Real Live Purple Squirrel Caught in New Jersey

A purple squirrel caught by a couple in Jersey Shore, PA, has cryptozoologists scratching their heads.

Connie Emert says she told her husband Percy that a purple squirrel had been getting into their bird feeders, but he didn’t believe her. Sunday around noon he checked their rodent trap, “and sure enough, there it was.”

The Emerts claim they had nothing to do with the animal’s unusual color. Several theories have been put forth, including the possibility that the squirrel fell into a port-a-potty or got into some ink or paint.

But Lock Haven University professor Krish Pillai suggested that something more sinister might be afoot.

“That color looks very much like Tyrian purple,” Pillai said. “It is a natural organobromide compound seen in molluscs and rarely found in land animals. The squirrel has too much bromide in its system possibly from all the bromide laced frack water it’s been drinking. I would raise the alarm. This could mean bladder cancer for humans down the road.”

A similar squirrel was spotted in the UK in 2008.


Late this morning while I was working on a post for my blog, The General Blogger, the optometrist office called. Wife’s glasses were in. This pair was the replacement for the pair that got ruined while cleaning. So wife wanted to go at once, as she had too much going on in the kitchen and she wanted to hurry this up so she could get the ham and beans going, get a loaf of bread into the oven (this was a loaf of some kind of berry cream bread that we had bought from our granddaughter last year to help her class out. been in the freezer all this time), and do a few other things. So I finished up the blog post while she went and started up the van to warm it up (she hates to just get into a cold vehicle and drive until it warms up for her). Got to the optometrist office and she got fitted out with her new glasses. The lady doing the fitting said what happened to the old pair was that the little spray bottle with alcohol they use to clean lenses, someone had put acetone in it! So it just took that quick little spray to mess up the plastic on the frames. Hey, they also gave my wife that ruined pair since it had her prescription lens. Just in case or for parts if something happens to her new pair.

Wife did not want to stop at a restaurant for lunch. Rush to get home! So had to wait until home to get something to eat. Then I did all the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen. And got my hair cut by my wife (hey, that saves 15 bucks a pop to have her do my hair!). Then I had to call the Machine Shed in Des Moines to reserve a room for the family get together this saturday morning. All set for that breakfast!


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For the fourth year in a row, I am doing what the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) refuses to do: covering the central issues of our time, the issues that ought to be center-stage, prime time at CPAC.

Once again, CPAC is avoiding and ignoring the greatest national security threat to our country: jihad.  Year in, year out, the puppetmasters, Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, have managed to keep jihad and sharia off the CPAC schedule.  The American Conservative Union, the political right’s largest and most influential grassroots umbrella organization — and sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — has abandoned conservative principles and morphed into some fleshy, ambiguous, compromised political machine doling out money and favors for cronies, when it is doing anything at all.

Anti-sharia legislation has already been passed into law in three states — Tennessee (April 2010), Louisiana (June 2010), and Arizona (May 2011) — and is either scheduled to be introduced or under consideration in over 25 additional states for the coming legislative session.  Half the country is deeply concerned about this issue, and yet it is nowhere on the CPAC schedule — except, of course, when it comes to yours truly.

The people care about this issue.  Conservatives care about this issue.  CPAC should feature this issue.

This is why I organize an event every year at CPAC to educate the upwards of twelve thousand conservatives who come to D.C. to get activated.  Do you think that they know that CPAC has been utterly corrupted by the likes of Grover Norquist, the most powerful Muslim Brotherhood-linked influence-peddler in the country?  Hardly.  Has it been easy going up against the most corrupt and powerful conservative in America?  Hardly.  I lost my Newsmax column because of it, as I have repeatedly called for an insurgency at CPAC.

And to all the old establishment bulls who know about but sanction this infiltration with their silence: shame on you.  It is no accident that Grover is featured in a fawning cover story at Newsmax as we enter CPAC week.

And this year is shaping up no differently.  Our event this year is generating plenty of heat.  My organization, AFDI/SIOA, has put together the most critical and essential event at CPAC: “Islamic Law in America: How Obama’s Department of Justice is Selling us Out.”  Our keynote speaker, J. Christian Adams, has been scheduled to speak at our event for months.  Yet CPAC (under the leadership of Al Cardenas) scheduled Adams to speak at another event at the exact same time.  It is on their agenda: Adams at both places at the same time.  Further, our co-sponsor, the Tea Party, is under increasing pressure to cancel our “controversial” event.

Freedom is controversial.

Read the article here.

(really, the republican party can do itself a world of good, get more people into the fold, and win a bunch of elections if they would speak out against the islamic threats here in American and the rest of the world)


And this right here is one reason the republicans will lose, are losers, and why I am getting to the point of saying, screw it, I will go completely independent.

Especially given this:

The latest WND/Wenzel Poll shows none of the current crop of Republican presidential candidates has solidified the base of the party, with one in five GOP voters leaning toward support of Obama in November.

The results are from the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies. The poll was conducted Feb. 1-3, 2012, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.44 percentage points.

Here’s a plan for solving the problem of Washington: “A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t!)”

“The improvement in Obama’s prospects compared to the four remaining Republican challengers stems largely from two factors,” suggests pollster Fritz Wenzel. “First, Obama has largely avoided the political limelight while the GOP candidates savage each other with increasing intensity. Second, a smattering of evidence indicates that the economy is getting a little better, which helps the White House in the eyes of the voters. Secondly, the bloody fight for the Republican presidential nomination – by most estimations the nastiest GOP fight in memory – has really hurt the images of the challengers in the eyes of both Republicans and, especially, independent voters. For Republicans, each candidate carries with them now some taint that cannot be ignored.”

In every case except the match-up against Ron Paul, more than 20 percent of Republican voters said they are more likely to support Obama than the Republican challenger. And Ron Paul is close, as 19 percent of Republicans said they are more likely to support Obama than Paul.


House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) held a conference call today, to discuss the speech he will deliver at CPAC this coming Thursday.  Ryan had some interesting points to make about the magnitude of the struggle ahead for fiscal conservatives, and the consequences for America if that battle is lost.

Actually, it’s something of a misnomer to call Ryan and his allies “fiscal conservatives,” because at this point, they’re the only ones acting in a fiscally responsible manner.  Their adversaries have been reduced to pretending that free money can rain down from the sky forever, and seriously arguing that the federal government doesn’t even need a budget.

Ryan sees fiscal apocalypse in the growing disconnect between Democrat leadership and reality, describing President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as “standing on the outside and looking in” while House Republicans take Washington’s finances seriously.

The really alarming thing is that Obama and Reid are perfectly comfortable in that position.  They believe they can secure political power by peddling what Ryan described as “the misery and divisiveness of class warfare,” which Republicans must counter with “a full-throated defense of their founding principles” and the upward mobility of capitalism.

Class warfare rhetoric only rests easily in the ears of people who believe they are doomed.  I asked Ryan how Republicans could promote a reasoned message of economic liberty, when a public made nervous by the very conditions Obama’s ideology has created might be more interested in promises of Big Government security.  He said the key lies in contrasting the dynamic nature of capitalism with the decay and decline of redistribution and statism.  He also suggested Americans contemplate the current state of the European social-welfare states Obama admires – a lesson that’s about to become much more vivid, considering the current news from the European Union.

Ryan casually remarked that, if we continue on our present course, “we only have two or three years before we get into a very ugly debt-crisis austerity mode.”  It was a much more chilling statement because of the offhand way he delivered it.  He’s not crisis-mongering.  He means it.

Read the article here.




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