Affirmative Action has to go!

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With all the talk about “disparities” in innumerable contexts, there is one very important disparity that gets remarkably little attention — disparities in the ability to create wealth. People who are preoccupied, or even obsessed, with disparities in income are seldom interested much, or at all, in the disparities in the ability to create wealth, which are often the reasons for the disparities in income.

In a market economy, people pay us for benefiting them in some way — whether we are sweeping their floors, selling them diamonds or anything in between. Disparities in our ability to create benefits for which others will pay us are huge, and the skills required can develop early — or sometimes not at all.


Gross inequalities in skills and achievements have been the rule, not the exception, on every inhabited continent and for centuries on end. Yet our laws and government policies act as if any significant statistical difference between racial or ethnic groups in employment or income can only be a result of their being treated differently by others.

Nor is this simply an opinion. Businesses have been sued by the government when the representation of different groups among their employees differs substantially from their proportions in the population at large. But, no matter how the human race is broken down into its components — whether by race, sex, geographic region or whatever — glaring disparities in achievements have been the rule, not the exception.

Anyone who watches professional basketball games knows that the star players are by no means a representative sample of the population at large.


Yet these and numerous other disparities in achievement are resolutely ignored by those whose shrill voices denounce disparities in rewards, as if these disparities are somehow suspicious at best and sinister at worst.

Higher achieving groups — whether classes, races or whatever — are often blamed for the failure of other groups to achieve. Politicians and intellectuals, especially, tend to conceive of social questions in terms that allow them to take on the role of being on the side of the angels against the forces of evil.

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Then we have this raving liberal nut, Chris Matthews, otherwise known as Christine for the way he bends over for Obama. Must of been not enough news to get him excited about, so he makes up (as usual) his own brand of liberal shit. This time coming down on Newt Gingrich for the way he said JUAN. hahahahah,,,listen to the idiot…

See, this is what the liberals love to do, take something and make something out of it and then lie like hell!


Newt: Palestinians must give up ‘right of return’ before negotiating peac…

This is an excellent clip! Herman Cain should watch this and take note of how Newt answers these two questions so….well, awesomely.

Newt is asked two questions, the first being if he would ever support a Muslim for president in the future and the second on what he believes should be done with the ‘invented’ Palestinian people . Quite frankly, he nails them both.

Go HERE for the video.

TURKEY and U.S. STATE DEPT seething over Rick Perry’s call to kick Turkey out of NATO for its increasingly IslamoFascist government

Can’t you just see it? Hillary Clinton prostrating herself in front of the Turkish Ambassador, trying to pretend that Rick Perry’s remarks about Turkey were something other than a statement of fact.

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Pelosi Begins Backing Away From Occupy Wall Street Fanatics…..

by sundancecracker, The Conservative Treehouse

Last week Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chair) made a ridiculous charge about the tone and discourse of incivility being created by the Tea Party.   No one challenged her with the fact that almost 6,000 Occupy Wall Street people have been arrested for Rape, assault, Murder, Arson, Sexual assault, Terrorism, Use of explosives, Child sexual assault, Child prostitution, Drug abuses, and dozen more horrific acts of violence.    6,000 arrests.

With that fact based understanding, it really did seem silly that Debbie W Schultz would label the Tea Party as “uncivil”.    Schultz was actually laughed at for her rabid stupidity, and the progs put her back into her kennel for a while to stop her from providing more ammunition for people to rightfully ridicule Democrats.

Read the article here.


Via Defcon Hill:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel’s parliament Monday that the current sanctions against Iran were not going to stop its nuclear program.

Speaking to the Israeli Knesset’s Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, Netanyahu said stronger sanctions against Iran’s central bank and oil exports were needed to halt its nuclear ambitions.

“As long as there will not be effective sanctions on Iran’s central bank and oil industry, there won’t be any effect on its nuclear program,” Netanyahu said, according to Israeli media.

His comments come while tensions between Iran and the U.S. remain high, and the same week that U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey is visiting Israel. The U.S. and Israel also said Sunday they were delaying a joint military exercise.

Israel’s vice prime minister accused President Obama of being hesitant to impose harsh sanctions because of “election-year considerations,” during an interview with Israel Radio Sunday.

As Tehran continues to pursue its nuclear program, the U.S. is concerned that Israel will launch a strike against Iran. Tensions between Iran and the U.S. have continued to rise in past weeks in response to sanctions, and analysts say the chance for military conflict is at its highest point in two decades.

(Of course they won’t, Obama has no intention of stopping Iran)


President Obama’s White House spokesman dismissed as “crazy” Newt Gingrich’s claim that Obama has “put” people on food stamps, citing the ailing economy as the cause for the expanded use of welfare programs.

“Well, you know as well as I do that that’s crazy,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said when pressed on the issue. “The fact of the matter is this, country is emerging from the worst rec since the great depression,” he said initially. “When this president took the oath of office in January 2009 this economy was in free fall . . . [resulting in] a dramatic increase in the number of people who needed assistance.”

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(this is like a fact. number of Americans receiving food stamps has skyrocketed since Obama took office)


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that Democrats lost control of the House in 2010 because of superPACs, and by extension the Supreme Court, which caught Democrats by surprise when they started spending money in the 2010 cycle.

“Once those major special interests knew that they could contribute endlessly, secretly, without anybody knowing where the money came from, then the floodgates opened,” Pelosi said during the Politico Playbook breakfast. “May of last year — Easter, say, Passover of last year — not many people thought we would lose the house. By the time the [DISCLOSE campaign finance legislation] failed in the Senate, it was all over because it was going to be endless, endless money coming up on 9.5 percent unemployment.”

Pelosi explained that superPACs came about through a “miserable decision by the Supreme Court to allow any and all funding — secret, large, special interest contributions into campaign.” She dismissed the Supreme Court decision as “ridiculous.”

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(princess pelosi is actually the queen of denial. if this did anything it leveled the playing field with the unions, who still spent the most money in the midterms)


All the more reason states, if not the federal government, should have VOTER ID!! Now the democrats want to get another clueless class as their voters.

(The Hill) — Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said late last week that the United States should lower the voting age by two years, to 16.

“Why shouldn’t 16-year-old vote?” Ellison tweeted last week, according to Minnesota’s Fridley Patch. “They can drive. Some have jobs. Let’s empower our youth.”

The Patch said Ellison’s message started a Twitter debate on the subject, in which some said teens that young are not informed enough to vote. But Ellison rejected that.

“Oh come on! 16-year-olds are pretty sharp,” Ellison wrote. “When is last time you talked to teens? They have their own views on things.”


America’s taxpayers, already on the hook for watching over the Occupy movement’s three-month seizure of Washington’s downtown McPherson Square, are getting stuck with another bill to cover the police protection and port-a-potty rentals at today’s Capitol protest.

For today’s protest, where several hundred Occupiers toting signs lingered in the muddy grass of the Capitol Grounds, over two dozen U.S. Capitol Police were assigned to ring the lawn, most on foot, some on bikes, and others in 18 cars, buses, and trucks counted by Whispers.

Plus, the government rented 17 bright blue potties from Don’s Johns, which were parked across from the Capitol Grounds and in the shadow of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.

The Architect of the Capitol’s office wouldn’t comment on the costs or protection.

But Don’s Johns told Whispers that renting 17 potties costs about $2,100.

A miffed Capitol Police officer told us, “I can’t believe we’re paying for this. But they have no money. They were complaining about parking prices.”



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