Obama Gets Oscar Nod

Barack Obama Gets Late Academy Nomination
For Performance in
“The State Of The Union”

Middle Finger News Sevice – President Barack Obama has received a late Academy Award nomination for “Best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” for his work in The State Of The Union. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced the late addition to the list of nominations early last night at a dinner for the nominees.

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Letter to Twitter Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey urging him not to cooperate with censors and Twitter isn’t censoring you. Your government is. – Reporters without Borders urges Twitter not to go forward with its plans to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis. And Why Twitter’s new policy is helpful for free-speech advocates

Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Censorship – The entertainment industry wants Google, Bing and others to de-list or deprecate sites engaged in file-sharing.

Rubio Gives GOP Weekly Address: Obama Has “Made Everything Worse”

Krauthammer Schools Jeanne Cummings: Gingrich Won in SC Because of Debates Not Money


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CNN’s GOP presidential debate in Florida revolves around trash talk and tacky questions from Wolf Blitzer.

Early in Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer caught Mitt Romney flatfooted on one of his anti-Gingrich ads. The ad accuses Newt of calling Spanish a “language of the ghetto.” What, Blitzer asked Romney, did you mean by that? “I haven’t seen the ad, so I’m sorry, I don’t get to see all the TV ads,” replied Romney. “I doubt that’s my ad.”

But it is his ad. “We did double check, just now, Governor, that ad that we talked about,” said Blitzer. “We double checked. It was one of your ads. It is running here in Florida on the radio, and at the end you say ‘I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this ad.’”

The exchange captured what Romney has tried to avoid — the image of a remote plutocrat working so hard to buy an election he isn’t even aware of his own ads.

Establishment pundits will no doubt ooh and ah over Romney’s generally confident performance — CNN informed viewers that he now enjoys the services of a new “debate coach” — but rank-and-file conservatives should find the prospect of a rising Romney deeply depressing. How is it possible that two years after the Tea Party propelled the GOP back to congressional power Republicans are contemplating a former Paul Tsongas voter as the head of their party?

Gingrich spent too much of the debate responding to attacks rather than making them. He should have used every question as an occasion to remind voters of Romney’s liberalism. The best licks on Romney as a liberal ended up coming from Rick Santorum. Training less fire on Gingrich at this debate than at previous ones, Santorum turned his attention to Romney with a sustained broadside against Romneycare. How, Santorum asked, will the GOP be able to argue against the Obamacare mandate with a nominee who hatched the idea? Romney said in reply: “It is not worth getting angry about.” Yes, it is.


The Republican establishment has been working overtime to hoodwink GOP voters into overlooking the ideological differences between Romney and Newt, trotting out Big Tenters with zero expertise on conservatism to claim that Newt is not “conservative.” Against an immutable standard of conservatism, he is not, but next to Romney he looks like Edmund Burke.

The establishment never fails to choose the more liberal of two leading candidates. The boys from the yacht club have once again decided to lose with a semi-reformed RINO.

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Hey, the liberal press and all those idiots on the left has spun this governor into a racist bitch! Get real people on the left! Geesh….


Two AT writers attended yesterday’s hearing in Georgia over President Obama’s eligibility for the presidential ballot. Cindy Simpson writes:

President Obama has a habit of turning his back and walking away from those with whom he disagrees, as recently discovered by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Professor John Lott, in an interview with Teri O’Brien, recalled similar experiences with Obama while at the University of Chicago.

Ms. O’Brien commented to Professor Lott:  “Gods don’t debate.  They just issue decrees.”

And apparently they also tend to place themselves above the law.

On January 26, I was in Atlanta to observe the hearings on the challenges to Obama’s eligibility to appear on Georgia’s 2012 ballot.  In two previous American Thinker blog posts, “The Birthers Went Down to Georgia” and “Georgia on Obama’s Mind,” I described the content and history of the cases.

The courtroom was crowded to maximum capacity; however, the table for the defense was notably vacant.  The defendant, Obama himself, was also not in attendance, even though the judge last week refused to quash the subpoena requesting his presence. Judge Michael Malihi, in his denial, stated:

…Defendant fails to provide any legal authority to support his motion to quash the subpoena to attend.  Defendant’s motion suggests that no President should be compelled to attend a Court hearing.  This may be correct.  But Defendant has failed to enlighten the Court with any legal authority…evidencing why his attendance is “unreasonable or oppressive, or that the testimony… [is] irrelevant, immaterial, or cumulative and unnecessary…”

Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, had warned of his absence in a defiant and last-minute move on the afternoon of January 25, via a letter he sent to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp.  He requested that Kemp “bring an end to this baseless, costly and unproductive hearing by withdrawing the original hearing request as improvidently issued.”  Jablonski’s letter concluded: “We await your taking the requested action, and as we do so, we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26.”

A few hours later, the blogosphere lit up with the news that Secretary Kemp had responded with a letter stating that the hearings would continue on the 26th as scheduled, and concluded with the warning:  “…if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

And the hearings did proceed, although approximately 20 minutes late, after Judge Malihi requested a pre-hearing conference with all of the attorneys in his chambers.


Regardless of the outcome in Georgia, it appears that Obama has openly shown his disregard for the laws of that state.

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Conservative 100: Most Popular Conservative Websites, January 2012

It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you.

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Fox’s ‘Special Report’ Passes Along MRC Finding: OWS-Loving Networks Again Skipped ‘March for Life’

By Tim Graham | Newsbusters
On the “Grapevine” section of Friday night’s Special Report, Fox News anchor Bret Baier reported the MRC’s findings on how the networks covered this year’s “March for Life” — or, to be more precise,  how they skipped it. Once again, ABC, CBS, and NBC aired nothing on the thousands and thousands of pro-life protesters marching to the Supreme Court on the 39th anniversary of the high court legalizing abortion.

“If you were listening to the Big Three broadcast networks, you wouldn’t have heard a peep about the event,” said Baier. “You would have been in the dark, too, if you were reading the print version of The New York Times. Not one word.”


Doug Ross has the story