Star Trek Insignia Pasties

Amazing gold bridal satin with black rhinestone trim fashioned into the shape of the iconic sci-fi insignia.
These pasties run long due to the nature of the design.

All items are made to order and usually shipped out in a couple of days!

Gothfox Designs pasties are made with a soft suiting fabric backing made of Rayon and Cotton and NEVER FELT so you will not get little fuzzies stuck to your ta-tas.
Hand crafted with love, care and attention to detail all of my pasties are re-useable and should last you many years.
All pasties are cupped to curve with your breast for optimal fit and can easily be applied with Double sided fashion tape (toupe tape) for bedroom use, and eyelash glue, spirit gum or latex adhesive for stage use. (not included)
Gothfox Designs is committed to making a quality product at an affordable price

Couture pasties are made with the busy burlesque starlet in mind designed to last a lifetime or more! heavy duty construction and fabric glued into place with amazing attention to detail goes into each pair. These cost more but are worth the extra ‘bang’ for your buck.

***Please note your size in check out***

All pasties are available in 4 sizes
Standard Sizes Approximate :
Xsm 1.75″ / Sm 2.25″ / Med 2.5″ /Lrg 3″ Diameter

US – Priority Mail
International – First Class Air Mail

Model: Miss Voodoo Valentine
Photography: Andy Silvers
Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

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Woman falls off pier while texting:

A Benton Harbor, Michigan woman took a short walk off St. Joseph ‘s South Pier yesterday, straight into Lake Michigan. She was reportedly engrossed in a text message.

Police and rescue crews arrived at the scene around 9:30 PM to find 45-year-old Bonnie Miller and another woman, who had jumped in to save Miller, treading water. They were both pulled out safely, but no word on what became of the phone.



(The Hill) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) attacked House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Tuesday for his demand that Senate leaders drop a pending amendment to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im).

“I’m sorry to say that, true to form, the Republican leader [is] once again spoiling for a fight where there shouldn’t be a fight,” said Reid. “Yesterday House Majority Leader Cantor called this bill that we’re dealing with here to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank a ‘partisan amendment.’  [...]

But Reid, on Tuesday, countered that the amendment enjoys bipartisan support from members like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who called it a “good idea” and said Cantor was simply “picking a fight” with his comments.

“We can engage in yet another unnecessary, unproductive battle as Cantor is picking a fight,” said Reid. “We’re not — he’s challenged a fight. We’re not going to fight.”

A vote on two amendments that would extend the borrowing limit of the Ex-Im Bank and a vote on the underlying legislation are set to begin in the Senate after 4 p.m. on Tuesday.


A response to the Democrat ad showing Paul Ryan throwing grandma off a cliff: Get the whole truth on how Obamacare will impact the health and welfare of your loved ones at


Look at this ows poster…..NO CHORES! hahahahahhaha….guess they don’t want to help mom and dad that day by not making their bed?

Occupy Wall Street, largely forgotten over the last few months, aims to make a comeback from this winter’s hibernation with an ambitious plan: a crippling May Day “general strike” in the tradition of 1930s radicalism.

The grand promise is what one occupier, Brendan Burke, described to BuzzFeed as “a day without the 99%.” But in the city where the movement was born, it’s already suffering from what has emerged as one of Occupy’s signal weaknesses, the lack of ability or interest to make alliances with liberal institutions. Despite public solidarity, there’s little relationship between the Occupy movement and organized labor. And as a result, even the most progressive New York labor leaders say their members will not participate in the May 1 strike.

“It won’t happen,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and one of the first labor leaders to embrace the Occupy movement. “They are not working with the unions in a serious way yet; nor are the unions working with them in a serious way. And it is the wrong strategy.”

“I think the concept is a great one but the reality is very tough,” said Arthur Cheliotes, the President of Local 1180, Communications Workers of America and a stalwart of the New York left.

Even Transit Workers Union Local 100, the New York City subway union with a tradition of being one of the most radical mainstream unions in the country, won’t take a side.

“I don’t think we’d take a position on that,” said Cheska Tolentino, a TWU Local 100 organizer in New York, whose union is still paying the price for a 2005 strike courts ruled illegal.

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Ryan slashes deficits by $3.26 trillion vs Obama — Washington Examiner

House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., this morning unveiled an updated budget proposal aimed at overhauling Medicare and Medicaid, reforming the tax code and putting the nation on a sustainable fiscal path.

If implemented, the plan would reduce deficits by $3.26 trillion from 2013 through 2022 relative to President Obama’s budget, according to the Congressional Budget Office, while averting massive tax hikes. [...]

Compared with the CBO baseline, which, among other things, assumes all Bush tax rates will expire and that Congress will actually go through with steep scheduled cuts to physicians payments under Medicare, Ryan’s budget would add $240 billion to deficits over the decade. Yet compared to Obama’s budget, Ryan would reduce spending by $5.3 trillion and taxes by $2 trillion, for $3.26 trillion in deficit reduction. Compared to his own budget from last year, public debt would be $1 trillion less by 2021.

But Ryan’s key Medicare reform doesn’t kick in until 2023, meaning that the major cost savings only come over time. Under a scenario in which the CBO assumes Congress will continue making policy as they have in the past, debt would rise to a staggering 194 percent of GDP by 2040. By way of comparison, Greece, which recently defaulted on its debt, had a debt to GDP ratio of 165 percent in 2011. Yet under Ryan’s reform, that number would be 38 percent. By 2050, the CBO model breaks down, but Ryan’s plan reduces debt as a share of the economy to 10 percent.



More absurd fear mongering from the democrats. As usual whenever anyone comes up with something that works better than their plan.

Democrats: Ryan budget ‘a breach of faith’, hurts women — WaPo

As expected, Democrats voiced strong objections Tuesday to the House GOP budget proposal, saying it violates the agreement established during last summer’s debt negotiations, destroys the current Medicare system and would be harmful to women.

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) told reporters that Ryan’s plans to repeal elements of the health law “is a political thing on the part of the Republicans, but it has real consequences for real people, whether you’re a senior, whether you’re a child, whether you’re a woman, whether you’re a small business, where small businesses can get tax credits toward providing health care. There are consequences.”

The lawmakers also blasted Ryan’s plans regarding Medicare, which proposes to cap spending on future retirees, offering them a set amount with which to purchase private health insurance on newly created federal insurance exchanges.

Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.), who worked for two decades as a nurse, said the plan would adversely affect women. “More women live longer and are more dependent on this benefit and they are very much interested in how we protect Medicare.”

Reviving a line of argument successfully used for political gain by Democrats in recent weeks, the lawmakers said Ryan’s plan is just the latest in a series of measures designed to strip women’s rights.

“The Republican majority that has now won the House are again and again proposing extreme and divisive legislation targeted at women’s health,” Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) said.

“The level of these attacks on women’s health that we’ve seen make a lot of us wonder whether we’re in the dark ages or in fact whether we’re in the 21st Century,” she added.

Anticipating the Democratic line of attack, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) — the highest-ranking House Republican — said Democratic focus on the so-called “War on Women” is an attempt to distract and scare voters.


We all know that Obama and Clinton will not diss their asshole buddies in Europe.

QUESTION: Speaking of Gaza, do you have — there’s been some outrage in Israel over some comments that were made by your good friend [and EU foreign minister] Baroness Ashton (ph) in which she appeared to equate the situation in Gaza with the killing of children and teachers outside of this Jewish school in Toulouse.

Do you have any comment on that? Do you see her comments as making an — as drawing — I don’t know what the right word is — is being as — making — trying to show an equivalency between the situation in Toulouse — between what happened in Toulouse and the situation in Gaza?

State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland: Well, I think you know that we made our own statements from the White House and from here on how we see the situation in Toulouse and our condolences obviously and our concerns. I’m obviously not going to get between two sets of allies on this issue

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