Want to Know What the CAIR Bears Been Up to This Week?


Last month, WordPress.com declared war on the brave little site that is BareNakedIslam.com — which delivers an unflinching and relentless look at what “the religion of peace” (which is neither religious nor peaceful, and is in actuality a militarized ideological cult predicated on world domination and the forced capitulation of all non-Muslims) is up to on a daily basis.  WordPress.com deleted the site because Muslims threatened to murder WordPress staff for offending Islam if it didn’t — and like the media companies who bow whenever Muslims make similar threats to censor political cartoons or news reports that give accurate depictions of Islam, WordPress.com folded into dhimmihood.

Since then, the remarkable people behind BareNakedIslam found a new home and have continued to do what they do better than almost anyone except Pamela Geller — yanking back the “religion of peace” curtains and exposing what Islam’s really about and what it’s up to in the patient chess game for dominance that it’s playing with the West (while idiots in the Tolerant Left here in this country delusionally pretend Muslims are engaged in “murder-is-just-a-misunderstanding!” Candyland).

Islam really and truly does want to kill you — and it would today if it could, unless you submit to dhimmihood and bow and scrape before a would-be caliphate.

I think a website that provides up-to-the-minute intelligence reports on the people who want to kill you is too important not to visit regularly, so BareNakedIslam is one of the first stops of my day, every day.  Reading it is like having  a classified dossier dropped into your lap of everything the Tolerant Left doesn’t want you to know about the greatest existential threat this country (and the entire free world) faces.

This was taken from HERE. Do go there and finish reading this entire article. Plus of course going not just now, but every day to BareNakedIslam. I do.


Is this stupid taken to the nth power?

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (CN) – A college student claims he was injured when a fraternity member in a “drunken stupor” decided “that it would be a good idea to shoot bottle rockets out of his anus,” and did so, “but instead of launching, the bottle rocket blew up in the defendant’s rectum, and this startled the plaintiff and caused him to jump back,” and fall off the fraternity’s deck.
Louis Helmburg III sued The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Inc., of Huntington, West Virginia, and Travis Hughes, a fraternity member, in Cabell County Court.
Helmburg claims – in a statement it would be difficult to deny – that “firing bottle rockets out of one’s own anus constitutes an ‘ultra-hazardous’ activity,” which exposes both defendants to strict liability.
Helmburg says he suffered pain and medical expenses, and lost playing time on the Marshall University baseball team. He claims the Alpha Tau deck from which he fell lacked a railing, which violated Huntington building codes.

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(Telegraph) — The alleged terrorist mastermind behind the July 7 London bombings is reported to have been freed from a Syrian jail by President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Abu Musab al-Suri had been held in Syria for six years after being captured by the CIA in 2005 and transported to the country of his birth under its controversial extraordinary rendition programme.

But he is now said to have been released as a warning to the US and Britain about the consequences of turning their backs on President al-Assad’s regime as it tries to contain the uprising in the country.

Al-Suri, also known as Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, was al-Qaeda’s operations chief in Europe and has been accused of planning the London bombings, in which four British-born terrorists detonated three bombs on the Underground and another on a bus, killing 52 people and injuring more than 700 others in 2005.

In a statement released after the attacks, al-Suri said: “[In my teachings] I have mentioned vital and legitimate targets to be hit in the enemy’s countries … Among those targets that I speci?cally mentioned as examples was the London Underground. [Targeting this] was and still is the aim.”

A mechanical engineer, he is also wanted in Spain in connection with the Madrid train bombings in 2004, which left 191 dead, and for links to an attack on the Paris Metro in 1995.

A judge has also ordered his arrest with other members of a Spanish terror cell that helped prepare the way for the September 11 attacks in 2001 on New York and Washington.

With his red hair, green eyes, pale features and trimmed beard, Syrian-born al-Suri was able to easily pass as a European and plot some of al-Qaeda’s worse atrocities.

Married to a Spanish woman, he spent three years in London in the 1990s, before moving to Afghanistan to run two of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist training camps where he began experimenting with chemical weapons and set up sleeper cells in Europe.

While in this role, he conceived the plan to attack the London transport system and may have met some of the British-born suicide bombers led by Mohammad Sidique Khan when they are believed to have visited terrorist train camps in Pakistan.

Al-Suri, who had a £3 million US State Department bounty on his head, was reportedly captured in Pakistan in November 2005 and handed to the CIA.

(oh well, he will soon be joined by those that obama is going to release to the taliban, the first of many)


Now that the Florida Primary is over and we have seen how effective a carpet bombing campaign of negative ads can be, I thought it would be interesting to see exactly who provided the ammunition to each of the combatants. By ammunition I mean money, lots of money. I expected to see what we all knew to be true; Romney has the run of a well-stocked military base’s ammo dump, Newt Gingrich is a kid in the back yard who found his dads stash of illegal firecrackers.


Of what the OpenSecrets.org defines as “Small Individual Contributions” Gingrich took in $6,260,961 compared to Romney’s $5,232,273. Not a huge lead that Gingrich has over Romney at first look. What is significant is the percentage of the total amount that these contributions are relative to the total amount of money raised by each candidate. For Gingrich Small Individual Contributions make up 49% of the total rose. For Romney, only 9%.

Armed with this knowledge, one can draw many conclusions and come away with as many questions. I will ask the obvious. Knowing that Small Individual Donors only comprise of 9% of Romney’s total contribution intake, exactly how much influence can the little guy or gal have on the man’s politics? It’s not as if Romney needs us. In fact, if one looks at how the Romney Campaign and the Republican Establishment treat its conservative base, they act as if they have come to the same conclusion as well.

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