American Holocaust

American Holocaust: Planned Parenthood Kills 329,445 Babies In One Year Using $487.4 Million In Taxpayer Funds

by Sad Hill
Every 3 years America will have exterminated the same number of children that were exterminated during the entire Holocaust.

Yet last January President Barack Hussein Obama marked the 38th anniversary of Supreme Court’s landmark decision on abortion by calling the procedure a constitutional right he’s committed to protecting.

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(sad really once you do think about it. I really not for abortion. For way the heck back when, my son would not have been my son if his mother had an abortion. thus my wife and I got to adopt a great baby boy who grew up to be a lot better man than me)


Gawker skimmed some posts off a message board and caught Urbanites complaining about not being able to make ends meet on high 4-figure salaries.

In the mood for some class rage? (Of course you are.) Gothamist points us to message board on uptight parenting forum UrbanBaby asking, “What’s your hhi [household income] and do you FEEL poor, middle class, upper middle class or rich where you live. No judging.”

Ha ha, “no judging.” As if this discussion existed for any other purpose. (Well, judging and trolling.) For your judgmental pleasure: UrbanBaby’s most harrowing tales of economic hardship and financial woe:

  • $700,000 poor. NYC
  • $350K, so, so, so poor. Not being dramatic or anything, really poor. We totally struggle every day. UES…. Obviously we are totally over extended. If we could get out of this mess, we would, but we can’t.
  • 500,000. DH spends to much so I feel poor
  • 2012 will be about 400k. Fell mc. HHI is down since 2009. Live on the UWS.
  • $275K, on the poor side of middle class, NYC.
  • 180K Greenwich Village. I feel wealthy compared to most of the world. I feel like I am doing my child a disservice when she cried at age 4 because I told her we will NEVER buy a country house.
  • Last year $650k. This year $375-450k depending on bonus. I know rationally we are doing well, but we still feel pinched. We try to save our bonus and spend our base ($275k) and with 2 DCs in private pre-school, modest place on far UWS, and pretty modest life, we rip through that $275k incredibly fast. But for those haters, here is the math: $275k = $137k after tax. That is a bit more than $11k per month. After rent, it’s $6200. Annualize preschool and subtract, we are down to $3500. And between all of our other expenses, somehow we burn through that.
  • 200k, poor, DC suburbs.
  • 140k, no dcs, 2 adults and we feel POOR. san francisco.


Don’t buy into today’s BS unemployment rate drop, the size of the U.S. workforce is at a 27-year low and the bulk of the jobs added were “courier services” related to Christmas.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. job market strengthened in the second half of 2011, and added 200,000 jobs in December while the unemployment rate fell to 8.5% from a revised 8.7% a month earlier.

The better-than-expected monthly gain of 200,000 nonfarm jobs means American businesses have replaced more than 3 million of the 4.2 million jobs lost during the past 13 months. The private-sector jobs gained since employment bottomed in February 2010, in percentage terms, is the strongest recovery since the rebound after the 1990–1992 recession, when U.S. businesses added 4.2 million jobs in the same amount of time by late 1993.

The biggest growth came in transportation, especially courier services that staffed up for the holidays, health care and manufacturing, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Via Zero Hedge:

The nonfarm payroll number prints at 200K on expectations of 155K. The Unemployment rate comes at 8.5% — lowest since February 2009, and down from an upward revised 8.7%. U-6 15.2% down from 15.6% in November. Average hourly earnings rose at 0.2%, in line with expectations, previous revised to -0.1% from unchanged. Private payrolls +212L vs Expectations of 178K. Manufacturing payrolls rose 23K vs Expectations of 155K. Yet the unemployment rate trickery still continues, with labor force participation (prior revised), now at a 27 year low of 64%, and the labor force itself declined by 50K from 153,937 to 153,887. In fact, persons not in the labor force have increased by 7.5 million since January 2007! Bottom line — dropping out of labor statistics is the new killing it.

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: “Republicans Running For President Embracing Extremism”…

You know, because the Democrats are so moderate. And the love the occupy movement assholes!

“Frankly, the collection of Republicans that are running for president really are pretty unremarkable. They all embrace extremism and embrace the Tea Party.”


Occupy “Creator” Mass Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren Collects Millions From Wall St. Through Democratic Party….

To add to the hypocrisy, Warren is the brains behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the agency Obama appointed Richard Cordray to that is meant to police . . . you guessed it, Wall Street.

I thought Elizabeth Warren was all about transparency. We are all still waiting for her to file the required financial disclosure form.

The Oklahoma Professor has been criticizing Scott Brown for being “Wall Street’s favorite Senator.” She has also denounced “Wall Street cash in politics.”

But it turns out she may be indirectly accepting Wall Street money. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is helping the Harvard Professor, has taken over $40 million from Wall Street during the last 7 years according to records from In fact, Wall Street is the biggest contributors to them. They beat lawyers and labor union. Just during this election season the DSCC has already received $1.5 million from Wall Street.

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This is what the Founding Fathers should have sent to the King….

Of course HHS is not ending the waiver program, they just won’t announce them in the future. Didn’t Obama promise the most “open and transparent” administration in history?

Roughly 1,200 companies received waivers from part of the healthcare reform law, the Health and Human Services Department said Friday.

Friday marks the last time HHS will have to update the total number of waivers, putting to rest a recurring political firestorm. The department had been updating its waiver totals every month, prompting monthly attacks from the GOP.

Republicans say the need for waivers proves that the healthcare law is unworkable. HHS argues that the waivers show the law provides flexibility.

All told, 1,231 companies applied for and received waivers from the law’s restrictions on annual benefit caps. The law requires plans to gradually raise their benefit limits, and all annual limits will become illegal in 2014. Companies that received waivers can keep their caps intact until 2014.

Faced with the monthly cycles of GOP criticism, HHS announced last summer that it would stop accepting applications for one-year waivers and would simply grant or deny waivers all the way through the end of 2013.

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Here you go, position Obama not as part of the 1%, but as part of the 99.9%! Talk about fuzzy math…..

“I mean, his numbers (Obama’s) are going up as the Republican party’s numbers come down. And I think it’s due to the fact that the president has more aggressively and more definitively, I would hope, positioned himself as with the people, as with the 99%, or the 99.99% in this case. It’s a smart political move on the president’s part and I think a sincere move because I do think if you think of his background, for example, he did not lead a privileged upbringing. His family was on food stamps for a while. He earned what he has in life, and I think he appreciates it,” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said on MSNBC.


Monday, August 1, 2005

San Francisco House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on President Bush’s use of a recess appointment to name John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations.

The President’s decision to circumvent the Senate and use a recess appointment naming John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations is a mistake.

John Bolton’s record provides no evidence of the kind of diplomatic skill, temperament and judgment that ought to be prerequisites for this critical position. There are serious unanswered questions about whether Mr. Bolton improperly used sensitive intelligence information for political purposes, which contributed to the lack of support he had in the Senate.

For President Bush to use a recess appointment for such a controversial nominee not because there was a compelling case that Mr. Bolton was the best person for the job, but merely because the President had the power to do it subverts the confirmation process in ways that will further harm the United States reputation in the eyes of the international community. The American people deserve better.

(now keep in mind Bush’s was an actual recess appointment unlike Obama’s illegal pro forma appointment that Pelosi hailed yesterday as a “bold” decision. shows you how the democrats rewrite history to suit themselves)


MARTIN BASHIR: There’s nothing subtle about Newt Gingrich or Mr. Santorum. Their comments are clearly targeted at the President, who’s black, and at other members of society, who haven’t made millions of dollars from lobbying. But while sticks and stones may break your bones, the public inquiry into the life and death of Stephen Lawrence shows that words can and do cause irreparable damage to a culture and a society. Newt Gingrich is never going to win the Republican nomination, but he could badly damage race relations in the process. So here is a simple plea: Let’s cut out the food stamps rhetoric right now before things get any worse.

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(how does on respond to dumbasses on MSNBC like this idiot?)


President Barack Obama today escalated his claimed power to appoint top officials by announcing that his financial-sector appointee also has authority that is legally reserved only for an official who has been confirmed by the Senate.

The 2010 law that established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau includes a section that says many of the bureau’s new powers are to be held by the secretary of the Treasury “until the Director of the Bureau is confirmed by the Senate.”

Obama’s Jan. 3. claim to have appointed Cordray appears to violate the Constitution and is a grab for increased presidential power, say many constitutional lawyers.

But his new Jan. 6 claim about Cordray’s powers goes even further by contradicting the plain language of the 2010 law that created the bureau.

Section 1066 of the law says many of the bureau’s new powers are activated once the Senate confirms a director. Those extra powers include the authority to write regulations for non-bank firms, such as payday lenders.

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