Caterpillar Says It Will Not Build New North American Plant in Illinois

You got to love this one, the home state of our president, the state that wants to raise and raise the taxes of businesses and individuals, gets told that a new factory will be build anywhere but there! Yes, it is Illinois, the bankrupt state, run by liberals, who think raising taxes will get more money in and they will be able to pay their bills.

Would this mean that Obama’s hope and change is: “poor and broke” will now be “miserable and bankrupt”? Like he is trying to do to our country?

The Fruits of a Liberal Policy:

A stunning new report by the Illinois Policy Institute revealed how Illinois lost one resident every 10 minutes during the past fifteen years. As Illinois lost residents to migration the state also lost out on a net of $26 billion in taxable income to out-migration from 1995 to 2010.

Now this…
Caterpillar Inc. announced that it would not be building its new North American plant in Illinois. Finance reported:

Caterpillar Inc. will not be building its new North American plant anywhere in the state of Illinois, officials with the company told local leaders Tuesday, with part of the reason being continued concerns about the business climate in the state.

The company will instead focus on a location closer to its division headquarters in Cary, N.C., Peoria County officials were told in an email sent to them shortly after the close of business and later obtained by the Journal Star. The plant stood to bring with it from Japan roughly 1,000 jobs manufacturing track-type tractors and mini hydraulic excavators.

Peoria County had submitted a regional proposal for the facility at the end of last year, and the Galesburg area also had a proposal on the table for the manufacturer. Peoria’s proposal reportedly included economic incentives as well as a promise of a legislative effort to establish a tax increment financing district to benefit the company.

At its core, Caterpillar’s decision reflects some concerns its officials had previously expressed about the economic condition of the Land of Lincoln.

“Please understand that even if your community had the right logistics for this project, Caterpillar’s previously documented concerns about the business climate and overall fiscal health of the state of Illinois still would have made it unpractical for us to select your community for this project,” the letter reads in part. “Caterpillar intends to continue calling for long-term changes in Illinois and to offer help to the state as it works toward real and fundamental reforms that will position communities like yours to compete for future projects.”

Peoria County Administrator Lori Curtis Luther, County Board Chairman Tom O’Neill and Galesburg Mayor Sal Garza could not be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

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Obama as Henry VIII, he’ll “accommodate” Catholic concerns, for now

From WyBlog

[Via Laughing Conservative]

Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate problem isn’t going away. If anything, the backlash is building as more people realize just how much of a power grab it really is. Because what Obama is doing here isn’t limited to this one assault on our religious freedom. Oh no. He’s assuming the role of America’s Henry VIII, and dictating to the Church how it will operate. Or else.

If the contraceptive mandate stands what’s to stop him from sending the EEOC into our seminaries to force the ordination of women priests?

If the contraceptive mandate stands what’s to stop him from requiring Catholic priests to perform gay marriage ceremonies? (You’ll note that his Administration has already imposed that requirement on the Methodists of Ocean Grove, NJ.)

If the contraceptive mandate stands what’s to stop him from ordering our private schools to cease teaching that homosexuality is a sin and abortion is murder?

It’s not just Catholics who should fear Barack Hussein Tudor. Orthodox Jews separate men from women in their synogogues. Will his power-mad feminist advisors let that religious requirement continue?

I doubt it. They’re on a roll.

So word is there’s some sort of “accommodation” in the works.

The move, based on state models, will almost certainly not satisfy bishops and other religious leaders since it will preserve the goal of women employees having their birth control fully covered by health insurance.

He won’t roll back the mandate, he’ll just shift the costs.

Uh, so the administration response will be tell insurers for religious organizations to take on the costs themselves without passing it along to the religious organizations that pay for the policies? Religious organizations whose doctrines oppose birth control are not going to buy insurance policies that cover it — nor should the government be forcing them to do so.

Does anyone here believe this “accommodation” will survive for 5 minutes after (God forbid!) Obama is re-elected?

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The DNC convention in Charlotte, NC, will feature ONE MILLION DOLLAR TICKETS!!

Chuck Woolery Takes Questions From ‘Barack,‘ ’Hillary’ & ‘Nancy’ on the Impending ‘Zombie Apocalypse’


Blame Whitey time from this idiot!

Former Red Sox pitcher Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd admitted on Wednesday that two-thirds of the time he was on the mound, he was under the influence of cocaine.

“Oh yeah, at every ballpark. There wasn’t one ballpark that I probably didn’t stay up all night, until four or five in the morning, and the same thing is still in your system,” Boyd told WBZ NewsRadio 1030?s Jonny Miller in Fort Myers, Fla. “It’s not like you have time to go do it while in the game, which I had done that.

“Some of the best games I’ve ever, ever pitched in the major leagues I stayed up all night; I’d say two-thirds of them,” said Boyd, who spent eight of his 10 major league seasons with the Red Sox. “If I had went to bed, I would have won 150 ballgames in the time span that I played. I feel like my career was cut short for a lot of reasons, but I wasn’t doing anything that hundreds of ball players weren’t doing at the time; because that’s how I learned it.”
Boyd, who went 78-77 with 799 career strikeouts with the Red Sox, Expos and Rangers, said he received support from some teammates, but not all.


Boyd explained why he believes he got a worse reputation than some others.

“The reason I caught the deep end to it is because I’m black. The bottom line is the game carries a lot of bigotry, and that was an easy way for them to do it,” Boyd said. “If I wasn’t outspoken and a so-called a ‘proud black man,’ maybe I would have gotten the empathy and sympathy like other ballplayers got that I didn’t get; like Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Steve Howe. I can name 50 people that got third and fourth chances all because they weren’t outspoken black individuals.”

I remember “Oil Can’ Boyd.

Turns out he was stoned most every time he pitched.

What our military can expect once Obamacare fully kicks in:

Medic! – watch more funny videos


“In many ways they are just like the Tea Party protesters.” — Barack Obama

Via Miami New Times:

On Tuesday, January 31, hundreds of cops forcibly shut down Occupy Miami’s tent city at Government Center, ending nearly four months of protests. But instead of heading home, dozens of protesters mysteriously migrated to a half-empty apartment building in Overtown. Apparently with the permission of the building’s owner — an enigmatic Occupy Miami member who has changed his name to Sr. Paz, or Mr. Peace — they have taken the doors off of 26 units, spray-painted Anarchy signs on walls, and re-established “Peace City.” Rent-paying tenants, however, claim the protesters have only brought noise, drugs, and filth. “They poop on the walls!” says Sharene Odho. “It’s like we live in a huge crack house now.”. . .


Daily Caller:

Protesters at Friday’s “Occupy CPAC” event, organized by AFL-CIO and the Occupy DC movement, told The Daily Caller that they were paid “sixty bucks a head” to protest outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

One protester told TheDC that all the “Occupy” activists were being paid to protest, and that his union, Sheet Metal Workers Local 100, approached him about the money-making opportunity.