The notion that men should have a say in abortion or “reproductive rights” seems preposterous to pro-choice groups. So much so that Planned Parenthood has challenged state laws requiring spousal consent for abortion (Planned Parenthood vs. Danforth, Planned Parenthood vs. Casey).

They say that men, even husbands, should have absolutely no right to protect their child from abortion. The same goes for birth control. The latest buzz in the “reproductive rights” circle was that men should have no opinion in the matter. So-called feminists like Sandra Fluke would like us to believe that her uterus is her business yet she wants the rest of us to foot the bill for her birth control. Since when is feminism about asking for handouts? Basically, when it comes to birth control and abortion, men should just shut up. Their voices silenced. Their opinions irrelevant. Unless of course those men want to give women the money for either of those things.

Anti-Anti of The Abortioneers recently referred to men as a silent suffering group, but not for the reasons you would think, such as watching their child die at the hands of their partner and an abortionist. No, the Abortioneers want men to stand up for birth control and abortion because, “aren’t men really more pro-no-babies than women anyway?”

Men are more against babies than women are? Are we suddenly a society that is all against babies? Children aren’t the punishment pro-aborts want the world to believe they are. Babies are pretty darn cute, not to mention fun and the affirmation that life is a gift. And while they do take work and dedication, so does everything else in life that is worth having.



So Obama Is Worried About Women

By: Skook, Flopping Aces
Apparently, he is worried about his daughters and the world they will live in as adults. I am sure he will want them to be Elites in the Marxist Utopian dreams he has envisioned, it is so much better than that dreadful poverty the rest of us will be trapped in, but one thing for sure, he will want them to be respected by men and the public. The thought of public disrespect directed towards them or women in general, is too horrible to think about. That is why he has called Ms Fluke, the woman who attends an expensive Jesuit law school, but can’t afford or can’t date someone with enough sense to afford contraception.

But life has some harsh realities. Ms Fluke the political activist, might think back to the Madam of the local whore house telling the hormone enraged teenage boy, “If you want to play, Sweetie, you must pay.” She could have told him to take a cold shower or to put a rubber band around it, but she offered sage advice to a young boy on the threshold of manhood, very useful advice. Perhaps the same advice President Obama should be giving his daughters if he wasn’t a Marxist; for it would be much more likely to help them and prepare them for the future, than the Marxist refrain, the government provides so don’t sweat it.

Unfortunately, Progressive Marxists are quick to disrespect women, a habit that will come back to haunt them in a few months; since Obama, and other self-righteous Progressive Marxists find it perfectly acceptable to have a comedienne stand up and talk about Palin showing up at the Republican convention in this manner, “holding a baby that just came out of her f*cking disgusting c*nt, her f*cking retard-making c*nt.” Now some of us might take exception to the language; especially, since Obama seems to think that the mentally handicapped are fair game for humor. I suppose that is part of the Leftist perversions that are generally considered acceptable among the loyal; in essence, being mean spirited to those who can’t fend for themselves. One of the most notable Socialists, Adolf Hitler had a special mean interest in these “Retards” as well; except, he took meanness toward “Retards” one step farther.


Your average occupier!


Of course liberals will watch this movie over and over, it is porn to them.

Washington Examiner:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney played movie critic for a moment when he suggested that the White House press corps watch a campaign movie about Obama’s first term “many times,” despite directing all other questions about the movie to the campaign.

“I thought it was superb,” Carney told reporters today during the press gaggle.  ”I’ll probably watch it many times.  I hope you will, too.”


Face the facts people. These islamics are out in the open that they do not want law enforcement near them.


Magazine for you cat lovers. I think.