The Signs of a Failing Empire, No Whites Allowed

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America Is Exhibiting All of the Signs of a Failing Empire

The American Empire Is Quickly Declining

Consummate insider Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – former chief of staff to Colin Powell, and now distinguished adjunct professor of Government and Public Policy at William & Mary – notes that the U.S. is exhibiting all of the signs of a failing empire, including:

  • Relying on massive military force (and using gigantic complexes to support it) as the be-all and end-all of power, and belittling diplomacy
  • Maintaining standing armies, instead of disbanding military forces between wars
  • Using more mercenary forces than citizen troops
  • Spending disproportionately large amounts of blood and treasure in order to counter threats on the status quo … which simply exacerbates the threat against the empire
  • Going ethically and morally bankrupt
  • Ending up up having bankers and financiers end up running the real power
  • Suffering great hiccups in finance and trade
  • The leaders no longer really believe in or follow the ideals of the founders

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And to piss off muslims….

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No Whites Allowed…

If you are white, you are simply not welcome at Rainier Beach Yoga.  The organizers make it abundantly clear in an email that states, “White friends, allies and partners are respectfully asked not to attend.”

Local radio host Dori Monson spoke with Teresa Wang, one of the co-founders of the class.  Wang was asked what would happen if a white person were to attend.  Her response:

Well, it’s a class for people of color, so [a person] would be coming to that class knowing that we’re really clear about who we are asking to come to class.

The class was about making ‘people of color’ feel comfortable.

So racism is alive and well in a Seattle yoga class.  And these people don’t even realize how ugly they sound.  Furthermore, if someone such as Rachel Dolezal ardently believes that she is black, would she be barred from entering, even though her heritage is not African-American?

The perniciousness of the charge of white privilege is infecting every level of society.  It is creating students whose sole perspective is based on victimization.  It erases great literature because it was penned by Europeans.  Even music, which “has the charms to soothe a savage breast,” is being held hostage under this baseless charge.

The  allegation of white privilege needs to be called out for what it truly is: racism.

Read more at The American Thinker


“Emperor” Obama May Bypass Congress, Impose “Order” For Gun Background Checks

President Barack Obama is considering using an executive order to impose new background-check requirements on people buying guns from high-volume dealers, The Washington Post reports.

The change would require dealers who go over a certain number of sales per year to have a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and do background checks people attempting to buy guns from them.

Obama has been unsuccessful with his efforts to toughen gun laws as he deals with a Republican Congress. He signed 23 executive orders in 2013, months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut. He plans the new effort in the wake of the Umpqua Community College killings last week in Oregon.

Federal law already requires dealers who are “engaged in the business” to perform background checks, but the new executive action would add anyone who sells a significant number of guns per year, according to the Post.

The ATF objects to the action, saying it would be difficult to enforce, and one official told the paper, “Everyone realized it would be hugely politically controversial.”



DONALD TRUMP slams Chancellor Angela Merkel for letting in a flood of “Muslim prime time soldiers”

Trump would not allow all these so-called Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’ into the U.S and warns against the ‘Trojan Horse’ that is about to devastate Europe.

More Texas

Sitting in the stands of a rodeo in Forth Worth is like going back in time. I’ve been to the rodeo and I’ve watched the event on TV so I understand the basics. In all honesty, I find it a bit dull so while I’m sitting there watching girls ride horses around barrels, I’m thinking of other things. My friends, who had never been to a rodeo, were captivated. To them, it was incredible watching humans ride animals with such skill.

Chit chatting about it after, I think the big attraction to rodeo for many folks is that it reminds them of a better age. The rodeo is wholesome family entertainment. There’s no sex or crude jokes. There’s no hip-hop music blasting from speakers. It’s just wholesome looking young people, corny jokes and a good time. Cheap too. Tickets to a rodeo are nothing compared to a football game.

That’s what makes it feel like a trip back in time. For most of human history, entertainments were relatively cheap. Entertainers lived on the fringes of society and made very modest livings. Maybe the showman who owned the circus or traveling act made a good living, but the performers did not. Running away to join the circus was not a move up, it was giving up. If you could not hack it in normal life you ended up as the bearded lady in the circus.

Contrast that to today where we venerate knuckleheads with the IQ of a goldfish and shower them with millions. In order to do that the cost of entertainment has skyrocketed. I was at the Dallas Cowboy game on Sunday and the prices are staggering. Cheap seats are $500 just to get in the door. The facility, which is incredible, is simply a massive platform from which to sell you stuff.

That’s what’s incredible to me. Everything has a sponsor. “This hot dog concession stand brought to you by AT&T” is the sort of thing that makes me think the Catholics were right about cupidity being a mortal sin. Every square inch of the Cowboy facility has a sponsor attached to it and almost every square inch is for the purpose of moving product of some sort. You keep wondering, “Don’t they have enough?’

That excess allows the Cowboys to pay their star defensive end millions of dollars, even though he spends his free time beating and strangling women. You only do that when you have so much, you feel you are immune from public opinion. Hearing the crowd cheer when that demented knucklehead made  big play, I’m going to assume the paying portion of the public is OK with wife beating.

I’m sure many rodeo entertainers are terrible people. That’s just a part of life. My guess is though, public knowledge of bad behavior ends your rodeo career unless you also get right with Jesus. The customers will look the other way if you are turning your life around after getting drunk and running naked through the streets. Otherwise, there’s probably not a lot of tolerance for it.

In a weird way, people enjoy things like the rodeo now because it lets them escape the wall of sound that is modern mass culture. The whole downtown Forth Worth area feels like it exist as an escape. People dress in their cowboy clothes and have an old fashioned good time. I was at a bar in Fort Worth and it was just cheap drinks and people dancing to country music, like they used to in the old days.

That’s the other thing that popped into my head comparing a night in Fort Worth to the day at Jerry World. In today’s mass media culture, everyone is assumed to be a child. At the football game, it is nonstop noise and video. Between plays they are hitting you with some ad or speech. In breaks for commercials, they hammer the audience with messages. You don’t have a minute to talk to the guy next to you. They assume you must be amused for every second like a toddler.

The infantilization at a modern ballpark extends everywhere. Buy a beer and they open the container and keep the cap. I guess they don’t want you to swallow it. The container is made from something that prevents it from being a projectile, in case you have a tantrum. Of course, they shut off beer sales half way through events so you don’t have too many. The modern sporting even is the nanny state taken to the logical conclusion.

All that said, Texas is a great place to visit. I’ll have more thoughts on it when I return back to the Imperial Capital.

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