So done with GAB dot AI

Gab dot ai was to be, in the start, some sort of alternative to twitter in that it would only be for conservatives. So I got on the list to be able to get in and after a few weeks, I did get in.

And was good as twitter, only for conservatives.

Then fuck gab, they wanted money to be a pro, money to stay in business, and they somehow allowed nazis, anti semites (too many jew and Israel haters now), lefties and clintonians to seep in (sure the tap will open full out if these putrid types pay to be a pro!).

Anyways, came to this decision a few minutes ago when it hit me that people on gab do not like to actually read or go to articles and blogs. This is because of testing I have done in the past few days and I discovered that those on gab do not bother coming to this blog.

So if you are on gab, I aint! And no great loss to me, as I quit twitter, number of forums, and stopped reading a lot of blogs/sites (separate rant on why may come up) and discovered I do not need to waste my time on any of them.

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