Obama making sure military feels the pain


First they suspended tuition assistance programs for our troops and then Marine Corps Commandant James Amos said the military will be “cut into bone” due to sequestration cuts. Now potentially more bad news for our troops.

JBLM troops could lose their jobs due to sequestration cuts

KIRO News: Officers at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) have been briefed on what the sequestration means for the base. Troops could lose their jobs due to the budget cuts, and that’s just the start.

Officials told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Alexandra Limon that they believe they can get through the budget cuts while maintaining the best military possible, but it’s going to require sacrifices.

“During the course of the sequestration, we will definitely feel the sting,” said Sgt. Major Bryan Battaglia. Battaglia is a top adviser to the chairman of the joint chiefs. He was at the meeting at JBLM to explain how the sequestration will affect troops.

“Probably one effect of sequestration will be the increase in numbers of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, Coast Guard men, will have to leave our force,” said Battaglia. While some personnel cuts were planned and others will happen through attrition, many troops will essentially be laid off, including soldiers and airmen from JBLM.

“You have to separate yourself from your peers. You have to not just strike to meet the minimum standard. You have to strive for excellence,” said CSM John Troxell.

Flight training, for example, along with other training, will also be hurt because it is expensive. “There are other ways to train without actually flying an airplane, (such as) the use of simulators,” said CMSGT. Gordon Drake.

One important thing to note is that if a unit from JBLM is going overseas, they will receive all the full training needed.

Tuition assistance is suspended indefinitely, and active member of the military will no longer get $4,500 a year for their college education. “You just have to remind the service members that it’s not an entitlement, like how pay and compensation really is,” said Battaglia.

The military will still offer free exams for college credit, and the G.I. bill for veterans will not be cut.

Going to require sacrifices? As if giving your life to serve our country wasn’t enough. Our military personnel deserve so much better!


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Pigs Will Fly….

Published on Mar 13, 2013

The OIC assault on free speech continues.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington.

OIC coming back with another attempt to stamp out free speech

Saudi king demands global blasphemy law

Arab League demands global blasphemy law

Saudis call for internet censorship

Sec-General of Gulf Co-operation Council calls for blasphemy law

Islamic states to reopen quest for global blasphemy law

Atheists face extensive discrimination, UN rights council told

End blasphemy laws threatening minorities: UN faith expert

Nearly half Saudi women are beaten at home

Sudan government amputates man’s hand and foot

OIC set up Islamic human rights commission

Sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan for complaining about noise from Muslim ceremony.

Saudis bribe UNESCO to let them influence school textbooks.

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Back when I was a kid….

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I know, I know…I may as well be banging my head against the wall when it comes to this subject. Seems I’ve been doing this in numerous phases and fashions over many years now when it comes to two different administrations, congress-critters, illegal immigration and the rule of law! BUT, for some danged reason I can’t stop fighting the right fight and so fight I will continue to do… as we all should!

Now some of you may recall when I posted about this report back on the eighth of March: QUESTION OF THE DAY: ‘DO YOU THINK THE DHS WILL COMPLY?‘ – Well, this is what’s happened today…this is via FN:

The top U.S. immigration enforcement official acknowledged Thursday that the Obama administration has in fact released thousands of illegal immigrants from local jails over the last month despite prior claims that the release was only in the hundreds.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton, at a House appropriations subcommittee hearing, said the agency released a total of 2,228 illegal immigrants from local jails “throughout the country” between Feb. 9 and March 1 for “solely budgetary reasons.”

For the first time, he explained the kinds of detainees that were sprung from local jails — he said they included detainees held on theft charges, financial criminals and drunken drivers.

“In some cases, multiple DUIs,” Morton acknowledged. He also said 10 individuals labeled as “Level 1? offenders — the most serious classification — were released, but that four have since been brought back into custody. That category can include assault cases but Morton said the detainees were mostly in for financial offenses.

Morton stressed that the releases were made on a case-by-case basis and not “willy-nilly.”

“There are no mass releases of dangerous criminals under way or any plan for the future,” he said.

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Why We Don’t Need Universal Preschool

Question: What could be worse than 8-years of Obama-Biden?

Law and Disorder: Hapless Obama Announces Arrest of Dangerous Illegal Aliens He Let Go Last Week

Gun Control Mirroring Health Care Reform


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“The first glimpses I got behind the scenes did little to garner my trust in the state of climate science — on the contrary. I found myself in front of a choice that just might have a global impact.

Briefly put, when I had to balance the interests of my own safety, privacy\career of a few scientists, and the well-being of billions of people living in the coming several decades, the first two weren’t the decisive concern.

It was me or nobody, now or never. Combination of several rather improbable prerequisites just wouldn’t occur again for anyone else in the foreseeable future. The circus was about to arrive in Copenhagen. Later on it could be too late.

Most would agree that climate science has already directed where humanity puts its capability, innovation, mental and material “might”. The scale will grow ever grander in the coming decades if things go according to script. We’re dealing with $trillions and potentially drastic influence on practically everyone.

Wealth of the surrounding society tends to draw the major brushstrokes of a newborn’s future life. It makes a huge difference whether humanity uses its assets to achieve progress, or whether it strives to stop and reverse it, essentially sacrificing the less fortunate to the climate gods.” —Unknown author and person who released the Climategate 3.0 email treasure trove


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Want to earn $20? Real American cash?

Why do we have to have diversity?

How does LOWERING hiring standards – such as police department testing standards – just to hire a particular skin color and fill quotas provide a better product and service?

If someone can answer this question with some clarity and thoughtfulness and sense, Will Profit will send you $20.

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Nightmare! Alpha Jackass! Ratters? Taster? More POWER? Warning…

“The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” –Thomas Jefferson


“We should distinguish at this point between ‘government’ and ‘state’ … A government is the consensual organization by which we adjudicate disputes, defend our rights, and provide for certain common needs … A state on the other hand, is a coercive organization asserting or enjoying a monopoly over the use of physical force in some geographic area and exercising power over its subjects.”  – David Boaz

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This is almost too damn funny, but keep in mind that the reality is that there are so damn many of them!!!


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One America News: Countermoonbat Cable

While moderate Fox News provides welcome variety from the otherwise homogeneously leftist swamp of television propaganda, it hardly satiates the market for news and opinion that hasn’t been predigested for consumption by glassy-eyed liberal fools. Fortunately another option is coming soon:

Herring Broadcasting Company, Inc, (HBC) announced [Thursday] it is preparing for the launch of a new 24/7 high-definition news channel called One America News Network. Scheduled to launch on July 4th, 2013, the new network will fill a void by providing a credible source of national and international news around the clock along with a number of signature political talk shows.

According to Robert Herring, CEO of HBC, “Americans are starved for a credible source of news delivering substance based on facts. One America News Network will prove to be a trustworthy destination for national and international news. In addition, the network’s political talk shows will tackle a number of subjects that are being ignored by media today.”

One America News Network will also air political talk shows that offer substantive contrarian viewpoints to a plethora of left-leaning shouting-style political news programs. The network’s studio talk programs will debate the role of government, protection of civil liberties, fiscal responsibility, along with highlighting political corruption and government waste.

A relationship with the conservative Washington Times will provide access to staff and content. Hopefully One America will avoid burdening itself with the liberal likes of Shep Smith and Geraldo Rivera. Read more at OneAmericaNews.com.

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Women’s rights could destroy society say Islamists

Isn’t it quaint to see leftist’s in this country arguing that we should pay for women’s birth control and abortions and sex changes, while Islamists are arguing that letting a woman buy a falafel without asking her husband will crumble society –  meanwhile, leftists attack Pamela Geller as Islamophobic!!

I think the left should be afraid, very afraid, of Islam. They will be the first to be beheaded. I just hope I live long enough to see it.


Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood warns that a U.N. declaration on women’s rights could destroy society by allowing a woman to travel, work and use contraception without her husband’s approval and letting her control family spending.


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Bongino: “No Such Thing as Gun Control…It’s People Control”

Boehner: We’ll keep funding Obamacare because we don’t want to shut down the government

WATCH: Elephant Dung Coffee: Smooth, Rich, Expensive

Free ebook “Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery”


Post gun porn (y’all figuring out yet that there is no porn? just guns?)

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