What is going on here with gasoline prices?

This morning we went to Des Moines. Our normal friday visit to our dear Aunt Louise. Cold, at 30F, and the van windows were all iced over. So I started the van and then cleared all the windows. Wife came out and got buckled up. And I backed up and got onto the street. There was my little buddy again, just sitting there in his usual spot. A rabbit! He loves to get under the van engine and just sit and/or lay there. He does not even bother to run away when I come out to the van for anything. Just waits until I back out and leave. Then he goes wherever he goes until I come back and park the van. Like now, went out to get some items out of the van and I just looked underneath and sure enough my buddy the rabbit is sitting there, looking at me looking at him (her?).

Anyways, the other day when we were in Osceola the price of gasoline was $3.05 per gallon. For about three weeks, it has been $3.08 per gallon down the street. Did not get gas either at Osceola or when leaving town this morning. My brilliant thinking, and this has been borne out many times in the past years, was that gasoline would be so much cheaper in Des Moines. WTH I said to my self and to my wife! The price of gas was at $3.17 per gallon at every station we passed by in Des Moines! Except at the LOVE station at I80/I35 and Hickman, it was $3.09 there. Well, after leaving Aunt Louise, decided (okay, forgot) to go to the LOVE but was in wrong lane and ended up on the IH. So continued on to Civic Mills, as usually in the past, the stations on that road like Casey’s are lower than in Des Moines proper. PFFT! Casey’s like the rest was at $3.17 per gallon. So just got twenty bucks worth (just over 6 gallons if you are keeping track here). And coming into town here? Still $3.08 at Kum & Go!

What is going on in this area when it comes to gasoline prices???

On the way up this morning, about just past the St Charles exit, started snowing. and by the Norwalk exit, it was coming down real heavy. But that all came to a stop when we got to the bypass and until we got to Aunt Louise, no more snow. Did start lightly coming down while at Aunt Louise’s but only for about 15 minutes. So we did not have to contend with snow at all. Whatever came down is gone. And 35F on the way home. And showing 37F right now here.

Aunt Louise is 99 years old. So you can say that she missed the boat on computers, etc. She is still amazed at the laptop and facebook and movies and pictures and everything. Well, today blasted her mind again! This time with the Kindle Fire. I took it out to play games. Aunt Louise she has used a nook ereader (did not like) so she thought I had just that and was reading a book. Showed her the game and how it worked and she was amazed again. Then I set up the Kindle Fire so it would recognize the wifi there (easy enough password for Calvin Manor). And bam! Aunt Louise was again amazed when my wife started showing her the pictures and movies from facebook. Aunt Louise said, what will they come up with next? Now the internet is in the air all around me. hahahahhahaha


This is freaking hilarious and you have to go to the site and get the full story!

Seems the execs at NBC, who do this on a daily basis (think about it), have had serious thoughts about contestants drinking donkey semen!




Obama Says Encounter With Arizona Gov. ‘Blown Out of Proportion’

President Obama denied in an exclusive interview with ABC News that he was “tense” in his airport tarmac encounter with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Wednesday, as she has described.
“I’m usually accused of not being intense enough, right,” he told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, laughing. “Too relaxed.”
Brewer said in an interview that the president was “somewhat thin-skinned and a little tense, to say the least” and that she was “shocked by the sternness of it all.” The president reportedly raised objections to Brewer’s description of their meeting in June, 2010, when he met her Wednesday.
In her 2011 book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” Brewer accused Obama of being “condescending” and “patronizing” and complained that she and her aides were treated coldly by White House staffers.
“I think it’s always good publicity for a Republican if they’re in an argument with me,” Obama said of their most recent meeting. “But this was really not a big deal. She wanted to give me a letter, asking for a meeting. And I said, ‘We’d be happy to meet.’
“Last time we met, she wasn’t fully satisfied. But, you know, I think this is a classic example of things getting blown out of proportion.”

(notice, he said she wasn’t fully satisfied. Can you imagine the liberal press letting a republican white guy pass by if this had been said of a woman, black or white?)