Holy Chimichangas! We Joined a Gym!

That’s so right! A new gym opened up in St. Charles, just about 5 miles from here. So wife said, we will join or I will join! This morning, off we went to the gym. Signed up and paid for two people for a month (hey, cheap really at $35 for two per month).

Scoped it all out of course, to see what parts and machines there I will not touch! Like anything to do with weights, or any machine that looks like it will kill me. That means I stick with the treadmills and the bicycles (spent time on one of the bicycles and did almost 4 miles before I quit, because after all, my legs are needed to haul me around).

But the best thing they have? And you had best believe I was on it until wife was ready to go. That was the big massage chair! I had that sucker tilted back as far as it would do, and the setting of full total pound the hell out of my back! Oh, my back appreciated that so much! Wife told me, I can not go there every day and just sit there, that I must do all other machines and ropes and balls and other various torture devices to help me lose weight, tone up the body, and so forth. But that may be my total plan!

Thus now, every morning, off we will go for about an hour in the gym.

Plus now the Casey’s in there is back to being open (closed for a bit for redesign, etc.). One thing they have now is they make pizzas to go. Way better pizzas than Kum & Go or other pizza places around here.

After that, drove down to Osceola to the Pilot Auto and Truck Stop next to Lakeside Casino and filled the van up with some precious unleaded gas. The real stuff, not the ethanol blend. Only $3.29 per gallon, cheapest anywhere within 50 miles at least.


Well, here’s one way to drum up business in a crappy economy..




One point about the Obama Administration is significant but has been little remarked on — the global failure of its foreign policies. These failures have taken different forms in different parts of the world, but looking at the big picture one fact is obvious: Obama’s leftism and denigration of the U.S. does not appear to have won the U.S. a single friend even among leftist and anti-U.S. regimes and individuals.

One cannot call this Obama’s own failure with certainty, because his personal agenda, if any, remains a mystery. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the most left-wing U.S. President ever, and a far-left Secretary of State, have failed to modify the anti-Americanism of any significant left-wing government or movement anywhere is the world.

Some years ago Irving Wallace wrote a novel, The Man, about an Afro-American becoming president through a series of accidents. Within a few months his resolute Statesmanship had crowds in Africa cheering the U.S. Flag. It hasn’t exactly worked out like that.

There was some hope at the time of Obama’s inauguration that his administration might lead to a softening of relations with Iran. Instead relations have moved to the verge of war. In Egypt Mubarak has been removed with Obama’s encouragement — now 19 American NGO workers, who has been teaching civics unmolested under Mubarak have been arrested and it has been announced that they will be put on trial. The aim is plainly a break in relations with the U.S. It is also reported that Egypt is again allowing arms shipments into Gaza. Influential figures in the new Egyptian Government have been telling the U.S. they no longer want its aid despite the fact Egypt’s precious tourism industry has been wrecked. Does this mean they are looking to a resumption of Russian aid? And don’t forget he’s managed to alienate Israel as well. Could the “Arab Spring” have been handled better from the US point of view? It is impossible to say, but it is hard to imagine how it could have been handled worse.

The crazy states of North Korea and Venezuela have not modified their behavior in the slightest since Obama succeeded Bush, except perhaps to get a bit crazier. Hugo Chavez raves against Obama as incoherently as he did against Bush and is increasing the systematic violation of human rights.

The same goes for Putin’s Russia. We all know that it was Ronald Reagan who converted the Russia of Gorbachev and Yeltsin from the supreme enemy into, at least temporarily, something like a friend, and did so without compromising, but on the contrary by reaffirming, U.S. principles.

It is China, not the U.S., that is increasingly penetrating the wealthier parts of Africa. Gaddafi, before he was overthrown and murdered, gave some signs of moving towards rationality and a friendlier stance. His successors’ position is ambiguous.

And what about Obama’s Whacko scheme to turn NASA into a feel-good psychotherapeutic agency to make Muslims feel better about their lack of achievements in modern science? I haven’t exactly noticed any Muslim gratitude.

The list goes on and on, but at the bottom line, it appears Obama and Clinton have not won the U.S. the friendship of as much as a single Somalian goat-herd.

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This is sure to piss off the women! Hahahahahhahaa….


Fornication Nation


Today’s must-read is Sex-Maniac Nation by Lisa Fabrizio:

Of all the hubbub rightly surrounding the healthcare mandate handed down from the imperial throne of Barack Obama, one aspect of this issue has not been sufficiently discussed: the disturbing fact that sex has now made its way into nearly all aspects of American life. Many have written of the clash between First Amendment rights and those who would seek to curb them, while others have debated the moral evils of abortion, but few have sought to plumb the cause of it all: our national descent into the sexual gutter.

Without doubt or question, sex rules our airwaves, satellites, and all the forms of human communication that compose our leisure time. The subject of sex dominates our children’s education and overflows into the fields of sports, music, and the so-called arts. It is indeed impossible to watch or listen to any form of entertainment without being bombarded with direct or indirect references to, or advertisements for, sex; its attainment, its glorification, or the improvement of its “performance.” [. . .]

Yes, sex has overtaken the common sense of otherwise sober Americans and now even intrudes itself into our government, via the despotic mandates of legislation that was unwanted by the majority of its citizens and blatantly unconstitutional. One wonders what our Founding Fathers would have thought if confronted with the fact that in 21st century America, sexual license would be included in the list of freedoms and inalienable rights to be protected and even funded by our government.

Welcome to fornication nation, where the “right” to unfettered sexual gratification trumps all others, where the pursuit of happiness is no longer possible without “free” government-mandated contraceptives for all. And where the way to appeal to voters is to pretend that the opponent is threatening that sacred “right,” and to deny the real rights, and even the existence, of dissenters.

As a culture, we’ve gone so far down this road that it’s hard to imagine how we can possibly turn it around. With all due respect, even conservatives are appalled by Rick Santorum’s argument, taken straight from millennia-old Christian teaching, that sex is sacred and, in his word, “special,” and that to treat it otherwisewill lead to exactly what Ms. Fabrizio describes (and what Pope Paul VI predicted with perfect accuracy back in 1968). But when a public person points these things out as critical societal issues, he’s intruding “into our bedrooms.” So it can’t be discussed, even though these are the values most of us were raised with and that served, until recently, as the bedrock of American society.

But who has really intruded into our bedrooms, living rooms, and every other nook and cranny of our daily lives? Progressives and the entertainment industry, who have so saturated the culture with sexual content that our children are positively marinating in it. They can’t get through a day at school, at home, or even a visit to the grocery store without losing another little piece of their innocence.

Ms. Fabrizio lists the fruits of our liberation from the shackles of traditional morality: “pederasty, pornography, social disease, the objectification of women, and generations of fatherless children.” She adds that motherhood and marriage have been denigrated. Can anyone deny that this is what’s taken place? And can anyone argue that this is good for our children?

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Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) questioned the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, to find out what he knew about his department telling contractors to lie about job loss estimates from his proposed rewrite of the Stream Buffer Zone Rule. This proposed rewrite could cost almost 30,000 direct and indirect coal jobs.



Latest footwear for anyone taking an Italian cruise ship…

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Hahahaha…just saw this and had to post it! Link to this is HERE (much more there)


In Tampa a school invited CAIR to come talk about the religion of peace piss.

Parents were angry as hell!

I don’t blame them.

Especially considering that if that school were to have invited a Mormon or an Amish or Mennonite the ACLU would be shittin’ kittens and CAIR would be suing.

Parents in Tampa are the latest to protest school officials inviting a controversial Muslim civil liberties advocacy group to speak to students.

Dozens of people showed up at a Hillsborough County school board meeting Tuesday night to complain that a member of Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, spoke to history students at Steinbrenner High School last fall. They cited the group’s past connection to a terror financing case involving the terrorist group Hamas. The group, which purports to promote diversity and tolerance of the religion, has met a similar reception in Texas and Georgia in recent years.

“We do not have a problem with Islamic groups speaking with students, but we do have an issue with a group that has ties to terrorism speaking,” Randall McDaniels, head of the Jacksonville Chapter of ACT for America, one of the groups actively seeking to stop CAIR members from speaking to students in public schools, told FoxNews.com

CAIR spokesman Corey Saylor dismissed the criticism as “fear-mongering.” Hassan Shibly, the Florida CAIR member who spoke to the students, said the parents are misguided.

“This hatred and animosity only shows the importance of reaching out to the community,” he said, “It’s insulting to the school and the students to think that one person can influence their beliefs. It’s misleading.”

The group, the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization, also has come under criticism for, among other reasons, being named by the Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terror financing case involving the Holy Land Foundation.


Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women.

Another funny! You must go HERE.


This is a disgrace and Obama is turning our country into a Banana Republic Dictatorship.

Obama Campaign Begins to Target Santorum

Saudi couple to be lashed for meeting in ‘dark place’  Okay for them to do this, as they do not pay attention to ACLU, Amnesty International, the UN and certainly not the USA

Top Congressional Foreign Policy Experts Beg Obama Not to Cut Israeli Missile Defense Funding


Now time for me to go and have a nice lunch. Probably either soup, or soup and sammich. Just whatever I find first that looks good to have right now.