Man Getting the Dick of His Dreams, Obama: politicize this!

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Tired of Getting Shafted, This Man Is About to Get the Dick of His Dreams

Andrew Wardle is a man without a penis. He was born with a biological anomaly called bladder exstrophy, a condition in which the bladder forms on the outside of the body. In Wardle’s case, the health problem prevented penile development. Now middle-aged, Wardle may undergo a phalloplasty, a procedure that will give him a more typical male body, on his new TLC show Man Without a Penis.

Wardle’s case draws striking similarity to the experiences of transgender men who consider genital reconstruction. Many female-to-male transsexual patients struggle with the absence of typical male genitalia. Gender dysphoria is the medical diagnosis for transgender people, and trans people typically experience some degree of persistent mental anguish because of the discordance between their gender identity and physical body. Wardle’s case shows how gender dysphoria also affects cisgender people: Wardle, who is otherwise “biologically” male, relates his gender to his body. As in transgender health care, altering Wardle’s body is meant to positively impact both how he portrays his social role and his mental health.

Phalloplasty is a gender-affirming procedure regardless of whether or not it is being performed on a man who was born female or a man who was born male, like Wardle; in other words, it’s typically the same whether or not you’re trans. If performed adequately, the operation will provide the patient with a penis that is both cosmetically satisfactory and functional.

Dr. Harold Reed works as a specialist in genital reconstruction for transgender patients. He routinely performs vaginoplasty procedures on male-to-female transgender women, but his urology training gives him a thorough understanding of phalloplasty as well. Over the phone, he explains how the forearm is one of the most common donor graft sites for this procedure. “It’s a cutaneous flap, but also a neurological and vascular flap,” he says. “[Surgeons] try to connect the nerves of the forearm material—one to a femoral cutaneous nerve and the other to, hopefully, a dorsal penile nerve or a clitoral nerve. The idea is to provide erogenous sensation to the entire graft. What often happens is patients may have some sensation at the base but they don’t have it distally. Patients often don’t have enough erogenous sensation to induce orgasm.”

Reed says it’s also possible to use a flap from a patient’s lower abdominal skin, swing the skin around, and tubularize it to form a penis with it. Doctors use the nerve endings in transgender men’s clitorises to give the penis sensation, but in cisgender men the procedure makes use of the nerves using whatever minimal development of penile tissue the patient has. If there’s absolutely no development, surgeons go for the pudendal nerves, which stimulate the perineum and anus from deep within the body.

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How to make a progressive’s head explode

Progressives love to emote when discussing politics.  Right now, in the wake of the Roseburg shootings, they are emoting about the need for “commonsense” gun control, which gives them an opportunity to compassionately wring their hands while blaming conservatives for the suffering they deplore.  If this offends you as deeply as it does me, try a little experiment.

Tell the progs that if they are really serious about getting guns off the street, they are going to be aggravating those racial disparities that were the fashionable cause of emoting so recently.  As Jason Willick explains at the American Interest:

… all the evidence suggests that stricter gun laws would fall disproportionately on the same people who have always bear the brunt of tough criminal justice policies. The Washington Post‘s Radley Balko noted last year that “47.3 percent of those convicted for federal gun crimes were black — a racial disparity larger than any other class of federal crimes, including drug crimes.” According to the Bureau of Labor of Justice statistics, state, local, and federal governments arrested black people for gun crimes at a five times higher rate than they arrested whites. More than three out of four gun arrests were in urban areas. So people who empathize with the message of the Black Lives Matter movement—that young, black men in America’s cities are treated unfairly by the criminal justice system and that mass incarceration has devastated too many communities—should think further about what the draconian gun policies they pine for would actually entail.

Stand back a few paces and make sure you are wearing protective clothing that does not stain if hit with blood and brain matter when you close by saying, “So you want to throw blacks in jail at a rate four times their share of the population…”

Read more at The American Thinker

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Delicious Winemaking Made Easy

California Mayor Detained by Homeland Security, Forced to Hand over Electronics

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In the UK, microwaving a sausage roll or bacon sandwich at work could now be considered a hate crime

Preview Of World War III? Russia Is Putting On A Display Of Firepower That Is Shocking The World

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Hey, President Obama: politicize this

Okay, President Barack Obama (D).  You want to politicize mass shootings, so, agreeable person that I am, I’ll help you do just that.

Why is it that Chicago, Illinois, your home town, located in C(r)ook County in the dead broke state of Illinois – all controlled by Democrats, especially the city and the county – has become notorious for the daily drip, drip count of shootings?  Here are some typical recent ones.

Officials: Man dead in police-involved shooting in Homan Square  

2 shot, including 15-year-old boy, since Friday night  

2nd worst weekend of 2015 for Chicago gun violence: 8 dead, 45 wounded  

Well, okay, you get the idea – as you said, you’re tired of the same old, same old again and again.  As for the shooters, well, they too are the same old, same old – or the same young.  They usually look like the sons you might have had, as do most of the victims, or else a lot like Michelle’s relatives.  If not, they resemble the illegal immigrants you allow to enter the country.  Very rarely do they resemble your mother’s relatives.

Yeah, the shootings, while not as tragically compelling or newsworthy as the recent ones in Oregon or Chattanooga or other scenes of mass violence that grab the media’s attention, have more horrific totals.

“Sensible, commonsense gun laws,” you answer as a way of combatting this urban warfare.  But…but…Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, so owning a gun legally is difficult.  But – and I’m sure this will come as a shock to the Obama and Robinson legal-beagle dream team, graduates of the best undergraduate and law schools in the country, even though we don’t know your grades – the shooters don’t care about such niceties as legally obtaining a gun by putting up with such pesky bureaucratic nonsense as background checks, licensing, and classes.  Somehow, somewhere, these teenage shooters – and most of them are the age of your cute daughters – who rarely attend school, manage to get their hands on guns and shoot, shoot, shoot despite the best efforts of law enforcement.  And yes, the latter do try.  Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

Well, you know that old cliché: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.  Now that’s common sense about guns.

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