Obama Regime is in Shell Game Mode to Keep Obamacare from Gutting Medicare

In today’s New York Post, Benjamin Sasse and Charles Hurt report that the White House is again playing politics with Medicare. Obamacare guts Medicare Advantage, the popular market-based program to get Medicare coverage. (And it’s very popular — the program had 5.3 million enrollees in 2003, and now has 12 million. That includes more than one in three Medicare recipients in California and New York.) Suffice to say, many of those in the Medicare Advantage program would not be happy to find out about any changes to their Medicare plan before election day. Contain your surprise, but Sasse and Hurt report the White House is engaged in very dubious tactics to make sure that doesn’t happen:

Nothing is more politically volatile than monkeying with the health insurance of seniors, who aren’t too keen on confusing upheavals in their health care and are the most diligent voters in the land. This could make the Tea Party look like a tea party.

Making matters even more politically dangerous for Obama is that open enrollment begins Oct. 15, less than three weeks before voters go to the polls.

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Denver Conspiracy Examiner -

… (Obama’s) attorneys literally made the argument during a hearing on April 10th that because the document was so obviously faked and could not possibly be considered proof of citizenship, the document itself should not be allowed as evidence in the case.

Obama is now basically asserting that only a legitimate document should be allowed as evidence in this case and therefore this one should be thrown out due to the fact that it’s not real. The Judge agreed.

In what may turn out to be one of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States, the Obama administration itself has now virtually admitted to High Crimes and Misdemeanors and to deceiving the public into believing a lie that was ironically intended to distract awareness from the actual issue that truly determines his eligibility, or lack thereof.

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Die-hard Red Sox fans in Oregon couldn’t be farther from Boston’s famed, 100-year-old Fenway Park. So one day in summer 2005, Ben Maciarello, the governor of the state’s Red Sox Nation fan club, asked his dad, Jim: “How cool would it be to have our family and friends trying to hit balls over the Green Monster?”

Dad was more than game for building a one-third Fenway replica on the family property in rural Oregon. And so the pair spent 12 hours a day — and $7,000 — in June 2006 building the Green Monster scoreboard, the odd-shaped “triangle” in the center-field wall, and “Pesky’s Pole” in right field. “We wanted it to look authentic,” Jim says.

No worry there — in giant letters, on the back of the Green Monster, you can’t miss it: “Fenway West.”


The annual Everest climbing season is in full swing, and a National Geographic team is live-updating online its quest to recreate the first American ascent — the 1963 National Geographic-sponsored American Mount Everest Expedition. From the blog:

Since we’re at the beginning of our expedition, our current dread is the Khumbu. It was once thought to be one of the most dangerous places on Everest, but statistical research by Professor Ray Huey at the University of Washington has shown that passing through the Icefall is far, far less dangerous than going for the summit. But that’s not how it feels when you’re inside the maw of the Khumbu!

Read the blog, visit the photo gallery, and follow the expedition on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the second casualty of the season was recorded today: Tshering Sherpa tripped on a ladder on his way to Camp 2 and fell 150 feet to his death in a crevasse.

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Why spend this money overseas? What is wrong with spending it in the USA? Damn him and his islamic thinking!

Washington Examiner:

The science remains divided, but the Obama administration has gone all-in with endorsing man-made global warming, even funding efforts to help quell the potential for climate changing catastrophes–including terrorism–in Africa and South America.

The White House is seeking $469 million in tax dollars to dump into green programs on those continents, initiatives ranging from helping farmers preserve pastureland to helping women who can’t afford to move from hot and dry areas made worse by global warming.

The costly Global Climate Change Initiative, however, is expected to come under fire in the Republican-controlled House which has passed a fiscal 2013 budget that curbs overseas spending like the initiative which is handled through USAID. At a Center for American Progress symposium, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle predicted a “hostile” reception by an “ideological” GOP. [...]

The administration agrees with a new report from CAP warning that global warming could lead to terrorism. How? It might change human migration in north-western Africa, likely opening up huge swaths of land to terror groups like al Qaeda. Also, “disenfranchised youth” would be push into terrorism, said the report.


Again, all those calling for action and wanting to help the so-called rebels in Syria, should read this carefully!

(TIME) — When one of Lebanon’s most wanted terrorists kills himself while planting a bomb it is cause for at least some sort of grim celebration. But when the chief bomb-maker of the country’s most notorious terror group self detonates while helping rebels fight in Syria, it is cause for concern.

TIME has learned that Abdel Ghani Jawhar, one of the leaders of the Sunni fundamentalist terror group Fatah al-Islam, died in the Syrian city of Qsair on Friday night. The founding cleric of Fatah al Islam, Sheikh Osama al Shihabi, confirmed Jawhar’s death to TIME with a quote from the Koran: “‘We are for God and to him we return.’ We as Mujahideen are used to being killed and if God wants to give those killed dignity he gives them martyrdom. This is the path of righteousness.”

This is not the first time that Jawhar is thought to have been killed; several previous death announcements have been retracted over the years. News of his death has been relayed by multiple—and unrelated—sources in both Syria and Lebanon. According to a fellow fighter, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Ali, Jawhar had been preparing an explosive device to be used against the Syrian army, which had been attempting to enter the rebel-dominated town not far from Homs. As Abu Ali narrated the tale over Skype, the sound of bombs and explosions could be heard in the background. Jawhar’s bomb went off prematurely, says Abu Ali. “He was killed directly. We wanted to send his body back to Lebanon but we couldn’t because it was torn into pieces.” Instead Jawhar’s fellow fighters were forced to bury what was left of him in a neighboring garden because it was impossible to reach the graveyard during heavy fighting.

According to Abu Ali and another fellow fighter, Jawhar arrived in Qsair two weeks ago with a group of 30 Lebanese fighters. While many were members of Fatah al-Islam, they were not traveling under the terror group’s banner. Instead they called themselves mujahideen, holy warriors seeking to help fellow Muslims under attack by the Syrian regime. Jawhar, an explosives expert and a charismatic commander, sought to train fellow fighters how make bombs. In the short time he had been in Qsair, says Abu Ali, he was able to set up dozens of improvised explosive devices destined for members of the Syrian security forces. “His aim was to make a tour in all the districts of Syria to teach the fighters on how to fight a guerrilla war.”


Surely the Obama regime is kidding? No, they are freaking ass serious!

(CNSNews.com) – The Obama administration says that it has talked with members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in order to promote small business.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned in Egypt during the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, leads the Freedom and Justice Party which, according to the Congressional Research Service, won 235 of the 498 seats (47 percent) in Egypt’s new People’s Assembly, which convened in January. The fundamentalist Islamist Alliance won another 125 seats (or 25 percent of the assembly).

In an online briefing for foreign reporters last week, Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats said that the State Department is trying to promote collaboration between small and medium-sized businesses in the United States and businesses overseas.

In this context, he said he had talked to members of the Muslim Brotherhood about promoting smaller enterprises. He said he would be having similar discussions this week with leaders from Middle Eastern and North African countries.

“America’s a big economy with a number of big companies. We also have a lot of small and medium-sized companies. And we know in many parts of the world, there is an effort to support small and medium-sized enterprise,” said Hormats.


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