Pizza with Every Vasectomy

Damn, I never got no pizza way back when!

A private urology practice in Hyannis, Massachusetts, is applying to its services the maxim that “free pizza can sell anything” by offering one large pie gratis with every vasectomy.

To further sweeten the deal, Urology Associates of Cape Cod administrator Evan Cohen adds that, with the necessary post-op recovery time, vasectomies give men the perfect “guilt-free” excuse to spend time on the couch watching some March Madness b-ball.

As for the pizza from Surf’s Up Pizza and Seafood in Sandwich, it comes with your choice of topping. Cohen has a suggestion for patrons: “Maybe you can put some meatballs on it.” Ooooof.


If only the real people of America would only wake up in time!


This video is back from 2008, before all the obamabots voted him in!

If you only watch one last video before voting for Barack Obama, this should probably be the one. Most of the secrets of Obama are unlocked here… at least, as many secrets as possible in the short time since the “Most Secretive Candidate Ever” was nominated for the position of “Most Powerful Man on Earth”. Some of the most enlightning ten minutes you can watch on the subject.


And probably one of the best websites right now on the internet! Excepting yours truly….



Coming Soon: The Commercials that Obama Fears

American Thinker

President Obama knows that every public statement he makes is recorded and lives forever on the internet.  That is cause for serious worry.  The best campaign ad to run against Obama is one that uses his own words — and those of the officials he has empowered — against him.  When it comes to high gasoline prices, this is a target-rich environment.

Two new polls show that Americans’ opinion of Barack Obama has taken a dive.  The Washington Post headline “Gas Prices sink Obama’s ratings on economy” zeroes in on the impact of high gas prices on his political prospects.  A New York Times/CBS poll released the same day shows a similar dramatic decline and states that Obama is heading into the general election on “treacherous political ground” and also chalks up at least part of the decline to much higher prices at the pump over the last few months.  High gas prices are a particular vulnerability of Obama’s since they affect so many people so many times a week — especially in those battleground states where people are forced to drive long distances.  Each of those signs is free advertising for the Republicans.  They can’t be explained away by Barack Obama’s friends in the media.

The fact is that Americans believe that the president can do a lot about oil prices.  And that is an invitation that the Republicans can ride to victory parties in November.

There is no need to rehash all the steps that the Obama administration has taken over the last three years that have helped supercharge the price it takes to fill our cars.  These would include slow-walking drilling permits, shutting down much offshore development, closing off federal lands, and killing Keystone XL.  There are many more that could be listed and have been by others.  The Republicans should also point out that Obama has wasted three-plus years on passing two very unpopular pieces of legislation (ObamaCare and the Stimulus) rather than taking the steps needed to bring us affordable gasoline.

But there is a delicious irony in taking advantage of Obama’s Obama Obsession.  He has been so busy bloviating over the last few years, so eager to display his omniscience when it comes to energy, that there is plenty of visual material to cull from the public domain that can and will be used against him as the campaign season rolls on, if the GOP has any brains.  Call it divine justice that the man who seemingly can never stop talking can be hoisted on his own petard.


Keep in mind people, it is Obama and his regime, not us Americans, who object to Israel hitting Iran hard….

(JPost) — Saying publicly in the Knesset what he had only said privately to congressional leaders in Washington last week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stressed on Wednesday that Israel would act to defend itself even if the US objected.

“Israel has never left its fate in the hands of others, not even in the hands of our best friends,” he said in a speech that focused on the Iranian threat and drew a direct line from Tehran to the events earlier this week in Gaza. He also blamed the 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip for leading to Iran’s establishment of a “forward” terrorist base there.

Netanyahu cited legendary US secretary of state George Marshall as telling David Ben-Gurion in 1948 not to declare a state, and reminded the Knesset that US president Lyndon Johnson not only advised Israel against preemptive military action in 1967, but warned that “if you act alone, you will be alone.”

Likewise, he said, former prime minister Menachem Begin knew when he decided to attack the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 that he was going against US wishes and would come under sharp international criticism.

“But he fulfilled his obligation and acted,” said Netanyahu, possibly preparing the public for the prospect of Israeli military action even over US objections.

The prime minister said that a nuclear Iran would pose an “existential threat” to Israel, and that while he would prefer it if Iran voluntarily abandoned its nuclear ambitions, he had an “obligation” to retain Israel’s “independent ability” to defend itself.


Wires Trumpet Unemployment Claims As Tying ’4-Year Low’; Historical Chances of Being Wrong After Revision Are 98%

By Tom Blumer | Newsbusters
The exercise of watching the press report on the current week’s unemployment claims figure as if it’s etched in stone and assessing it as if it’s the last word — only to see the figure get upwardly revised the next week virtually without media comment — is getting extraordinarily tedious and predictable (but of course watching what they do remains necessary).

At the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and Reuters, this week’s version of the shell game has a relatively unique twist. The three wire services respectively and all without qualification say that today’s seasonally adjusted figure of 351,000 from the Department of Labor “matches a four-year low,” “the lowest level in four years,” and “back to a four-year low.” As seen in the graphic which follows, based on the history of the past year, there’s a 98% chance they will be wrong after subsequent revisions, almost all of which have occurred during the very next reported week:

(go to site for the graph and an explanation of the graph. very interesting!)


Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.




Well, looks like the nazis are alive and well in Germany today!

Weekly Standard:

While Iran’s terrorist proxies in the Gaza Strip fired rockets on Israeli cities, the head of Germany’s Social Democratic Party called Israel an “Apartheid regime.”

“I was just in Hebron,” SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, now visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories, wrote on his Facebook page. “There’s a legal vacuum there for Palestinians. This is an apartheid regime, for which there is no justification.” [...]

Gabriel, who may well win the chancellorship in 2013, is popular among liberal Germans. His statements represent an extreme anti-Israel and anti-American ideology that has become increasingly prevalent in his party. In 2010, former SPD chancellor Helmut Schmidt signed a petition urging the European Union to sanction Israel for its policies regarding settlements.

The conservative parliamentary deputy and Christian Democratic Union foreign policy spokesman Philipp Missfelder issued a terse response to Gabriel: “The fact that a German politician is using the term ‘Apartheid’ in connection with Israeli society is shameful.”


Krauthammer: Troops Leaving Guns At The Door Like Helicopters On Roof Of The Embassy

An Open Letter to Comcast’s Brian Roberts: Fire Ed Schultz!


Cold Fury

Just don’t call it a circle jerk. That would be rude.

Did you know that the Federal Government was spending taxpayer dollars on organizations that would lobby local governments to tax sugar and soda? Were you also aware that such activity is illegal?

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says she was aware of the lobbying activities but was not aware that is was illegal. A recent report from The Daily Caller showed that $230 million had flowed in obesity prevention grants to 30 states as part of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative. The program was established as part of the 2009 “stimulus” bill.

Jeez. It’s not only a circle jerk, it’s by way of being the Perfect Circle Jerk. And just for even more giggles, try that “ignorance of the law” bit of Czarina Sebelius’s next time you get pulled over for some infraction or other. See where that gets ya.

When the government is spending trillions of dollars by an untold number of bureaucrats this type of activity is bound to happen. Yes, it was illegal, but in a system so large and vast, it is not surprising that the Obama Administration turned their heads, looked the other way, and hoped no one noticed.


Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks….two fugly liberal assholes from lala land. No more do I support them, or go to a movie they are in, or watch a show they are in.


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