Seven Ways You’re Ruining Your Steak Dinner

Richard H. Turner is serious about meat. The chef behind the popular British steakhouse chain Hawksmoor doesn’t mince his words.

Grain-fed beef? Gives you an “instant slap round the chops, and then the fat explodes in your mouth like a pustule,” he says. Wagyu beef is “despicable, the foie gras of the beef world.”

Turner is the go-to guy in London for matters of the flesh. He brought the Meatopia festival to the U.K. from the U.S. and founded Turner & George, a specialty butcher shop. And he just came out with his latest book, “Prime: The Beef Cookbook.” Who better to ask about cooking steak at home?

Here are the seven top mistakes people make that leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Very easy really so do go HERE

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