Something You Won’t Ever See Black Lives Matter Teaching

There could be highly rational people advocating under the banner of BLM but where are they? All we’ve seen from them, often filtered through the left-wing media is dangerously irrational. We can easily establish that black lives matter do not care about all black lives, if they did they would talk about the problems plaguing black communities and they would not want law enforcement removed. So if it’s not about all black people, then we focus on their one and arguably only narrative – ‘racist cops slaughtering innocent blacks for fun.’ Here’s the problem, in majority of police shooting cases, the use of force is legitimate. There are cases where there is no reason for firing their weapon and those police officers have been charged. If you resist arrest though, attack a cop or try to grab his gun as Michael Brown did for example, it is only rational for him to believe that you are dangerous and you intend on seriously harming him. What other reason is there for you to physically resist arrest?

The thing we have to understand is, each of these cases are totally unlike the other and it’s important to differentiate from one another instead of painting them all under ‘another racist cop kills a black.’ Even the video recordings can be profoundly misleading because some start after the shooting occurred and some don’t show you what the cops themselves saw and so you can’t really judge whether it was irrational for them to feel that their lives were in danger. When we have BLM rioting over a black guy who was shot while reading a book when in reality the book was clearly a gun, we know evidence matters little when it comes to BLM who are so desperate for their narrative to be true. Many of them ignore the fact that blacks are 18.5 times more likely to shoot and kill a police officer than be killed by an officer himself. The police know this, if anyone’s life is consistently in danger, it’s the cops. They get shot and killed at traffic stops, they get shot and killed while asking questions, they are always expecting the worst and with very good reason.

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