Don’t Join a Swingers Club

Good reason right here not to join a swingers club. And if you have to ask what a swingers club is, you spend too much time in prayer.

A German husband and wife filed a lawsuit against the TV channel RTL after their 15-year-old daughter spotted them in a report about a sex club for swingers.

The couple claim they were promised their faces would be blurred, but the production company failed to follow through. The judge assigned to the case threw it out after concluding that it would be inappropriate for the daughter to testify about what she saw.

He did order RTL to cover the pair’s legal expenses, and expressed his sympathies over the foul up. “I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes,” he is quoted as saying. “That’s simply embarrassing.”

(just simply embarassing? hahahahahaha…but how about the friends, the co-workers, the neighbors?)


Isn’t it odd that we have laws forcing us to recycle trash, or wear bicycle helmets, yet killing an unborn child is legal?


Hillary Clinton The New Face Of Genital Mutilation

Must read this and see her picture. Hilarious as hell!


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Now this is a neat idea! Maybe this can be done nationwide?

A New York City phone booth repurposed as a “communal library”/book drop by architect John Locke as part of his ongoing urban intervention project, the Department of Urban Betterment.

(sadly, more and more phone booths are going away.)


SALISBURY, NC – The Rowan County Commissioners open every meeting with a prayer. Vice-Chairman Carl Ford says it’s been that way since he can remember.

“I’m going to pray before the meetings and I’m going to pray in the name of Jesus because that’s my right,” said Ford.

In a letter to commissioners this week, the ACLU legal director writes, “These legislative prayers are explicitly sectarian and favor only one religion, Christianity.” It goes on to read, “…We have received more complaints about sectarian legislative prayer by the rowan county board of commissioners than any other local government in North Carolina…”

The letter comes after the U.S. Supreme Court chose to let a lower court’s ruling stand last month that bans sectarian prayer at meetings in Forsyth County.

Some residents say the ACLU is trying to block religious freedom.

“I think they should stand up for what they believe in and say we can pray if we want to, it’s not going to hurt anything. if you don’t like to pray, don’t pray,” said Tyle Kauffman, a Salisbury resident.

Ford says the board hasn’t received any complaints at their meetings and most board members stand with him to say they aren’t backing down.

By then, the they want new rules that do not include sectarian prayers in meetings. Some commisioners say that’s not going to happen.

“The ACLU doesn’t tell me how to pray and they can’t tell us as a board what to do. They didn’t elect us,” said Ford.

(aclu against god, but love allah! aclu fights christianity, yet defends the cult of mohammed)


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FBI Director Mueller secretly met on February 8 at FBI headquarters with a coalition of groups including various IslamoFascist and militant Arabic groups who in the past have defended Hamas and Hizballah. At this meeting, the FBI revealed that it had removed more than 1000 presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices around the country that was deemed “offensive to Muslims.”

The story is HERE.


(AP) — An adviser to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign says GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum went “well over the line” when he questioned Obama’s Christian values.

Robert Gibbs tells ABC’s “This Week” that it’s time “to get rid of this mindset in our politics that, if we disagree, we have to question character and faith.”

Gibbs says the country would be better served if presidential candidates focused instead on the economic challenges faced by the middle class.

Santorum said on Saturday that Obama’s agenda is tied to “some phony theology” not based on the Bible.

(see, the truth hurts! but no race card in this message. maybe later)