Arizona strikes back: State investigates feds over gun-running

Arizona’s state legislature will open its own investigation into the Obama administration’s disgraced gun-running program, known as “Fast and Furious,” the speaker of the state House said Friday.

Speaker Andy Tobin created the committee, and charged it with looking at whether the program broke any state laws — raising the possibility of state penalties against those responsible for the operation.

It’s a turnaround from the rest of the immigration issue, where the federal government has sued to block the state’s own set of laws.

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(now that would be something! to have Obama and Holder accountable to state law and have to go to jail?)

(The Hill) — President Obama said that Tuesday’s State of the Union address will focus on building an economy “that’s built to last.” …

Obama listed a series of other steps he’s taken through executive order — or a controversial recess appointment in the case of Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — which included changing No Child Left Behind rules, tax incentives for hiring veterans, refinancing and infrastructure initiatives, and speeding up the payments of government contracts.

Saying that “now we need to do more,” the president said his State of the Union address would “lay out my blueprint for actions we need to take together — not just me, or Congress, but every American — to rebuild an economy where hard work and responsibility are rewarded.  An economy that’s built to last.”

(face it, this character wants to be emperor, king or dictator of the USA)


Mittens has the money to run TV commercials in every Florida media market and he is doing that right now.  In addition his ‘Restore Our Future’ SuperPac is also running major TV ads and direct mailers in almost every media market.  But faced with a serious defeat in South Carolina, and the recognition that he lost Iowa, Romney is panicking.  He is justifiably under fire for his flawed positions and character issues.   He’s facing adversity and what does he do?  He ducks for cover and turns to the party bosses to save him from upstarts  and from recalcitrant lessers, aka voters.  Romney doesn’t turn to us when he needs help, he turns away from us.  This is exactly what to expect when you consider how he will govern.

If Mitt can’t take the heat with when facing his fellow conservatives and give Florida voters something else besides SuperPac ads, then how would he ever be counted on to stand up to Obama?  This is not a good sign of Mitt’s backbone strength.   Newt at least had the guts to stand on stage Thursday night knowing the assault what was coming after him.   If Romney can’t deal with this pressure then how the flip will he deal with the Obama assault?

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From Black Quill & Ink

The following video is a masterful presentation of the embedded racism that is the Democrat Party. Today many Democrat Party supporters would have America, especially blacks and Hispanic Americans, believe that theirs is the party that advocates and protects the interests of the middle class and minorities. History clearly proves otherwise.

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Fox News Hires Soros-Funded Activist

Report: “Without A Doubt,” G-Spot Does Not Exist


GREENVILLE, S.C. — Newt Gingrich was confronted by a black man outside Tommy’s Country Ham House, who questioned him on his comments on having poor children work as janitors.

The man said what Gingrich was asking for amounted to a “new form of slavery” and would force young African Americans to drop out of school.

Gingrich engaged the man, speaking levelly and holding eye contact with him. He said that he suggested the jobs so that “They can get paid — they’d go to school, stay in school instead of dropping out.”

The man persisted. “You say you want Afro-Americans to come into your political party but you’ve ratcheted [your rhetoric] up since you got down here,” he said.

“What I’ve said is I’d like every young American of every ethnic background to have a job,” Gingrich responded. “How does that ratchet it up?”

The man then said he’d spoken with Rev. Al Sharpton and asked Gingrich to meet with him, Roland Martin of CNN, Ben Jealous of the NAACP and Juan Williams.

“Sure — glad to do it,” Gingrich said. “I’d be willing to do it. I know Al.”