Don’t Believe the Pipe

I am basically at a loss on this one. I was just searching (fun to search for dumb things, like pipes) and came across this image. So I searched further and found a link full of these images. Anyways, check it out at the link below the picture.

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Report: Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters.

Adam Jacobi fired from CBS for premature Joe Paterno death story.

Tweets still must flow – Twitter develops a way to censor tweets by country, depending on a given nation’s set of laws. For example, Germany forbids pro-Nazi content. The alternative is to stay out of some countries altogether. Twitter hasn’t used this, but if they do, you’ll see it here.

Tim Cook responds to claims of factory worker mistreatment: “We care about every worker in our supply chain” – Apple’s CEO, in response to a lengthy piece in the NYTimes about conditions in Chinese factories that make Apple’s products, says in a letter to employees that his company has a program training workers on their rights and safety.

Polish Politicians Don Guy Fawkes/Anonymous Masks To Protest ACTA Signing and European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, And Denounces The ‘Masquerade’ Behind ACTA

President John Tyler’s grandson is still alive, thinks Newt Gingrich is a jerk.

5 Famous People Who Succeeded Long After They Should’ve Quit.


What debate? He’s pushing text book class warfare. End of story.

(Chicago Tribune) — President Obama said Friday that one of the biggest fights he will wage on the campaign trail is the GOP criticism that his tax proposals amount to “class warfare.”

Nothing against the wealthy, Obama said, “everybody wants to be rich.” The question is, he said, whether the nation is offering opportunity to all.

“We’re going to have a robust debate about whose vision is more promising [for] moving this country forward,” Obama said.


The left’s logical case for abortion rights had officially collapsed.  We can thank CNN’s Piers Morgan for administering last rites when he resorted to the tired, sensationalized, “Yeah, well, what if your daughter was raped?” argument with Rick Santorum in a televised interview.

…you see virtually no liberal willing to speak to the most fundamental question of the entire controversy: the humanity of what is in the womb.  They simply declare any discussions of humanness, biology, and personhood rights to be above their pay grade, and thereby dismiss themselves from any expectation or obligation to answer questions that would expose their logical bankruptcy.  Instead, they set the parameters of the debate, and draw conservatives into wildly emotional exchanges that inflame passions rather than engage intellects.


Morgan’s disgraceful retreat from sound logic to the manipulative playground of emotion-driven passions is as transparent as it is embarrassing.  This question is designed not to reveal any truth in the abortion debate, but rather, it is a tactical scheme made for the cameras in which the liberal questioner puts the conservative respondent in a corner.  If Santorum says he would deny his daughter’s pleas, he looks like the cold and heartless goon that Morgan believes him to be.  If he says he would relent and allow his daughter an abortion, he surrenders his moral high ground and appears a hypocrite.

And though Santorum answered the question effectively, stating that he “would do what every father must do…try to counsel your daughter to do the right thing,” there’s a greater point to be made here.  Liberal politicians never have to answer such outrageous emotionalism in their interviews.  Can you imagine, for example, Barack Obama being called on his condemnation of former President Bush’s advanced interrogation techniques with this challenge: “If Sasha and Malia were kidnapped and were being held and brutally tortured by terrorists, and we captured one of their accomplices who had knowledge of their secret hideout, would you not authorize any force necessary to get your girls back?”  Can you fathom the outcry against such a loaded, sensationalized question?

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People Should Replace Their Drudge Bookmark and Blogroll Spot With This Aggregator…BadBlue

And go there daily!


Talk about spouting bullshit!

President Obama seemed to admit that his State of the Union (SOTU) speech ran too long, as he acknowledged to House Democrats that they “had to suffer through” the event, before recapping the State of the Union in 40 minutes less time than the original.

“You already had to suffer through a relatively long speech from me this week, so I’m not going to speak too long,” Obama said at the House Democratic Retreat today. “What I wanted to do, first of all, was just say thank you [for your public service].”

Obama empathized with “how much your heart bleeds when you see constituents are going through a tough time.” …

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Justice Dept. to SCOTUS on Obamacare: Don’t overturn entire law


Okay, got my final form from the OPM today about what I get each month for my postal pension. It lists my gross amount, then line by line what is deducted from that to end up with the net amount I actually get each month. Yes, the even take out of my retirement a portion for federal income tax! Geesh.

Anyways, the raise I got on the COLA for this year? That was eaten up real fast by the increase in my health benefits plan! Geesh again!

So now, barring some crap by our president or one of his czars or agencies, I know what I will get each month this year.