Ben Gazzara passed away today

Ben Gazzara, a veteran actor best remember for his work with famed director John Cassavetes, passed away todayof pancreatic cancer at Bellevue Hospital Center. He was 81.

Gazzara first made a name for himself in the 50’s starring in such notable Broadway productions as Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and A Hatful of Rain. He would return to the stage often throughout his career, earning himself three Tony Award nominations.

His big on-screen break came in 1959, when he was picked by Otto Preminger to co-star alongside Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, and Lee Remick in his 1959 adaptation of Wendell Mayes best-selling novel Anatomy of a Murder (which was recently added to the Criterion Collection).

In the 70’s, Gazzara teamed up with John Cassavetes to make his most lasting mark on the world of cinema. The New York City native starred in three of Cassavetes best-known films: Husbands, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, and Opening Night. (Incidentally, today also marks the 13th anniversary of Cassavetes’ death.)

Gazzara went on to become a darling of indie cinema, linking himself to the biggest names in the genre: Peter Bogdanovich (They All Laughed), the Coen brothers (The Big Lebowski), Spike Lee (Summer of Sam), David Mamet (The Spanish Prisoner), Todd Solondz (Happiness), and Lars von Trier (Dogville).

His final project, Géla Babluani’s English-language remake of his own French film, 13 Tzameti, was released in 2010.

He is survived by his brother Anthony, his third wife Elke Krivat, and his daughters, Elizabeth and Danja.



A Canadian and an American were hunting in Canadian woods when a Mexican runs across the field and the Canadian shoots him in the back and kills him.

“You can’t do that!” cried the American.

“No, no, it’s legal here in Canada ” replies the Canadian.

Later that night the American goes and buys some beer and puts it on the roof of his truck to open the door. Just then a Mexican runs by, grabs the beer, and runs away. The American thinks “No problem” and he shoots him in the back and kills him. As he is getting his beer the police come and arrest him.

“But I thought it was legal to shoot Mexicans here in Canada!” protests the American.

“Well yeah,” says the cop, “but you can’t use bait.”


(Daily Caller) — Senate Democratic leaders do not plan to propose a budget this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters Friday, saying that they had already done so with the debt-ceiling agreement.

“We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year — it’s done, we don’t need to do it,” Reid said, according to The Hill.

Democrats have said that the agreement reached to raise the debt ceiling set spending for Fiscal Year 2012.

Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), chairman of the Budget Committee, has said he will mark up a budget resolution this year, per an agreement he made with Budget Committee ranking member and Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions. [...]

“It’s been more than 1,000 days since Senate Democrats have offered a budget plan to the American people. Now, once again, the Senate’s ineffectual Democrat majority balks at the task of leadership,” said Sessions in a statement.

(no big surprise here from the democrats)




When you really think about this, it is damn close to the actual truth. Why I equate FOX with MSNBC.