We got our new glasses today and more

Last week we went to our optometrist for our yearly eye check up (okay, this one was 18 month checkup!). Today stopped in and for our new glasses. Well, my wife was first and she is not too happy. The little marker spots they put on the lenses to get the exact eye center? Well, the lady cleaned the lenses with alcohol. And that discolored the plastic frames! Horribly! From red to white spots. So wife did not get her glasses today. They are going to get hers in new frames and hopefully overnight them so we can go back tomorrow. Mine she did not clean with alcohol. I like them because the lenses do turn to a dark and darker shade of gray, depending on the sunlight. Plus my frames came in a metal case which looks neat.

Then it was to wally world to buy stuff we need, sayeth the wife. Which meant first a stop at the ladies department because my wife wanted to by another top just like the last one she bought a few weeks ago. Of course, now they were two for the price of one. Eventually though she picked out not one or two, but three tops she just loves. Now it was funny that they had like 6 big racks of ladies winter coats on sale for 1/2 price, but only 2 smaller racks of mens winter coats! Nothing I wanted and of course wife already bought a winter coat last december.

Then it was to the bathroom section! Wife, and this other woman there, took forever to select a shower liner and a shower curtain. Plus of course, wife wanted new shower hooks to hold the new curtains up. That took some time to get everything just right. And when my wife said, got it, I thought that was the end of it. Heck no! Then it was to the towel section to find the right towels (bath and hand) to go with the new curtains plus like the curtains they would have to fit in with the carpet in the bathroom. Geesh…I counted 7 different shades of brown and it took her a long time to finally pick the shade she wanted. With the caveat that once we got home and she put it all together and it did not look right, she would bring whatever it was back the next day! But now that she has got everything up and placed the way she wants, she loves the way it all fits! Thank the heavens!

Of course while there, it was more groceries my wife says we need to survive. Then on to have chinese food for lunch. And bam! Stop at the grocery store on the way out! Yes, Fareway for even more groceries! Wife said, well you know the grandkids will be down this weekend. And I said, they can eat what we eat! hahahahhaha

This saturday morning, big family get together at the Machine Shed. Been some time since we all got together and had breakfast there, so a couple of weeks back, I put it on facebook that we need to meet. Last count, 54 of the family are in and will be there, but wife is going through the list again to break it down to adults and kids. And to make sure she counted right. Once she does this, I call the Machine Shed to reserve the tables. It will be fun to again meet up with many of the family.


Just to show you that I am not biased, that I do report the bad of the republicans, I give you this:

A republican Secretary of State (Indiana) was found guilty of voter fraud.


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Almost 100 city employees in D.C. are facing being fired for taking unemployment while at a city job.

Because it involves unionized government workers, don’t expect anything like that to happen.

But, really, how easy would it be to run a weekly scan of workers getting unemployment against the database of city employees? Surely it can’t be that difficult to export one file and import it into another to run a database query.

And it’s taken these stupid fucks THREE YEARS to run this investigation?


When you’re a union boss drawing down an annual $550,000 salary, then it’s OK to say life is not fair.

But woe be upon any conservative who dares to utter such a phrase.

Do a little math on that salary. A “union” boss. Which means hard-working blue collar types are paying his salary.

To do what? Get them 1% raises?

The math is this: $45,833 PER MONTH! $10,576 PER WEEK!! $264 PER HOUR!!!



In Australia a woman is drowning and rather than help, bystanders broke out their cell phones to record it.


Slick ad from BMW. Neat really.


This is an article by the NY Times on how the US lost out on the iPhone.   It’s pretty long but it explains why American manfacturing is moving to China and it has a lot more to do with than taxes and government regulations.

This is something that American workers can’t compete with and won’t do.   At one time, we used to call this something like “slavery”.


China’s going to surpass us.   Five years ago, a Chinese diesel powered Song class submarine surfaced in the middle of a US Carrier battle group on maneuvers in the Pacific.   The sub, undetected,  surfaced within striking distance of the USS Kitty Hawk.    Something like that should have shook us to the core as a nation but, alas, we’re cutting back our military in favor of social programs.