Liberals Put Up Billboard Calling ALL White People Racist!

What the F*ck! This is Duluth, Minnesota. Calling ALL white people racist! And listen to the dumbass liberal pansy they have as mayor!

Of course, the White House and other freaking islamic buttwiping liberals will of course say this is okay as it is their truth!

All the more reason, do not go to Duluth or have any dealings with any company bases there, like Duluth Trading Company.



Afghan woman choked to death by husband and mother-in-law for giving birth to a third daughter…

CBO: Federal Workers Get 16% More than Private Sector

Senate Advances Insider Trading Bill

Martin Luther King’s Family Halts Occupy Event at Atlanta Memorial Center  Wow…an occupier not being occupied! And the Kings said that Martin Luther would have been at the head of the occupiers today. Hahahahahha….


And Obama making up stuff as he goes along:

“We’re starting to see some signs that the economy is picking up. We’ve created 22 million jobs over the last … or 3 million jobs over the last 22 months.”


Our tax dollars at work! Why can’t our government stop this shit and quit forking over money to dirtbag islamics who want to kill us all?

( – The textbooks used to educate Palestinian children who live in refugee camps came under fire at a briefing on Wednesday on Capitol Hill where experts said lessons of intolerance and hatred toward Jews and Israel fill the books’ pages.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), chairman of the House subcommittee on Human Rights and co-chairman of the Bi-Partisan Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, told that U.S. donations to the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA) make the federal government accountable for what is in the books.

“We are responsible for the content and the content has been, year in and year out, explosively anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-Israeli,” Smith said, at the event he hosted with the Center for Near-East Policy Research, which is based in Jerusalem and which has studied the topic extensively.

Since the UNRWA began operations in 1950 in the wake of the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, the United States has been the largest contributor to the agency. The UNRWA oversees the health, education, and social services of some 5 million registered Palestinian refugees, including those in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The CRS reports that U.S. contributions to the UNRWA have steadily increased over the past decade, with nearly $228 million given in [fiscal year] 2010.


No More Leading from Behind for America — Rick Santorum

Much like Ronald Reagan called out for freedom in the symbolic heart of communism, I will call upon the Muslim world to tear down the walls of oppression that oppose freedom of conscience and religion, equality of women, the security of Israel and support violence and Jihadism, which inverts the concept of martyrdom from one who dies for his or her faith to one who kills for his or her faith. I will not coddle those who want to kill and destroy. I will seek peace with those who treasure freedom for all.

Christianity struggled with these issues of freedom of conscience and violence largely hundreds of years ago; Islam is struggling with them now. We will stand with the true advocates of freedom who define freedom not just by a ballot box, but also by meaningful protections for minorities. This is the message of freedom that should be proclaimed and practiced from Cairo to Tehran. This is consistent with universal human dignity, our values and our national security interests.

Informed Americans are opposed to those who want to kill and destroy, not to those who want to make peace and treasure freedom for all. I supported America’s security and freeing Muslims and others from oppression in Iraq and Afghanistan. I stood for the Green Movement in Iran when President Obama sat down. I support freedom of religion – for Muslims and other religious minorities – but believe they should provide the same.

I also understand that at this time in history many of the most influential voices in the Muslim world come from intolerant and destructive strains of Sunni and Shia leadership and theology in places such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Days before the election in 2006, I was still challenging America to stand against radical Islam and Iran at the height of unpopularity of the Iraq war not because of polling but because I felt it was the primary threat facing America. It’s no accident that the vast majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, and that the Iranian regime exports anti-American and anti-Israeli terrorism around the world while pursuing nuclear weapons capacity. Radical Islamists oppose us not because of our policies, but because of our freedom.

(that is what our present leadership in the white house and congress should be saying!)

(simple test: do you like islamics and believe islamics and think islam is a religion of peace? answer yes and we send your ass to saudi arabia!)