What Country Drinks the Most Wine?

Something I never think about! What country drinks the most wine. I like wine but it is not the drink of choice on a daily or even weekly basis here. And being here in Iowa? Withing 25 mile radius of where we live must be about 8 vineyards. So quite a lot of wine produced around here.

Vino anyone? It seems we have been drinking up — and often — as the U.S. has become the world’s biggest consumer of wine.

Statistics released at by Vinexpo and International Wine and Spirit Research (ISWR) showed the United States consumed the equivalent of 3.7 billion bottles of wine in 2011. Americans surpassed the traditional wine-guzzling nations: France, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Germany. China, which is one of the fastest growing markets, knocked England out of fifth place.

According to the New York Daily News, the ISWR predicts that over the next four years, the U.S. will increase its wine consumption by 10 percent. The wine industry is also keeping a close eye on China and Hong Kong. It is forecast that their combined consumption growth over that same period will reach 54 percent. But despite China’s population, the U.S. will remain the main market.

Per capita consumption is expected to jump as well. “By 2015, US consumers are expected to be drinking 13 liters per adult per year, while in China they should be drinking an average of 1.9 to 2.0 liters per adult,” reports the New York Daily News.

Not only are we drinking more wine, we’re drinking better quality wines. According to the report, sales of wine over $10 per bottle grew 14.7 percent. Robert Beynat, CEO of Vinexpo, told the New York Daily News, “Globally speaking, the world is — on average — drinking more and better.”

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As someone who has been in hospitals for various ailments and operations, and knowing a heck of a lot of our family and friend who have been in a hospital, I know that it does cost! But damn, if I got a bill like this? I would be foaming at the mouth and possibly end back in the hospital with a heart attack or something.

Patients don’t normally get sick once they’ve returned home from the hospital, but one New York resident said he almost became ill when he received a whopping $44.8 million bill from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center.

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And who in the world would buy an action Steve Jobs doll? I mean really! Sure there is a market for this, but what sane person would still buy one?

Remember the incredibly realistic (and incredibly unofficial) Steve Jobs action figure that was supposed to become available in February? The one that Apple tried to ban by making legal threats?

That action figure has officially been canceled by its maker.

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…House Republicans on Wednesday are expected to vote to disapprove a request by President Obama to add $1.2 trillion to the $15.2 trillion federal debt, giving them a chance to highlight large deficits under the president’s tenure.

The fight against raising the debt limit — led by House conservatives this week — should be short but far from sweet.

The House Rules Committee is expected to start the festivities on Tuesday leading into what will likely be a heated debate by Republicans who are angry that their leadership didn’t extract deeper cuts in an August debt-ceiling deal.

Conservative GOP members such as Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said they will take to the House floor to express dissatisfaction for making concessions in the summer debate.

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(but you and I know, the senate will go along with Obama as he will just take the damn money with or without congress approval. He and his liberal minions have said so!)


This I have go to see!

Obama has signaled in recent weeks that he plans to run a populist reelection campaign. He will need to keep liberal activist and labor groups — important parts of the Democratic base — energized for his strategy to work.

In his first three years, Obama had a free hand to suggest spending levels for government programs in his annual budget blueprint. But that is not the case this year because the administration is constrained by the budget deal reached in August to raise the debt limit.

He must stick to the $1.047 trillion spending cap he agreed to with GOP leaders, which means he will call for less discretionary spending than he did last year.

Senior administration officials fear a backlash from the left and are trying to prepare their allies to expect a disappointing budget, sources say.

“A senior White House person said we weren’t going to be happy with the budget, but they’re doing the best they can” given the spending caps set by the 2011 Budget Control Act, said one source.



Newsweek’s malicious smear of Mrs. Santorum

Another Hollywood Actress Flacks for Planned Parenthood

‘Occupy Congress’ protest planned as lawmakers return


Something everyone should seriously think on:

And words of truth from Rep. Allen West, R-Fla. This is great stuff.

Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., charged President Obama with “fomenting racism” in his reelection efforts, noting also that Obama is a “literal manifestation” of how Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement succeeded.

“With all of this progress, why is it that we continue to hear charges of racism emanating from the left, and most disturbingly, from the White House itself?” West said in a statement today. “It seems anytime there is criticism of the President or any of his black members of his administration, such as Attorney General Eric Holder, that criticism is decried as racist.” West recalled, in particular, that Holder has claimed some of his critics following Operation Fast and Furious were motivated by racial animus.

West said that “this [2012] campaign must be about ideas, policy and the direction of this country, and the President must not hide behind a curtain of so-called racial bias.”

He concluded by suggesting that Dr. King would be “devastated” by Obama’s handling of racial issues as president:

“My message to President Obama is this: ‘Mr. President, your very in office demonstrates Dr. King’s dream has indeed come true. But how devastated would Dr. King be to know the Americans who are still fomenting racism at the highest levels are the very people for whom he fought for and died?”


YouTube censors Palestinian Media Watch. AGAIN!

At YouTube, truth is considered hate speech. In response to yesterday’s video bulletin which showed the Palestinian Authority Mufti’s speech that Muslims’ destiny is to kill Jews, YouTube has frozen PMW’s account for the next two weeks.


And this is just sick! I wonder how much of our tax dollars goes to support this shit in other countries that Planned Parenthood is operating in?

In its strategic plan for the Africa Region for 2010 to 2015, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) states that it is working toward an 82 percent increase in abortion services.

That number is in Figure 2, the “performance framework” of the plan (page 7), under “performance milestones/benchmarks” and notes its expectation of an “82 percent increase in abortion services: 212,021 services by 2013, and 273,656 by 2015.”

CNSNews.com asked Paul Bell, senior communication officer with IPPF based in the United Kingdom, a series of questions about the group’s strategic plan, including whether the 82 percent increase and the more than a quarter million “abortion services” projected by 2015 represent abortion specifically or abortion and other services.

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This is just a very idiotic and pathetic asshole….

Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech ostensibly honoring Martin Luther King Jr., but Holder’s comments also echoed reelection themes that President Obama cites when he alludes to the civil rights leader.

“[Martin Luther King Jr.] proved that — here in America — large-scale, sweeping, righteous change is not impossible,” Holder told a South Carolina audience, according to prepared remarks. “It is not too audacious,” he added, in an apparent allusion to Obama’s campaign theme and book title. “It is not too ambitious. And it is not the province of God alone.”

Moments later, Holder praised Dr. King in terms that seemed to exhort Obama’s supporters not to be disappointed in the president. “But one of the most important lessons that Dr. King left to us is that it is acceptable to be frustrated,” he said. “It is fine to be impatient. And, when progress does not come quickly or fully, it is only natural to be dissatisfied. In fact, being frustrated, impatient and dissatisfied is fine — but only if those feelings compel us to take action.”

President Obama took a similar tack last year when asking supporters at a Congressional Black Caucus rally to keep faith in him. “Progress often takes time. . . It’s never easy,” the president said at the time. “And I never promised easy. Easy has never been promised to us. But we’ve had faith. We have had faith. We’ve had that good kind of crazy that says, you can’t stop marching.”

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is the president’s favorite media hack, judging from official White House visitors log records.

The liberal talking head has been cleared to enter the White House seven times. During three of those visits, she met with President Barack Obama in his residence or in the West Wing, usually for TV interviews.

She was also cleared to attend a holiday reception, and to sit down for a discussion with Robert Gibbs while he was the White House press secretary.

Another record reflects her attendance at a “Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash” last September. The visitors logs offer no mention of whether she got to drive the Veep’s Camaro, however.

One of her personal visits with Obama was part of a December 2010 cattle call with other left-wing journalists including E.J. Dionne, Eugene Robinson, Ed Schultz, Frank Rich, Ezra Klein and Arianna Huffington.

But two solo visits with the president is impressive for an MSNBC host with a weeknight audience of 1 million people. That’s half as many as the number who watch Fox, but twice as many as the competing audience watching CNN.

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And this is what is wrong with all those flaming idiotic liberals in Europe! Britain should just tell the rest of Europe, “screw you, we are deporting this asshole to a country of your choosing, like say Germany.

A hate cleric described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe could be released in months after a court ruled he could not be deported from the UK.

In a blow to British government, radical Muslim, Abu Qatada was told by the European Court of Human Rights he would not have to go back to Jordan where he has been convicted of terror charges in his absence and may even walk free some time in the spring.

The UK now has three months in which to appeal against the ruling, but if the government does not do this, Qatada — once described as ‘a truly dangerous individual’ — could walk free.

This is because he is not currently facing trial in Britain and has not been convicted in accordance with UK law..

European judges ruled that he could not be deported because ‘there remains a real risk that evidence obtained by torture will be used against him’ and he would not receive a fair trial.

Qatada is an iconic figure for many supporters of Jihad and today’s ECHR decision flies in the face of UK law Lords who ruled almost three years ago that he could be sent back to Jordan.

It is the first time the Strasbourg-based court has found that an expulsion would be in violation of the right to a fair trial.

Home Secretary Theresa May said she was ‘disappointed’ but it was ‘not the end of the road’ and Qatada would remain in prison while ‘all the legal options’ are considered.

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