New Self-Guided Bullets

Dangerously Beautiful: New Self-Guided Bullets

The beautiful path tracing across the twilight desert above is not a firefly. It’s actually an LED streaking across the sky.

Only that LED’s attached to a new self-guided bullet developed by Sandia Labs. It has the ability to make 30 flight adjustments per second to zero in on a laser target over a mile away. It can be fired out of traditional guns to within 8 inches of a target at a half mile’s distance.

There’s a really frightening and deadly beauty to all of this. On one hand, it’s a truly amazing feat of modern engineering. On the other hand, couldn’t they have made a self-guided butterfly instead?

It reminds me of the awful 1980’s film Runaway starring Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons, who were decades ahead of Sandia in the guided bullet department.

Previously: If the bullets aren’t bad enough, check out these cute-for-now-but-wait-until-they-get-a-weapon robots jumping and flying/playing music like never before.


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If this was pre-Obama, hordes of libs would be railing against Bush’s “secret wars.”

(WaPo) — The United States has begun launching drone strikes against suspected al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen under new authority approved by President Obama that allows the CIA and the military to fire even when the identity of those who could be killed is not known, U.S. officials said.

The policy shift marks a significant expansion of the clandestine drone war against an al-Qaeda affiliate that has seized large pieces of territory in Yemen and is linked to a series of terrorist plots against the United States.

U.S. officials said that Obama approved the use of “signature” strikes this month and that the killing of an al-Qaeda operative near the border of Yemen’s Marib province this week was among the first attacks carried out under the new authority.

The decision to give the CIA and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) greater leeway is almost certain to escalate a drone campaign that has accelerated significantly this year, with at least nine strikes in under four months. The number is about equal to the sum of airstrikes all last year.

The expanded authority will allow the CIA and JSOC to fire on targets based solely on their intelligence “signatures” — patterns of behavior that are detected through signals intercepts, human sources and aerial surveillance, and that indicate the presence of an important operative or a plot against U.S. interests.

Until now, the administration had allowed strikes only against known terrorist leaders who appear on secret CIA and JSOC target lists and whose location can be confirmed.


“Obama Spent Us Into Oblivion” is shorter and more to the point

(ABC News) — Vice President Joe Biden says Mitt Romney’s foreign policy views are dangerous and “totally out of touch” with the American people and could potentially lead a war-weary nation back “to the past we have worked so hard to move beyond.”

According to excerpts of a speech he’s set to deliver later this morning at New York University, Biden will link the presumptive Republican nominee to the policies of former President George W. Bush, suggesting Romney’s policies get the country back “into the mess President Obama has dug us out of.”

“Americans know that we cannot afford to go back to the future,” Biden will say, according to excerpts. “Back to a foreign policy that would have America go it alone, shout to the world you’re either with us or against us, lash out first and ask the hard questions later, if at all.”

Romney, Biden will say, is counting on the “collective amnesia” of the country.

Biden’s remarks, one in a series of policy speeches he’s delivered around the country in recent weeks, takes aim at what will be one of Romney’s key talking points about his 2012 bid: That he’ll keep the country safer than Obama, whom he has accused of implementing a naïve foreign policy that has diminished the United States and alienated its allies.

But Biden challenged Romney’s views, suggesting the former Massachusetts governor sees the world “through a Cold War prism.” In his remarks at NYU, Biden will say Romney’s views would “isolate America instead of enemies . . . waste hundreds of billions of dollars and risk thousands of American lives on an unnecessary war.”

And he will offer a chief defense of the Obama administration’s foreign policy record.

“If you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how President Obama has handled what we inherited, it’s pretty simple: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,” Biden will say, according to excerpts.


Bet this guy got fired.


Obama would never lie . . . Ok, maybe he does . . . all the time.

Via ABC News:

President Obama told students at the University of North Carolina Tuesday that he knows what it is like to struggle with student loan debt because he and his wife didn’t pay off their student loans until eight years ago.

That may be true, but a quick look at the Obamas’ tax returns shows they were making enough to be considered “wealthy” by the president’s own definition in the years before his loans were paid off.

First, here is what President Obama said Tuesday about his student loans:

“We only finished paying off our student loans off about eight years ago,” the president said. “That wasn’t that long ago. And that wasn’t easy — especially because when we had Malia and Sasha, we’re supposed to be saving up for their college educations, and we’re still paying off our college educations.”

There’s no doubt that in the early years, the Obamas made little money as they accumulated student debt.

As Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Tribune wrote during the last campaign, Obama worked his way through college and law school – including jobs selling trinkets, making sandwiches at a deli in Hawaii and working as a telemarketer pitching subscriptions to The New York Times. Michelle’s early jobs included work as a camp counselor and a typist/assistant for the American Medical Association. In the early years, nobody would call the Obamas rich.

But according to their tax returns, which are available on the White House website, the Obamas had a healthy, six-figure income by the year 2000 (the earliest return available). And for at least two years before his loans were paid off, Obama, by his own definition, made so much they were wealthy enough to pay higher taxes.

Here’s a rundown of the president’s income, according to his tax returns, in the years before he paid off his student loans:

2004: $207,647

2003: $238,327

2002: $259,394

2001: $272,759

2000: $240,505

In 2001 and 2002, the Obamas would have met the $250,000 standard the president has set for those wealthy enough to afford to pay more taxes.

It’s also notable that the Obamas didn’t claim deductions for student loans on any of those years, most likely because they made too much money to qualify for the student loan deduction.


Only in America! Look at it carefully……


NY Times:

The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun an investigation into whether some of Hollywood’s biggest movie studios have made illegal payments to officials in China to gain the right to film and show movies there, according to a person with knowledge of the investigation.

The inquiry creates a potential roadblock for the industry’s plans to expand in one of the world’s largest markets.

The S.E.C. investigation has so far focused on at least three studios, the person said, but all of the largest and some smaller studios have been contacted or made aware of the inquiry, according to the person, who has direct knowledge of the investigation but who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter could end up in court.

In the last year, both the S.E.C. and the Justice Department have increased investigations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, known as F.C.P.A., which forbids American companies from making illegal payments to government officials or others to ease the way for operations in foreign countries. [...]

The discussions leading to the deal were conducted at a high level, as Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. joined Mr. Xi in personal negotiations. Given the level of diplomacy involved in reaching the agreement, the S.E.C. inquiry could be an embarrassment to the Obama administration.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the DreamWorks Animation chief executive, and Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, also helped forge the agreement.



Boehner should know the rules don’t apply to Obama.

(Washington Times) — House Speaker John A. Boehner said Thursday that President Obama misused taxpayer money this week when he visited three college campuses and demanded Congress extend student loan subsidies.

“His campaign ought to be reimbursing the Treasury for the costs of this trip,” Mr. Boehner said.

Mr. Obama has been urging Congress to pass an extension of subsidies enacted in 2007 that keep student loan interest rates at 3.4 percent. Without action the rates will double this summer to 6.8 percent.

But lowering the rates will cost $6 billion for one year. Now Mr. Obama and lawmakers are sparring over how to come up with that money.

Mr. Boehner said the president is manufacturing a political issue by telling students their rates could go up, because Mr Boehner said both Democrats and Republicans were already working to keep loan rates low.

Mr. Obama visited college campuses in North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa this week to press for lower student loan rates, and he had sharp criticism for Republicans who he said oppose student loans.

Mr. Boehner, though, said the trip was a manufactured political event and said Mr. Obama’s campaign, not taxpayers, should pay for it “at a cost of $179,000 an hour” — the amount it costs to keep Air Force One aloft.


How dare the FBI try and keep the country safe from Islamic terrorism. PFFT I say on the ACLU…another one that should lose it’s NPO status! And shut down!

Via TPM:

The Justice Department’s Inspector General should look into allegations that the FBI used the “guise” of outreach to Muslim communities to investigate various organizations, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said in a letter Thursday.

ACLU officials wrote that the FBI “has improperly targeted American Muslims and Americans of Arab, Middle Eastern, and South Asian descent, and their religious, community, cultural, and student organizations, and that it has violated the Privacy Act by recording and disseminating as intelligence, information about these innocent Americans’ First Amendment-protected speech and activities.”

The ACLU’s allegations are based on FBI memos they received from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.


See what WE are paying for the queen to take her vacations on OUR dime?

Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it obtained documents from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing costs associated with Michelle Obama’s controversial August 2010 vacation to Spain. According to a Judicial Watch analysis, the records indicate a total combined cost of at least $467,585.

Judicial Watch obtained the Secret Service records pursuant to an August 2010 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. (The agency notified Judicial Watch that it withheld 78 pages of responsive records in their entirety.) Judicial Watch obtained the U.S. Air Force records pursuant to a March 5, 2012, FOIA lawsuit.

The following are highlights from the U.S. Air Force records, which indicate a total cost of $213,124.15:

According to U.S. Department of Defense’s 2010 published hourly rates, the total cost of flying Michelle Obama and her guests from Camp Andrews to Malaga and then to Mallorca and back to the United States was $199,323.75. This is based on approximately 17 hours and 15 minutes of total flying time. The 15-member flight crew stayed at Tryp Guadalmar, a nearby motel. Lodging cost was $10,290.60 and car rental cost was $2,633.50. Food cost was $876.30, including $57.68 for four bottles of maple syrup and a package of pancake mix.


You have to go here and read it all…FUNNY!!!

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