Media and the Left Paint Trump as a Nazi

The meltdown in the media and from the left over Trump’s latest comments has been the most significant realization to me that these people are well and truly gone, there is no recovering or coming back to sanity or reality for them.

Donald Trump harshly condemned racism, the KKK and white supremacy, he called the driver of the car a terrorist, he blasted the alt-right for their role in the violence, yet the moment he said there are also extremists on the left whos violence the media is ignoring, everybody freaks out and says he is supporting white supremacy and the cries for his impeachment is trending on twitter. What? A President speaking honestly and impartially makes him a Nazi?

Now media outlets are plagued with articles, outraged that he shed light on left-wing violence for the first time, pretending Antifa and leftist extremists are simply “anti-racist protesters” and no fault or blame for political violence should be directed at masked thugs who came charging into a legal demonstration using mace, chemicals, weapons and makeshift flamethrowers just as they have in every previous riot.

The President is being accused of supporting violence for reminding us that both sides have their extremists and we need to equally condemn both yet the media is guilty of doing exactly what they blame Trump of doing, they support violence by justifying and hiding the insane brutality being inflicted by Antifa and alike against anyone who they disagree with.

The groupthink of the left is if you believe someone is a Nazi, aka someone you disagree with, it’s totally cool to just beat them up and it will be justified by the liberal media as “fighting racism.” Can anyone explain what these nationalists did that was so violent before the far leftist mobs showed up and started macing and assaulting everyone? Conservatives are accused of violence for merely speaking, yet when there’s real violence and twisted hatred being glorified and expected from each other on the left, we get silence.

This has gone beyond fake news and beyond simply being anti-Trump, they are now sinking to even lower levels than what Hillary did in her campaign against Trump and they’re willing to justify the most staggering forms of political violence our country has seen in decades just so they can delegitimize our President as a fucking neo-Nazi who needs to be impeached.

Eh, at least they’ve finally given up on him being a Russian agent. Now he’s a Nazi. Next they will accuse him of being the king of alien lizards.


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Vandalizing monuments and statues is a dangerous path to take…It could lead to a civil war.

When are we going to take down the statue of that philanderer and plagiarized Martin Luther King?

HISTORY is what is she is ?  You can’t change history. Will you be burning history and reference books next?

These statues and memorials stand as a reminder of what happened in the past.. Love it or hate it.. Its confined to history..

These memorials do not glorify the war, they are just an act of remembrance.. anyone who is upset by these statues really need to get out in the real world and worry about things that really matter.. Millennial’s are entitled children who have never been told NO…..

We ARE controlled by the press and media..

SOURCE for this post and several prior posts…

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Progressives will not stop at Confederate monuments.

The Taliban blew up colossal Buddhas

Carved into cliffs in Afghanistan during its reign.

If the left follows course of it’s own logic, then there’s one landmark they should want to blow up ASAP! All four presidents carved into that stone would be considered white supremacists today. So it would make sense for our progressive nation to wipe them from the face of the landmark today. Lets start with Washington. He owned slaves. He approved the Naturalization Act of 1790 that restricted citizenship to “free white men.” Jefferson also owned slaves. The anti-statue movement is not just dedicated to tearing down the Confederacy.

You can’t have a first world Nation with a third world population. Too many of you are ignorant of American history!!!

I guess it’s time to blow up Mount Rushmore

Progressives will not stop at Confederate monuments.

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When you like women….

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Before the liberals find a reason…

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The evil of racism

“We have to be honest about the evil of racism, and also honest about the evil of a far left that is trying to tear down both history and intimidate free speech in the country. That is not defending neo-Nazis, that is not defending white supremacists, it’s stating a fact about antifa.”

Laura Ingraham

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It’s Liberty vs Oppression

“You have to break through that paradigm that says it’s left vs. right, Republican vs. Democrat, because it’s not. It’s liberty vs. oppression. That’s what the real issue is. And I think people are beginning to see that.”

— Ben Swann

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Air conditioning is an extraordinary example of how technology changes practically everything. The first industrial air conditioning system was installed in a Brooklyn printing plant in 1902. This kind of “process” air conditioning was designed not to cool down the workers but to improve efficiency of production, specifically to reduce the humidity that kept ink from drying properly. Since then, American demographics (and political power), social relations, gender roles, architecture, and, in the wider span, even the planet’s climate have all been transformed by the technology’s extraordinary rise from such industrial uses to its wide-spread domestic use.

As Jeff E. Biddle reveals, it was movie theaters, restaurants, and department stores that introduced “comfort” air conditioning in the late 1920s. This was for the benefit of consumers, a lure to get shoppers to step out of the heat. Notably, grocery stores, office buildings, and hotels (places people had to go to) lagged behind, only sporadically offering air conditioning well into the 1940s and 1950s.

Much more on this subject found at this SOURCE

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Supposedly the best survival grenade

Survival GRENADE Emergency Key Chain Survival Kit – Paracord Grenade Survival Kit with 8+ Tools + Fire Starter & Eye Knife

And it’s big brother!

Holtzman’s Survival Kit Paracord Grenade The #1 BEST 48 tool emergency kit

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For preppers, wannabee preppers, should be preppers

15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault

Patriot Pantry Emergency Meals Kit, 48 Emergency Food Servings, up to 25-Year Shelf Life

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Just enjoy this post with an awesome lingerie queen

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1960 Hits Renamed….

Some of the artists of the 60’s are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers who can remember doing the “Limbo” as if it were yesterday.

They include:

Bobby Darin —
Splish, Splash, I Was Havin’ A Flash

Herman’s Hermits —
Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Walker

Ringo Starr —
I Get By With A Little Help From Depends

The Bee Gees —
How Can You Mend A Broken Hip?

Roberta Flack—
The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face

Johnny Nash —
I Can’t See Clearly Now

Paul Simon—
Fifty Ways To Lose Your Liver

The Commodores —
Once, Twice, Three Times To The Bathroom

Procol Harem—
A Whiter Shade Of Hair

Leo Sayer —
You Make Me Feel Like Napping

The Temptations —
Papa’s Got A Kidney Stone

Denture Queen

Tony Orlando —
Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If
You Hear Me Fall

Helen Reddy —
I Am Woman; Hear Me Snore

Leslie Gore—
It’s My Procedure, and I’ll Cry If I
Want To

And Last, but NOT least:

Willie Nelson —
On the Commode Again

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