Obama-endorsed ‘Islamic Relief’ – More than a charity, a fundraising front group for Hamas

Well here is a story about our president helping our terrorists! And you thought he was not islamic?

Islamic Relief USA is no different than the Holy Land Foundation, which, as the FBI proved in court, was a vehicle for funding Hamas terrorism. Several members of CAIR who were directly involved in the Holy Land funding scam, were convicted and jailed, while other leaders of CAIR, whose names you know, were labeled ‘unindicted co-conspirators.’

Frontpage Magazine Islamic Relief USA is a widely-exalted charity embraced by the Obama Regime. Islamic Relief Worldwide was founded in the United Kingdom in 1984. Its creator is Hani Al-Banna, who previously served as a trustee in Muslim Aid. Joe Kaufman documents that one of Muslim Aid’s “partner organizations” was the Al-Salah Islamic Association, a group the U.S. government labeled a Hamas front. Al-Banna’s previous group was also involved with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates like Jamaat-e-Islami.

In 1999, IRW received a $50,000 donation from Human Concern International; a group the U.S. government says is linked to Al-Qaeda. According to the NEFA Foundation, IRW is one of the founders of a network of charities called the Union of Good that was created in 2000. It was blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2008 for its links to Hamas. The U.S. government said it was “created by Hamas leadership to transfer funds to the terrorist organization.” It is led by Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the top Muslim Brotherhood cleric who unequivocally supports Hamas and violent jihad.

IRUSA gives millions of dollars to IRW. As the Money Jihad blog shows, it gave $4.8 million in 2007, $5.9 million in 2008 and $9.4 million in 2009. There is every reason to believe that a large amount of the funds raised on June 16-17 will go to IRW. After all, IRUSA’s consolidated financial report from December 31, 2010 states, “The majority of IRUSA’s programs are administered through grants with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), which is based in the United Kingdom.” On page 12, it says, “During 2010, IRUSA incurred $21,849,599 in grant expenses in collaboration with IRW.”

A 2009 report by Americans for Peace and Tolerance states, “Islamic Relief USA has partnered in funding foreign projects with the Holy Land Foundation and Kind Hearts, both designated terrorist entities.

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Stress associated with divorce affects the body’s immune system and its ability to fend off the disease. The health benefits of remarriage are reduced the second and third times around. – Provided by RandomHistory.com



Patients Refrain from Disagreeing with Doctors

Concerns about offending one’s doctor or being labeled a “bad patient” deter many people from contradicting their doctors during discussions about their medical treatment. In a recent survey, most respondents indicated that they want to be involved in the decision-making process when it comes to medical treatment, yet only a small fraction would openly disagree with their doctors. Failing to speak up could have dangerous consequences, as it increases the likelihood that patients will not adhere to their treatment plans at home.




There is no “we” in Achievement

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ADDRESSED TO ALL YOU leftists out there — whatever you call yourselves, liberals, progressives, democrats, socialists, communists, communitarians… whatever.

When you say individualism like it was a dirty word; when you speak of the concept as being anti-social, as being somehow selfish (as though that were a bad thing, and you all ignorant of Ayn Rand’s epistemological development of the concept); when you talk of individuals as being against or versus the common weal…

You should realize that you are evincing a deep lack of respect for the rights of others. It is, in fact, you who are being anti-social, of aligning your selfish interests agains the common weal. For there is no — can be no — group or common weal without the individual. As Rand put it, the individual is the smallest minority, and you cannot claim to be in favor of the rights of the minority if you have no regard for the rights of the individual.

This pattern of belief, word, and deed is, at bottom, deeply anti-social. Sociopathic, in fact. And it should be dispositive that people who truly love people should have nothing to do with it.

As Benjamin Constant put it (and we quote in the side bar):

Society has no right to be unjust to a single one of its members … the whole society minus one, is not authorised to obstruct the latter in his opinions, nor in those actions which are not harmful, in the use of his property or the exercise of his labour, save in those cases where that use or that exercise would obstruct another individual possessing the same rights.

The mal-informed witterings of the President notwithstanding, no human progress has ever been encompassed without the intelligence, desire, and drive of some individual or individuals.

There may be no “i” in “team,” but neither is there a “we” in “achievement.” Just as “we” did not vote ourselves into this mess we’re in, “we” did not invent the light bulb, develop mass production of motorcars, devise the protocols of the Internet, or put a man on the moon.

All of those things were done by individuals, and — to the extent that public monies were appropriated to pay for those things — the vast majority of those forced to pay did not willingly give up the money, nor did even a plurality of them favor the projects. They were forced into supporting them — unjustly — by government which had no brief, no right, and no lawful authority to engage in the activity.




Statue of Hall of Fame Penn State coach Joe Paterno taken down; NCAA to announce sanctions

As Albert Brooks said on Twitter, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to simply turn the Paterno statue so that he’s “looking the other way”?

Wapo reports that “unprecedented” sanctions are about to be levied upon Penn State by the NCAA.



Dark Knight Rises’ shooting: Three heroes died in Aurora taking bullets for their girlfriends

In final acts of valor, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends as accused madman James Holmes turned the Aurora cineplex into a shooting gallery.

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Shark Week continues with this unsettling video captured by diver Jim Abernethy. Abernethy was filming blue a marlin when a ten-foot Mako shark darted into the frame. Naturally, Abernethy launched into an expletive-laden freakout (who wouldn’t?) at the sight of the 600-pound beast. Fortunately he survived to tell the tale.

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A New Zealand man was sentencedto three years and seven months in jail for multitude of convictions stemming from spying on his ex-partner. The man, whose name has not been released, built a fully-stocked hideout in his ex-lover’s home, complete with peep holes and trap doors. He was caught after attacking a visiting male with a spade on April 1st.

In the understatement of the year, the sentencing judge admitted the offending man wasn’t the first person to become “unhinged and obsessed” over a breakup, but declared his actions “completely inappropriate.”

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MUST READ: Rep. Keith Ellison and his ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood


Where Is The Deterence?


The information is rushing in about the man who went on the worst mass shooting in US history. The shooting was planned out and executed to perfection by the killer with the thought that the body count would be large.
One wonders what he was thinking as he planned the attack. Was he considering what the consequences of his actions would be? With the willingness to give up without a fight to police, it is noted that he was not interested in going out in a hail of gunfire. Suicide by police it seems was not an option. If he wanted to do himself in he had the time. Given the fact that he was fully body armored it seems as though he would want a showdown with police, but he waited in his parked car and surrendered without struggle.

Why? What is the ultimate goal? What would possess him to try and kill dozens?

I think the real question should be, what would have stopped him? What punishment could carry enough weight to change the man’s mind?
I suggest a death penalty that is carried out in days, not years. What civil rights does a person have when he violates the rights of others to live. He has been arrested and proven to be the shooter. I am sure he has confessed or gone silent. But without a doubt he is guilty. So why go through the process of the court system? He had rights…before the shooting.
I say he has waived those rights and has decided to be judged by the only being that can dole out true justice, and that is his maker. Let God decide what to do with him, which means put the man down immediately.

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This has to be the nuttiest post ever found on huffpo!

This is What the Beginning of the End of the Planet Feels Like — Huffington Post

This summer 34,500 people were forced to evacuate their homes in my home state of Colorado. I watched as a dozen wildfires raged through the state with some contained in days or weeks, while others are still not extinguished.

The extremely hot weather, dry climate and dramatically reduced water supply that all led to the wildfires are part of a pattern that has been unfolding for more than a decade. In fact, the past 10 years have been unequivocally the hottest on record in the history of weather record keeping. But even that heat is dwarfed by what we’ve seen this year. According to the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the first six months of 2012 have been the hottest January-through-June period on record for the contiguous United States.

The national temperatures averaged “4.5 degrees above the long-term average,” the NOAA said in a statement last week.

None of this is a coincidence. It is the result of a manmade pandemic that could very well destroy the planet. It’s called climate change and it is very real and it is happening right now.

Make no mistake, this is a black issue.

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice program has found that African Americans are at a higher risk for the short- and long-term effects of global warming. Cities will be hit harder by climate change because of what’s known as the “heat island” effect. Urban areas are covered in surfaces like asphalt and concrete that retain heat and as a result temperatures in these areas are higher, especially during heat waves.

Heat waves have stronger effects on urban populations and especially the urban poor. African Americans are more than twice as likely as whites to live in the inner city and nearly twice as likely as whites to live in poverty.



Remember people, our tax dollars pays this guys salary!

MOYERS: We are after all a country which began with the forced subjugation into slavery of millions of Africans and the reliance on arms against Native Americans for its Westward expansion. In truth, more settlers traveling the Oregon Trail died from accidental, self-inflicted gunshots wounds than Indian attacks – we were not only bloodthirsty but also inept.

Nonetheless, we have become so gun loving, so blasé about home-grown violence that in my lifetime alone, far more Americans have been casualties of domestic gunfire than have died in all our wars combined. In Arizona last year, just days after the Gabby Giffords shooting, sales of the weapon used in the slaughter – a 9 millimeter Glock semi-automatic pistol – doubled.

We are fooling ourselves. That the law could allow even an inflamed lunatic to easily acquire murderous weapons and not expect murderous consequences. Fooling ourselves that the Second Amendment’s guarantee of a “well-regulated militia” be construed as a God-given right to purchase and own just about any weapon of destruction you like. That’s a license for murder and mayhem and it’s a great fraud that has entered our history. [...]

The killer in Colorado waited only for an opportunity, and there you have it – the arsenal of democracy transformed into the arsenal of death and the NRA — the NRA is the enabler of death — paranoid, delusional, and as venomous as a scorpion. With the weak-kneed acquiescence of our politicians, the National Rifle Association has turned the Second Amendment of the Constitution into a cruel hoax, a cruel and deadly hoax.


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