No Longer Racism to Oppose Illegal Immigration?

I never knew it was racist to begin with! But then I am not a leftie!

An excellent point from Right Wing News


New name for our queen!

She is now officially “The First Grifter”…


Not just Obama, but Pelosi, Reid, democrats in general, liberals specifically, union buttholes, and of course every damn commie in the country.

President Obama wants people to believe that Occupy Wall Street is not that different from the Tea Party, but it’s funny how of the two movements Occupy is the one that attracts all the criminals, public defecators, and now apparently outright domestic terrorists.

Just read and listen on television what little of the OWS bad things they might report on. Oh, their spin will be that these are not real occupiers, but some nuts.

The Daily Mail reports:

Five men, at least three of them self-described anarchists, have been arrested in an alleged plot to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, the FBI said today.

A member of Occupy Cleveland revealed that at least some of the suspects had attended the group’s events, sparking concerns that some supporters of the anti-capitalist movement could turn to violence.

But there was no danger to the public in the bridge-bombing plot because the explosive devices were inoperable and were controlled by an undercover FBI employee, the agency said.

The target of the plot was Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, which carries a four-lane highway over part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the Brecksville area, about 15 miles south of downtown Cleveland, the FBI said.

Authorities said three of the men were arrested Monday and are self-described anarchists, not tied to international terrorism.

It was not immediately clear whether the men had attorneys. All of the suspects, ranging in age from 20 to 35, were expected to appear in federal court this afternoon.

The FBI said three were arrested on charges of conspiracy and trying to use explosives to damage property affecting interstate commerce. They were identified as Brandon L. Baxter, 20; Douglas L. Wright, 26; and Anthony Hayne, 35. Their hometowns were not provided.

And more can be found about the OWS attacking police, banks, businesses, and more!




One of the biggest reasons pro-life advocates oppose Obamacare is the abortion funding the national health care law mandates. Republicans in Congress are wanting to do something about it and have floated new legislation to prevent such funding in the state exchanges Obamacare creates.

More than 60 GOP members of the House have introduced the Stop Abortion Funding in Multi-state Exchange Plans (SAFE) Act, led by pro-life Rep. Todd Akin, a Missouri Republican. The legislation would block these health plans from offering elective abortions — keeping the law consistent with the Hyde Amendment after Democrats, when passing Obamacare, defeated an amendment to stop abortion funding.

The law created the insurance exchange system, requiring all 50 states to have an exchange up and running by 2014, or have the federal government run an exchange for it, and the bill would apply to those exchanges. Akin’s bill, H.R. 4971, says “no multi-State qualified health plan offered in an Exchange provides coverage of abortion” and contains language prohibiting the states from pre-empting the law and funding abortions on their own.


Harry Reid marks one year since the mission to off bin Laden — Oddly, he says nothing about the third anniversary since the Senate passed a budget


Have yet to see one of these on my timeline on twitter.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Prostitution has plagued any number of internet sites in recent years – notably Craigslist – but now the CBS 3 I-Team has found a new hideout for hookers on one of the most widely-used social media sites.

Our exclusive investigation found Twitter is used by call girls all the time as a free way to advertise. A simple search for escorts returns hundreds of tweets. And, there are illicit pictures and lots of links to websites that are so X-rated, we couldn’t open them on company computers.

But it goes way beyond that: some prostitutes right in your backyard are even setting up appointments over Twitter, which is used by kids of all ages. The I-Team met up with one prostitute at a motel outside Wilmington, Delaware, having never spoken with her. All our communication was through Twitter.

We met another woman, who calls herself a “goddess” at a Cherry Hill motel after we saw her advertise her availability on Twitter.


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