Will America Die On Her Feet

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Will America Die On Her Feet, or Will We Continue to Bend Over?

The Spartan King Leonidas hand-selected a force of 300 of the most courageous warriors in Sparta to defend the pass at Thermopylae. It was an impossible task, but the self-sacrificing action bought time for Sparta to mount a successful defense. As far as the 300, there were no survivors. However, their actions slowed down the Persian advance to the point that they could actually be stopped.

The approximate 180 defenders of the Alamo crossed the infamous line in the sand and sacrificed their lives at the Alamo in order that Sam Houston had time to organize a strong Texas Army in their revolution against Santa Anna.

One of the least discussed of the World War II battles, but one of the more significant, took place on Wake Island following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese were ready for war, the Americans were not and needed time to prepare. The gallantry of the troops at Wake, bought some much needed time, which aided in American preparations for war, as they held out much longer than expected. The service academies and their military history courses revere the men who died at Wake Island.

In all three of these classic battles, the defenders knew they were going to die. However, they knew they were fighting for a higher purpose. Words like duty, honor and integrity meant something in regard to these aforementioned sacrifices. In America, today, where do we find our duty, honor and integrity?

America’s Day of Reckoning

America’s day of reckoning is nearly here. We are besieged by enemies both foreign and domestic. We are facing the gradual unveiling of the UN occupation forces, soon to be exposed under the umbrella of a completely preventable coming pandemic. With MS-13 and the Sinaloa cartel, and their Hamas terrorist connections, we have Fifth Column insurgency forces streaming into our country and all of this follows their paramilitary training outside of San Salvador. We are soon going to learn what it means to live in a narco-terrorist state.

We have the well-publicized presence of both Russian and Chinese soldiers training with FEMA on our soil during an era in which they have threatened the United States with nuclear attack over Syria and Iran. These are future UN martial law troops which will emerge when our challenges turn into a series of insurmountable crises.

On Friday, I exposed the readers to the fact that we even have a good portion of our naval forces on a permanent state of readiness stationed off of every coastline because they fear being disabled by an EMP attack.

We are facing the daunting task of going to war with Russia over Ukraine, or Syria, or wherever. And this is occurring at a time when we cannot even manage our domestic affairs. Further, our military leadership has been gutted by Obama’s firing of over 260 command leadership personnel, thus, leaving our fighting force in a weakened state.

Through the bailouts, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have sucked the life out of our economy. Half of the country is on welfare as MSNBC reminds us daily how good we have it in America. And we continue to labor under a President who rules this country by autocratic decree through the executive orders process which has totally destroyed our Constitutional process. Can anyone reading this article name ONE thing that this President has done to improve any aspect of the middle class?

There is no one enemy that the American people can defeat in a vain attempt to remain free. We face impossible odds and a number pf challenges which I am not sure we can even accurately count. We, as Americans, have an endless supply of enemies and challenges, all of which are crushing the life right out of this country.

We have even been abandoned by many of our so-called religious leaders who have subverted their message to their flock in homage to the IRS policies which prevent political views from coming out of our church pulpits in order to maintain their church’s tax exempt status by sacrificing the true message of God.  Where are most of the pastors? My Bible tells me I have to keep fighting until Jesus shows up again. I haven’t seen him, yet, have you?

I scoff at the people who talk about the 2014 election cycle and how things are going to change. It is too late. The enemy is not at the gate, they are inside your front room in the form of the corrupt CPS workers who steal children from honorable parents for the federal remuneration monies they receive for committing such heinous acts (e.g. Stacy Lynne, Justina Pelletier, Monica Wesolowski).

Just like the defenders at Thermopylae, the Alamo and Wake Island, we have a choice on how we fall. Yes, it is likely that we are going to fall. Are you surprised? All institutions fall, as do nations. America is going to fall. You are going to fall. You have little to no control over what is coming. What you have control over is the degree of courage, honor and integrity that you display while you meet your greatest challenges.

The Choice Is Ours

Will you die on your feet defending your family and sanctity as a human being? Or, will you renounce your God in order to survive a few more days? Will you continue to give your children over to the New World Order and their satanic ways? Or, will you stand up against the usurpation of your parental rights? When the time comes, will you face starvation like a man, or take the mark of the beast? Finally, will you do what Christ did for his bride, the church?

As America approaches her final setting sun, what do we want our epitaph to be? In what spiritual shape do we want to face our maker? What do you want God to remember about your final days on the earth?

You are not going to have to wait long to decide. Soon, even the sheep will have nowhere to call home. Simply being quiet will no longer guarantee the anonymity associated with “survival by acquiescence”.

Prior to the execution of the events which will threaten our very existence, there is a great and last garage sale coming. Prior to an EMP, martial law or World War III, there are forces aligning to take one last shot at everything you own and I think you ought to know about it. Knowing what is on the immediate horizon, might help you discover your backbone before we slide into the annals of history. Knowing what is coming may help you depart with honor and a chance for a better existence on the other side. This will be the topic of the next part in this series.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world…”

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Whites Need Not Apply

Business USA, your government website, sent the bulletin below on 07/15/2014.


When you review this information, it seems like a bad joke. Except, the joke is on us! Who is paying for this? That would be us, the American taxpayer. Per the small business administration, your assets cannot exceed $4 million. How the hell is this “economically disadvantaged?” Someone, please, give me a logical answer.

We are so far off of our founding principals, I don’t even know what to say. “All men are created equal” except when it comes to the government deciding what makes you an equal.

For nostalgia’s sake, you can review the Declaration of Independence here.

I, for one, am sick and tired of being accused of having a “social advantage” because I am a Caucasian.

The only reason these practices continue to grow, is because we allow it. We need to hold each and every elected official accountable for all this inequality. It will not stop unless we want it to.

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‘Christian’ Leaders Fail to Bring the Truth

“There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough – a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice – which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.”

– J. C. Ryle

The more I learn about this nation’s leadership in the church and in government, the more I can clearly see why America is in the state that it is in. The compromise I see is second to none. Compromise, of course, is where two people get together and agree on what they both know is wrong.

Diplomacy (or political correctness) is another sorry trait these people take on, which is simply destroying our country. Diplomacy is nothing but seduction in another guise.

People in this country believe it is right to act out under false pretenses and expect the truth to be established. This is as about as backwards as you can get, yet this is what I see on a nationwide basis among the self-proclaimed leaders.

These people complain about what they tolerate. They try to win the “left” (as they call them) to their cause, yet they fail to realize that there would not be a left if they (the right) would do the right thing all of the time.

What is humorous about these people is the fact that they want to win over those who are at war with everything, from God to our constitutional republic, without offending them. These men fail to understand that truth demands a response, and the methodology they use to win over their enemies just happens to omit the very truth their enemies need to hear. There is war within the gates of America because these people do not understand that in war, truth is always the first casualty. Truth is what they fail to bring.

Their version of truth does not hold the truth of God’s Word, nor does it make reference to Law (Article 4, Section 4), because they mean not to offend anyone. Friends, these people are the very reason you have a left. They stand for nothing and fall for everything. They have a graceless version of what love ought to exhibit.

It is good enough for them that others sacrificed for their freedoms, yet it is so offensive to tell them that they desecrate the very blood that was shed to give them the freedom that they now possess. (Hebrews 10:26)

These people mean not to offend anyone, yet they complain about those who are offending. They live under a feigned (counterfeit) and dissimulated (false pretense) version of love when it comes to their fellow man. (Matthew 10:34)

They love God and man so much that they are willing to see them both destroyed by the enemy that is in front of their faces, while they themselves turn the other cheek and hide behind the cloak of Christianity. Their actions, in truth, prove the opposite!

They expect to live in the land of the free, but they forget that it was the land of the brave that established this country.

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Americans are getting poorer, but Obama means to overwhelm welfare state with amnesty for 5M illegals

There’s no economic recovery, so say two indicators:

  1. New home sales
  2. Median U.S. household net worth


An indicator of economic recovery is the health of the U.S. housing market, and the news is not good.

Erin Carlyle reports for Forbes, July 24, 2014, that sales of newly constructed homes fell by 8.1% (seasonally adjusted) in June compared to the prior month, according to Thursday’s U.S. Commerce Department report. Sales fell in all four regions, most dramatically in the Northeast, which saw a 20% drop from the prior month.

Worse still, compared to June of last year, new home sales actually went down 11.5%.

The median sales price of a new house sold in June 2014 was $273,500.

Housing economists point out that underlying economic factors–below average growth in median household income, labor force participation, bank lending and household formation–may be stalling the housing recovery.


Median U.S. household income is the figure for a “typical” household at the median point in the wealth distribution — half of U.S. households have incomes higher than the median figure; half of U.S. households have incomes lower.

Anna Bernasek reports for the New York Times, July 26, 2014, that according to a study financed by the Russell Sage Foundation, the inflation-adjusted net worth of the median U.S. household in 2013 was only $56,335 — a decline of a whopping 36% from the median household net worth of $87,992 of 10 years ago, in 2003. 

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