New Government Freebie Thanks to Obama: ObamaToys

national teach a liberal to shoot day


The Obama doll includes a detachable vagina and penis for those who like to play sexual identity switch. Options include..A golf bag…A Joe Biden companion doll, and a Mooch doll complete with a battery-powered air pump so you can select your personal inflatable ass size.

The Obama administration via ObamaCare will now be providing ObamaToys to adult Americans. The president caved to a “very, very, very small” lobbying group involved with both heterosexuals and homosexuals having an identity crisis of political expression.

ObamaToys are blow up life size figures of anatomically correct adult males and females. Recipients must be over 18 years of age. The life size figures can be ordered for free from Health and Human Services (HHS) by calling 1-800-ILUVYOU.

Faces of former and present Obama administration Executive Branch officials and cabinet officers can be specified for each inflatable. Congressional members (US House and US Senate) faces are also available. A maximum of two ObamaToys may be ordered per requester, by specifying gender and the politician’s face.

Recipients must pay for shipping, expect delivery within 4 to 6 weeks and for popular high demand faces allow 6 to 8 weeks delivery.

No returns will be accepted by HHS, so please recycle!

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On Top of the Cologne Cathedral

top of cathedral in germ

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La. governor demands feds drop suit against state

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Wednesday demanded that federal officials abandon their challenge of his state’s voucher system, accusing the Justice Department of being more interested in doing favors for teacher unions than helping students.

In an appearance blocks from the Justice Department that was just as much about politics as policy, Jindal said President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would not send their children to failing schools but are fighting against a program that helps students from low-income families attend better schools. Jindal, a Republican considering a 2016 presidential bid, said Obama and Holder are denying students in his state the same opportunities their own children enjoy.

“Our children only grow up once. They only get one chance to get a good education,” Jindal said.

Louisiana’s school voucher program has become a political flashpoint, with congressional Republicans this week joining critics of the Justice Department’s lawsuit, which seeks to block Louisiana from issuing new tuition vouchers in some districts still under desegregation orders. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican who has championed education reform efforts, joined Jindal in demanding the Justice Department back down.

“This is purely political,” said Bush, the son or brother to two U.S. presidents who is being urged to run in 2016. “I have no idea why they made this decision.”

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be a good little victim



truth is the new hate speech


Heavily armed tactical team ordered to stand down during Navy Yard massacre

Dow, S&P 500 post all-time highs as Fed maintains stimulus.

Bernanke saves companies $700 billion as Apple to Verizon borrow.


putin gone yet says obama


Obama Asks Putin for Help Passing Immigration Reform Through Congress

The White House confirmed today that President Obama has reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his effort to get immigration reform passed in Congress this year. During an appearance on CBS This Morning, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the administration has the utmost confidence the Russian president can muster enough congressional votes to pass an immigration bill that would show the American people President Obama means business overhauling the immigration system.

“President Obama was so impressed with President Putin’s handling of our crisis in Syria that he’s sought his intervention again to help persuade Congress to pass an immigration bill,” Rice said. “After his humiliating bungling this past week with Syria the president has watched his poll numbers plummet as the American people question his leadership capabilities. After President Putin’s last minute negotiations rescued the U.S. from having to bomb Syria, President Obama is confident the Russian president can pull him out of the stagnant quagmire of incompetence that hovers over his promise of immigration reform.”

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So you can barf a little, or a lot, I show you this:

swallowing a snake


The GOP’s NEW plan to repeal, replace Obamacare

Making Sense of the GOP’s Obamacare Plan

‘Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria may have significant amounts of sarin’.

Al Qaeda leader urges restraint in first ‘guidelines for jihad’.


magnetic putty

Magnetic putty time lapse as it absorbs a rare-earth magnet. Taken over 1.5 hours at 3fps.
Source video – Magnetic Putty Time Lapse 1080p


Time Magazine Cover picks Vladimir Putin as their Person of the Year in Foreign Editions. We get Miley Cyrus Nude for Home Consumption!


Food-Finish-edible-spray-paint Food-Finish-edible-spray-paint_1

Food Finish edible spray paint

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