Police Horse stabbed by ANTIFA female

Folks, one day someone, on either site or neither side, will shoot. And with that one shot the war will be in full swing, with a body count that I do believe the liberals had not counted on.

Absent of condemnation from Democratic Party leaders, marauding leftist goose-steppers are taking to the streets to shut down rallies that don’t fit their narrow-minded worldview.

The attacks by the Alt-Left and specifically extremist/domestic terrorist group ANTIFA are becoming increasingly violent and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed.

The latest disgusting incident of menacing leftist goons acting out comes from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Hillary’s brownshirts attacked a demonstration against Sharia law on Saturday.

During the ensuing ruckus, a 23-year-old ANTIFA “woman” attacked a police horse with a flagpole that had a nail embedded in it, stabbing the animal in the neck.


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