Obama’s 6 Biggest Domestic Policy Blunders

After almost eight years in power, it’s a good time to ask what has the Obama administration wrought?

  1. Spending – When President Obama entered office, our national debt was $10.6 trillion dollars.  Today it’s $19.5 trillion and counting.
  2. Expanding Regulations – Since taking office in 2009, over 200 new major regulations have increased regulatory burdens by $108 billion annually.
  3. Obamacare – Contrary to what President Obama originally promised, many Americans have not been able to keep their doctors.  Premiums did not go down; they went up.
  4. Poverty – The Obama administration gutted work requirements for welfare and the food stamp program has grown dramatically.
  5. Education – Under President Obama, the Department of Education used a $4.3 billion grant program and waiver policy to lure over 40 states into adopting Common Core.
  6. The Imperial Presidency – From granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants to mandating transgender bathroom policies on public schools the Obama administration has shown a complete disregard for Congress and the people’s elected representatives using executive orders to his way.

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