Protesters Take Over Obama Chicago Campaign HQ

Could not happen to a better person!

A week before the NATO Summit lands in Chicago, eight protesters were arrested Monday inside the building that houses President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters.

The protesters, associated with the Catholic Worker movement, were arrested for criminal trespass to property, Chicago Police said.

The group was seen entering the building at 130 E. Randolph around 8:30 a.m., walking around the lobby and taking the escalator into the building. A majority of protesters funneled out before officers escorted eight people out of the building.

“We are here today to boldly proclaim our desire to live in a world where we say no to NATO and yes to community,” said Chantal de Alacuaz from Chicago in a release by the Chicago-based White Rose Catholic Worker posted late Sunday night. “As Catholic Workers, we serve the poor by practicing the works of mercy — feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, taking care of the sick and the works of war are directly opposed to that.”

The plan, according to the release was to “invite Obama and other NATO leaders to break bread over a symbolic meal to discuss how to transform NATO from an instrument of war and empire into an instrument of peace and love that embodies the biblical works of mercy instead of the works of war.”

About 100 people took part in the demonstration, according to the Chicago Tribune.  As eight protesters were led out of the building in handcuffs, other demonstrators danced and sang folk songs and gospel, and handed rolls to commuters, it said.

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Recognized: Same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, by the state of Rhode Island

Screwed: People on the kidney transplant list, since many Americans are now too fat to donate

Scrambling: JPMorgan, after a $2 billion loss on a risky bet

Over: Ron Paul’s campaign for the GOP nomination… sort of


Irony Curtain blurts an idea in our super secret propaganda e-mail ring and Red Square bangs it out.

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Facebook Co-Founder: America is OK. It’s the Rules That Are a Pain

Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder who gave up his U.S. citizenship, has nothing against the U.S., just its complicated rules on U.S. citizens holding money overseas, a spokesman said.

Mr. Saverin, who now lives in Singapore, decided last year to renounce his U.S. citizenship, a decision that was made public a few days ago. The move sparked an outcry among some tax experts who suspect he’s aiming to save on taxes. Although Mr. Saverin will have to pay a hefty exit tax for renouncing his citizenship, based on some calculation of his assets, Singapore is a relatively low-tax jurisdiction, particularly for foreign investors, and does not levy capital gains tax. Thus he could save in the longer term.



Obama Admin faces prosecution over leaks

Washington Examiner

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., faulted the Obama administration for “chest-thumping” about using a double-agent to foil a terrorist plot, and he said that whoever leaked the information faces criminal charges.

“I think there was a little premature chest-thumping in this whole thing and I’ve ordered a preliminary review,” Rogers, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, said on CBS’s Face the Nation.”We will make a determination either a full-blown committee investigation or we’ll refer it to criminal charges to the FBI.”

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If you want to get married somewhere really exotic, go to Mississippi. The state has the lowest per capita marriage rate in America. Marriage farm Nevada, by contrast, boasts a marriage rate of about 40 per thousand residents, nearly twice as high as the the next marryingest state, destination-wedding hotspot Hawaii. As for the rest of the country, many factors account for variations in marriage rates, including demographics, economic prosperity, and marriage laws. Perhaps most strikingly of all, the national marriage rate has declined from 8.2 marriages per thousand in 2000 to 6.8 marriages per thousand in 2010.

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Fish in Lake being killed off by the PEE of swimmers!

The mass death of fish in a lake near Hamburg has been blamed on swimmers’ urine causing an algal bloom that has poisoned the water.

Around 500 dead fish have been found in the picturesque Eichbaum lake near the northern port city, which attracts bathers in the summery weather. But now it seems those pleasure-seekers have blood on their hands.

“Swimmers who urinate in the lake are introducing a lot of phosphate,” Manfred Siedler, spokesman for the Hamburger Angling Association (ASV), told Bild newspaper. “We’re calculating half a litre of urine per swimmer per day.”

Phosphate contributes to a build-up of blue-green algae in the water, playing havoc with the lake’s eco-system and apparently poisoning the fish. According to Bild, authorities have already tipped some 148 tonnes of anti-phosphate agent Bentophos into the water, at a cost of €516,000, but to little effect.

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J.J. Abrams — of AliasLost, and Fringe fame — is at the helm of Revolution, a new drama set in a post-apocalyptic world 15 years “after the lights went out” — or when a mysterious electromagnetic pulse threw humanity back into the 19th century, without cars, phones, or (gasp!) the Internet. Premieres this fall on NBC.

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction — and in some cases — condemnation of the president.

Derek Valcourt explains the president’s comments have folks on both sides of the issue fired up.

Both sides hope the president’s position helps sway votes in their favor when the issue hits Maryland’s ballot this November.

“I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” President Obama said.

When President Obama announced that his position on same-sex marriage had evolved, it outraged some African-American pastors like Pastor and Del. Emmett Burns.

“He has said to his base, African-Americans, ‘I am going against your beliefs and your thoughts’,” Burns said.

He’s so opposed to same-sex marriage, he told church members he will no longer support the president and now predicts Obama will lose the election because of it.


WASHINGTON — About two hours after declaring his support for same-sex marriage last week, President Obama gathered eight or so African-American ministers on a conference call to explain himself. He had struggled with the decision, he said, but had come to believe it was the right one.

The ministers, though, were not all as enthusiastic. A vocal few made it clear that the president’s stand on gay marriage might make it difficult for them to support his re-election.

“They were wrestling with their ability to get over his theological position,” said the Rev. Delman Coates, the pastor of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, Md., who was on the call.

In the end, Mr. Coates, who supports civil marriages for gay men and lesbians, said that most of the pastors, regardless of their views on this issue, agreed to “work aggressively” on behalf of the president’s campaign. But not everyone. “Gay marriage is contrary to their understanding of Scripture,” Mr. Coates said. “There are people who are really wrestling with this.”

In the hours following Mr. Obama’s politically charged announcement on Wednesday, the president and his team embarked on a quiet campaign to contain the possible damage among religious leaders and voters. He also reached out to one or more of the five spiritual leaders he calls regularly for religious guidance, and his aides contacted other religious figures who have been supportive in the past.

The damage-control effort underscored the anxiety among Mr. Obama’s advisers about the consequences of the president’s revised position just months before what is expected to be a tight re-election vote. While hailed by liberals and gay-rights leaders for making a historic breakthrough, Mr. Obama recognized that much of the country is uncomfortable with or opposed to same-sex marriage, including many in his own political coalition.


News One:

Some prominent Black pastors have become staunchly critical of President Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, with some who formerly backed and celebrated his ascent now turning their backs.

A Texas pastor who once led the Southern Baptist Convention in introducing a resolution that recognized Obama’s historic achievement has voiced his displeasure with the president’s support and approval of gays, reports the Associated Baptist Press.

Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, wrote in a blog on May 9 that Obama’s statements is worthy of incurring wrath of biblical proportions.

From McKissic’s blog:

“President Obama has betrayed the Bible and the Black Church with his endorsement of same-sex marriage. The Bible is crystal clear on this subject, and the Black Church strongly opposes same-sex marriage. His endorsement is an inadvertent attack on the Christian Faith. America is now a candidate for the same judgment received by Sodom and Gomorrah. This was a sad, sad day and a very bad decision, by our beloved President. The moral impact of this day and decision is equal to the military impact of AL-Queda when they attacked the Twin Towers on 911. Today’s announcement is a moral earthquake equivalent to a tsunami or hurricane that will have far more devastating results than Katrina.”

McKissic’s stance mirrors that of many other Black church leaders who feel Obama’s support of gay marriage is a direct slight to one of the major tenets of the Christian faith. So far, Rev. Al Sharpton has been the only visible religious leader to defend the president’s decision to publicly address this hot-button issue.


So how does Reggie “The Body Man” Love feel about this?


SIREN: President Barack Obama isn’t actually gay.

But now that Tina Brown, Newsweek editor and grand dame of Manhattan publishing, has adorned him with the rainbow-colored “gaylo” and ordained him America’s “first gay president,” it hardly seems to matter.

“If President Clinton was the ‘first black president’ then Obama earns every stripe in that ‘gaylo’ with last week’s gay marriage proclamation,” Brown told POLITICO today, via email. “Newsweek’s cover pays tribute to his newly ordained place in history.”

Newsweek is also paying tribute to newsstand sales, of course. Brown’s tenure at the helm of Newsweek has seen a string of controversial covers, and after Time Magazine challenged Brown with the breastfeeding issue — which is still getting play on cable news, mind you — Brown confidently declared, “Let the games begin.”


No wonder fewer and fewer people are believing the global warming nuts!

University of Edinburgh:

Milk poured down Britain’s kitchen sinks each year creates a carbon footprint equivalent to thousands of car exhaust emissions, research shows.

Scientists say the 360,000 tonnes of milk wasted in the UK each year creates greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 100,000 tonnes of CO2. The study by the University of Edinburgh says this is the same as is emitted by about 20,000 cars annually.

The research identifies ways that consumers could also help curb greenhouse gas emissions – by reducing the amount of food they buy, serve and waste. They also suggest the food industry could reduce emissions by seeking more efficient ways to use fertilisers.

Researchers also say halving the amount of chicken consumed in the UK and other developed countries to levels eaten in Japan could cut greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 10 million cars off the road.

Figures show that if average chicken consumption in developed countries fell from the current level of 26kg each per year to the Japanese average of about 12kg each by 2020, global emissions from poultry would fall below current levels, despite increased output from the developing world. This would cut the predicted global output of nitrous oxide, a key greenhouse gas, from this source by almost 20 per cent, based on current growth rates.

Demand for food, particularly meat, is expected to increase over the next few decades as the world’s population continues to grow and emerging countries consume more.

Agriculture is the biggest source of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas that is emitted by soil and fertilisers. Producing meat produces more emissions than growing crops, as large amounts of cereals are grown to feed livestock.

Researchers arrived at their findings by examining data for global agricultural production of greenhouse gases together with consumption of food in various regions of the world. The study, carried out in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen and partners in Europe and the US, was published in Nature Climate Change.


Washington Secrets:

He leads the Senate for President Obama, but less than a quarter of American voters view Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid favorably in a new poll that suggests a growing “throw the bums out” mood sweeping the nation.

Just 23 percent have a favorable view of Reid, the Senate majority leader, and a huge 57 percent have an unfavorable view. But it could be worse: Rasmussen polls reports that a towering 63 percent have an unfavorable view of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and just 29 percent view her favorably.


Well it seems the Obama regime wants the USA to have a British-style PC?

Huntsville, AL (WAAY/ABC) — On Thursday, May 17th, people representing a cross-culture of Madison County will come together to learn more about Islam. “Combating Islamophobia: Truths and Myths About Islam” is a community engagement workshop sponsored by the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice, UA-Huntsville, and the Huntsville Islamic Center, among others. Aladin Beshir, director of community outreach for the Huntsville Islamic Center, hopes the event will help build bridges in the community. “This is a very, very small step and a very focused and great grand scheme of cooperation among law enforcement and the Muslim community, sending the message that we are all united to protect America.”

Beshir says there are many misconceptions about Islam that have arisen, in part, by people taking portions of the Quran out of context. He says, “Islam does not teach violence. People love to pick and choose,” adding, “the Holy Quran states, one destroys one soul as if he killed the whole humanity, and one saves one soul as if he saves the whole humanity.” When it comes to addressing myths about Muslims, Beshir says the media represents one of the biggest challenges because, “if you listen to the media, you will think they’re under the bed and coming to get you!”

The number of Muslims living in Madison County may be small, but they represent 20 percent of the world population. Beshir says it only makes sense to learn more about this faith shared by millions of people. “What we believe in doesn’t need to be agreed upon by everybody else, but it will help for the majority to know more about the minority,” he says. Through greater knowledge, he hopes will come greater understanding and acceptance.


I do believe union leaders are very hypocritical when they rant and rave against the rich people!

National Review:

The leaders of America’s unions have been very vocal lately in their criticism of Republicans and of business. According to them, Republicans care only about the wealthy and are unfairly targeting the workers of America with their reforms. These union leaders insist that only they can speak for regular Americans. In fact, their own salaries suggest that they have nothing in common with the average citizen. Here is a short list of some of the highest-earning, and most hypocritical, union presidents:

Michael J. Sullivan, general president of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association

Salary: $1,043,023

Robert A. Scardelletti, international president of the Transportation Communications Union

Salary: $748,531

Newton B. Jones, president of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Salary: $607,022

Terence M. O’Sullivan, general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America

Salary: $589,124

John T. Niccollai, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 464A

Salary: $532,752

Gerald McEntee, international president of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

Salary: $512,369



Hmmm…friends for ages, golf partners, and now this? I am sure it is coincidence? LOL


The Department of Health and Human Services last week announced it had awarded a $5.9 million grant to a University of Chicago Medical Center program tied to Michelle Obama and run by Eric Whitaker, one of President Obama’s closest friends.

The Urban Health Initiative, which received the award, was originally based on a smaller program launched during the last decade by Michelle Obama, who was an executive at the University of Chicago Medical Center before she departed to become first lady. The UHI is headed up by Obama basketball and golf buddy Whitaker, who has known the president since Obama’s days in law school and who also vacations with the first family.

Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett also has ties to the UHI. Until resigning to go work at the White House, Jarrett was Chairman of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board of Trustees. And in 2007, a PR firm run by former senior White House adviser and Obama political guru David Axelrod provided provided public relations strategy advice to the UHI, according to the Washington Post. [...]

The UHI won out over lots of competition. According to HHS, some 3,000 applications were received for a share on the $1 billion in 3-year grants available. Only 26 programs were included in the first batch of awards doled out.


OH CRAP! Another pinko leftist! How does he now equate global warming skeptics with Stalin, Mao, and Hitler?

Climate Depot:

“Climate Ethics” Prof. Donald Brown of Penn State University declared that skeptics may be guilty of a “new crime against humanity” for causing a 25 year delay in acting to stop climate change.

Brown, who appeared alongside Climategate professor Michael Mann at a Penn State forum on April 30, 2012, slammed what he termed the “disinformation campaign.”

Watch Video of Brown and Mann here. (Brown’s comments on Climate Depot begin around 23:00 and his “new crimes against humanity” remark are around 24:50 mark)


TSA gropes Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger

Anti-Romney steel worker was offered a buyout

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Marco Rubio says that the White House is basically ordering DREAM act advocates not to work with him on his version of the DREAM act:

NEWSMAX – “One of the things that has already been documented is that the White House . . . has been calling in DREAM Act advocates and asking them, almost ordering them, not to work with me on this issue,” the Florida Republican told radio talk show host Laura Ingraham last week.

“They have been counting on using this issue as a wedge issue [with Hispanic voters] in October to drive up turnout,” added Rubio, who is often mentioned as a possible vice presidential running mate with Mitt Romney.

According to Talking Points, the White House and Democrats, however, may be “playing into Rubio’s hands” by resisting his alternative version of the bill, which he insists would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented people raised in the United States who go to college or serve in the military.

The administration says it would provide only the ability to remain in the country, but not citizenship, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says it would create a “second-class status” for children of illegal immigrants.

But Talking Points reports that most immigrant-rights advocates consider Rubio’s alternative a form of progress, even though they prefer the original DREAM Act measure.

“If Democrats undermine Rubio’s effort, that makes it easier for the senator to blame them when the proposal goes down, with the aim of confusing voters as to which party is on their side,” Talking Points reported.