Democracy vs. mob rule in ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests

I was checking the accuracy of a story I saw, and I came across this article. Very interesting and to the point. It was penned last November, but it is timeless as long as we have these occupy idiots occupying our space.

This article is by: Thomas Sowell

In various cities across the country, mobs of mostly young, mostly incoherent, often noisy and sometimes violent demonstrators are making themselves a major nuisance.

Meanwhile, many in the media are practically gushing over these “protesters,” and giving them the free publicity they crave for themselves and their cause — whatever that is, beyond venting their emotions on television.

Members of the mobs apparently believe that other people, who are working while they are out trashing the streets, should be forced to subsidize their college education — and apparently the President of the United States thinks so too.

But if these loud mouths’ inability to put together a coherent line of thought is any indication of their education, the taxpayers should demand their money back for having that money wasted on them for years in the public schools.

Sloppy words and sloppy thinking often go together, both in the mobs and in the media that are covering them. It is common, for example, to hear in the media how some “protesters” were arrested. But anyone who reads this column regularly knows that I protest against all sorts of things — and don’t get arrested.

The difference is that I don’t block traffic, join mobs sleeping overnight in parks or urinate in the street. If the media cannot distinguish between protesting and disturbing the peace, then their education may also have wasted a lot of taxpayers’ money.

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Beltway Confidential:
President Obama and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) might have the makings of a new slogan for the 2012 election cycle, as the DNC announced that a design called “Urban Unity” will be the poster for the DNC convention in Charlotte, N.C.

(same shit, same tune, just gussied up in a new look)


This is how the nutbags on the left justify what they said and did to President Bush.


Bill Maher revisited a recurring theme of his show in his final New Rule tonight: conservatives actively disrespecting President Obama to his face. From Congressman Joe Wilson to Bill O’Reilly, Maher argued there is a consistent pattern emerging that Obama is being treated far worse by his opposition than any Democratic president of the past fifty years. And as he did exactly a year ago, Maher patiently acknowledged the numerous insults he threw at George W. Bush, but insisted upon the difference between someone like him or Sean Hannity attacking a sitting president and someone scolding him to his face.

Maher went down a list of his most insulting nicknames for Bush, before admitting he would have never called the former president “a rube” to his face, even if he was served the opportunity on a silver platter. But, Maher said, that’s not how conservatives have been with Obama, because of the multiple instances of people “going apeshit in his presence.” He pointed to presidents like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Lyndon Johnson for doing all the things Republicans hate Obama for, and yet those presidents were treated with “a modium of respect, at least to their faces.”

(I am amazed that this idiot still has a program. HBO should be boycotted until they drop this asshole.)


December 1934. Huey Long speaks passionately about income inequality and the wealthy in the United States. Even then, the democrats were pushing class warfare.


The War Is On: Obama’s Gestapo Arrest Catholic Priest For Praying Outside White House

Pat Dollard

The Arrest Comes After #Occupiers Throw Grenades At White House Unmolested, And As #OccupyDC Continues To Illegally Occupy Park….

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Father Denis Wilde, OSA, associate director of Priests for Life, was among six people arrested today during a peaceful protest outside the White House.

Father Wilde was representing Priests for Life at an organized protest of the HHS contraception mandate that violates the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion. Priests for Life yesterday filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration that seeks to permanently block the implementation of the mandate because it imposes clear violations of conscience upon any American citizens who morally object to abortion and contraception.

Father Wilde and the other protesters, including the Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, were cited for “Failure to obey a lawful order” as they knelt in prayer in front of the White House. They each paid a $100 fine and were released from custody.

“Occupy Wall Street protesters have been occupying federal property for months, but when we kneel in prayer, the police are called in and we are arrested,” Father Wilde said. “We knew that was the risk when we gathered today, and we will do it again regardless of the risk. What people of faith – of every faith – need to do now is stand with us.”

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, said the New York-based organization remains committed to battling the HHS mandate because it forces Americans to become morally entangled in practices they find objectionable.

“As an organization of Catholic clergy, as a corporation that employs 60 people of various religious backgrounds, and as a ministry whose very purpose is to protect and promote the pro-life teaching about the specific practices at issue in the HHS mandate, we are particularly well-positioned to fight against this intrusion of conscience,” Father Pavone said.

To see the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, on Wednesday,click here:

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit



‘Twas Our Own Who Betrayed Us

I am very angry with my fellow Catholics, both in the clergy and the laity, because they are the reason why we find ourselves in the horrible position that we are in now. I have been too aggravated to articulate this in a manner that I thought would be worthy of a blog post, but I’ve said it in a few places; first on my facebook page where I don’t bother to self censor, and then on blogs whose owners I respect, so I cleaned up the language some. Days have passed and I am still quite ticked off, and since I am no longer on a Blogger hosted site where I might get myself into trouble for cutting loose, I might as well share my thoughts here with all of you, because I can. Below are the various incarnations of what I have had to say about my fellow Catholics who have been “useful idiots” for Obama and only NOW have a problem with his evil despite the fact that there was ample warning that we would find ourselves exactly where we are now because Obama’s unholy, unconstitutional, and unconscionable mandate that forces people to violate their core values would never have come about without being aided and abetted by CATHOLICS.




The same week Citibank settled one lawsuit alleging fraudulent business practices, the bank was hit with another civil case, this one involving the luring of consumers to open accounts through frequent flyer miles promises.
A federal class action against Citibank says it offered 40,000 frequent-flyer miles with American Airlines to anyone opening an account. Only the bank didn’t tell new customers that they had to report 2½ cents per mile as income to the Internal Revenue Service.
The lead plaintiffs, Bertram Hirsch and Igor Romanov, only discovered this fact when they received 1099 forms from Citibank for $1,000 of income. Applying an average combined federal and state tax rate of 35%, this means that opening a new account with Citibank actually cost Hirsch, Romanov and others $350.
“It is widely understood in the marketplace that airline miles are not reported to the IRS as being taxable for income tax purposes. Indeed, Citibank expressly informed plaintiff Hirsch that the American Airlines miles that he would receive for opening up Citibank checking and savings accounts were not taxable,” reads the lawsuit.
The mileage case comes just as a division of Citibank agreed to settle a whistleblower lawsuit that the federal government had joined. In that case, CitiMortgage agreed to pay $158.3 million for misleading the Federal Housing Administration about the insurability of thousands of risky home loans. As a result of CitiMortgage’s duping of the agency, the government lost nearly $200 million.
-Noel Brinkerhoff

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