Our Government Hard at Work

Want to see our federal government hard at work? This will amaze you and keep you busy for probably no more than most federal employees will work today.



Did quite a bit today. Wife first had her hair appointment this morning (now, do I or have I ever made an appointment to get my hair done? Nope! I am man). Then we went to lunch and had a nice time enjoying the meal (never rush eating good food! bad food yes, but good food never). Then played the slots only long enough to go through a twenty dollar bill. Then to wally world. Buy some stuff my wife said we need, plus some stuff for our sister who needs her stuff. Then home. And yes, it is cold and windy outside! And supposed to get even worse tonight and tomorrow. Thus the need for food.


Look at this wild colorful picture for a bit:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD is stepping up their war against illegal guns, with a new tool that could detect weapons on someone as they walk down the street.
But is it violating your right to privacy?
Police, along with the U.S. Department of Defense, are researching new technology in a scanner placed on police vehicles that can detect concealed weapons.
“You could use it at a specific event. You could use it at a shooting-prone location,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS 2?s Hazel Sanchez on Tuesday.
It’s called Terahertz Imaging Detection. It measures the energy radiating from a body up to 16 feet away, and can detect anything blocking it, like a gun
And the idea is causing quite the uproar on both sides of the privacy issue.
“I think it’s good. People will be safer and it will be a safer environment,” Jessica Ramos said.
“If it’s going to make us safer as citizens I’m okay with that,” said Lori Sampson of Lake Ronkonkoma.
“I think it’s all about invading people’s lives more and more and more,” Antonio Gabriel said.
“It’s definitely a privacy issue, but it’s for our safety. So it’s just one of those things, a double-edged sword,” added Clarence Moore of Union, N.J.
Police Commissioner Kelly said the scanner would only be used in reasonably suspicious circumstances and could cut down on the number of stop-and-frisks on the street.
But the New York Civil Liberties Union is raising a red flag.
“It’s worrisome. It implicates privacy, the right to walk down the street without being subjected to a virtual pat-down by the Police Department when you’re doing nothing wrong,” the NYCLU’s Donna Lieberman said.
“We have involved our attorneys as we go forward with this issue. We think it’s a very positive development,” Kelly said.
People on the street have differing opinions on the price they’d be willing to pay for safety.
“There are a lot of cameras already here, so as people walk they’re being filmed. And most of the time they don’t know it,” said Jennifer Bailly of Jersey City.
“If they search you, you’re not giving consent, so they can do what they want, meaning they can use that as an excuse to search you for other means. I don’t think that’s constitutional at all,” Devan Thomas said.
“I don’t agree with it. I have the belief that if you forgoe some of your freedom then it’s not freedom at all,” added Erwin Morales of Hoboken.
“I think it’s good. I think if someone has something to hide and they’re going to worry about it, who cares?” Robert McDougall added.
The Department of Defense is also researching the Terahertz technology to detect suicide bombers wearing explosives.


It was that easy?

WASHINGTON – Two smoke bombs were apparently thrown over the White House fence as an “Occupy” protest grew feisty Tuesday evening, FOX News Channel reported.
The White House was put into partial lockdown as a result, after the devices were found on the North Lawn.
“Smoking objects” were found “near the North Portico,” an agent told Politico, although few other details were given. The Secret Service deployed a robot to check them out, FOX reported.
Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told FOX that officers were working with Park Police to investigate.
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(of course, if it was the tea party doing this, the liberal media would be all over this story, wanting people arrested and thrown in jail. But since it was just dirtbag occupiers, silence from MSM)


No wonder the leftist socialist scumsucking bottom feeding democrats and their sycophantic Kept-Whores in the media go all ape-shit whenever we talk about voter ID.

We say you need it to collect benefits so why not for voting?

Guess we were wrong!!

Over at The College Conservative, Sydney Phillips of Lee University has written a column about her experience applying for food stamps:

My recent excursion into the welfare system has left me scratching my head. Prior to writing and researching this project, my only impression of food stamps and similar welfare programs was that the credit only worked for certain items at certain stores and that an individual had to be in a particularly dire financial situation to receive such aid. I was wrong.

An EBT card works and looks like a debit card, but instead of the user withdrawing money from a checking account, the government prepays an amount of money it deems necessary for the user’s food expenditures. Several of my classmates have recently implemented the use of an EBT card for their groceries, and their involvement in the program immediately piqued my interest. To be honest, my natural first thought was: “I wonder if I qualify for free grocery money.” My immediate second thought was: “How do they qualify for free grocery money?” These students come from similar financial backgrounds as me, live in similar situations, and take the same amount of college credit hours that I do. Thus, my investigation began with a food stamp application, an interview request, and a trip to a place no one really wants to visit: the Department of Human Services.

I was informed by a very kind woman from the DHS that I would have to complete an interview to be considered for the program. The next morning, I was surprised to see the long line of people that trailed outside. When I reached the front of the line, I was informed that all of the interview spots were filled for the morning and that I’d have to call back later and complete my interview over the phone, which I did later that day. To be considered, I needed to submit my last four paychecks, one rent receipt, one utility bill from the previous month, and verification that I was a student worker on campus.

About a week later, I received a notice in the mail that the Department of Human Services had not received my employment verification and therefore could not review my case until I produced another pay receipt (which I could not produce, due to the fact that I’d only worked three weeks at my new job). I had essentially given up at this point. I didn’t need an EBT card; my investigation was merely an exercise in civic welfare accountability.

Approximately one month after I had received the first letter, another letter found its way to my mailbox from the Department of Human Services. I opened it up to find an EBT card with my name on it, instructions on how to activate and use the card, and the amount I could access on it per month – 200 dollars. Nothing followed-up my interview, other than the evidently pointless letter I received during the previous month. No one ever asked for a copy of my birth certificate or Social Security card, nor for my student identification card. I answered all of their questions truthfully, but how were they to know that I was who I said I was? Is it really this simple to obtain welfare benefits here in the United States?


A principal told the truth about how white students outperformed black students and because some parents got upset at hearing it, the prinicpal had to apologize.

How pathetic have we become when the truth is now offensive and must be witrhheld?

Are people like me who speak the truth about the failure of so many blacks to either raise their kids properly, demand they stay in school and do well, fail to take responsibility, prefer to be lazy and demand handouts……..am I a racist? Because it IS the truth.

A high school principal has sent out a letter apologising to parents and students for saying the school’s black students are ‘less smart’ according to a state report card issued this month, WREG reports.

Ted Horrell, the principal at Germantown High School in Tennessee, gave out the results of the school’s state report card, which breaks down standardized test scores by race and income. The aim of the assembly was to talk about how the school could close the achievement gap and introduce a new programme to help struggling students.

Instead it led to an outcry with those offended by the presentation questioning why Mr Horrell felt he needed to do it.

They argued it only created a greater divide with black students mocked for ‘being dumb.’

It prompted Mr Horrell to write: ‘I unintentionally offended a number of students on this campus.

‘I apologize to all the students and parents who were offended.’

Mr Horrell said that during assembly, he merely noted that certain groups of students are performing better than others.

‘I certainly didn’t say that white students are smarter than black students,’ he added.

But Germantown High parent Deborah Cannon was one of those who were offended.

She told WREG: ‘My daughter felt he presented this information to basically reflect the African-American students were all the reason the scores were down.’

One student, however, jumped to Mr Horrell’s defence. The unnamed student wrote in an email to WREG that ‘information is valuable,’ and that the principal just wanted to share the facts.

The student wrote: ‘As a student there, I do want to know how we are performing when it comes to standardized tests.

‘I think (based upon the reactions in the audience at the meeting) that once people were made aware of the data, they made judgments and did not fully listen to Dr. Horrell. The changes Dr. Horrell is making to GHS is to better the students.’


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