Barack Obama surrenders to the Taliban

But while he’s working out the details, he’ll let thousand of troops stay in Afghanistan with the same Obama-directed suicidal rules of engagement.

The Guardian  The US has agreed in principle to releasing top officials from Afghanistan terrorist group in exchange for starting process of negotiations.

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10 Absurd Laws From Around the World.

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Smart, very smart!

New Hampshire Restaurant Bans Politicians
(PORTSMOUTH, N.H)  Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch in Portsmouth is so sick of White House “wannabes” they’ve put up a sign out front that reads “No Politicians, No Exceptions.”
“We had some disturbances with politicians coming in and tying up the dining room, slowing down and spreading their agenda and just interrupting our clienteles’ breakfast and disrupting the atmosphere,” a waiter named Andrew told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
“This has happened 5 or 6 times since the summer and we’re kinda fed up with it.”


Now they want to use the Constitution?

Carney Defends Cordray Recess Appointment: “Constitution Trumps Gimmicks”
White House press secretary Jay Carney says Senate Republicans gaveling in and gaveling out for seven seconds does not constitute a recess. Therefore, Carney argues, President Obama operated in a legal manner when he appointed Richard Cordray to head the consumer protection board.

“Our assessment is that Congress has been in recess, and had made every indication that it will be in recess for a sustained period of time. And that gaveling in and gaveling out for seven seconds does not constitute a recess with regard to the President’s constitutional authority,” Carney said at Thursday’s briefing.

“Let’s take the other, I guess Laura’s question, somebody else says the other side, the other extreme here which is that if these gimmicks were all the Senate needed to do to prevent the president from exercising his constitutional authority — any president — then no president would ever be able to exercise [it],” Carney contended.

“We’re saying this a gimmick versus a Constitutionally-enshrined authority and we feel very comfortable as a legal matter that the Constitution trumps gimmicks. Thanks.”


No wonder he had to circumvent Congress to enact this disaster. But wonder, how many of the dirtbag occupiers will get a job?

(The Hill) — President Obama on Thursday will unveil a summer-jobs initiative that the White House says is already on track to create 180,000 “work opportunities” in the private sector in 2012.

That is the number of opportunities, which includes mentoring and unpaid internships, that companies have told the administration they are willing to create. Some 70,000 jobs are paid, the White House says.

The initiative was hatched after Congress failed to approve a $1.5 billion summer-jobs fund that President Obama had been seeking as part of the American Jobs Act.

“Today’s announcement is the latest in a series of executive actions the Obama administration is taking to strengthen the economy and move the country forward because we can’t wait for Congress to act,” a White House statement reads.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said the “opportunities” are all new and were not jobs that would have existed anyway.


Pakistani Taliban Kill 15 Kidnapped Security Officers

MLK Jr. And Jesse Jackson Told “Racial Jokes”

Howard Dean: “The Republican Brand Stinks Right Now”

Israeli attempts to “Judaize” Jerusalem will bring about its end, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday, saying Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land was the most important topic in the world.

Speaking to a delegation to the Turkish-Palestinian Parliamentary Friendship Group, Ahmadinejad was quoted by Iranian state television that the “Zionists, who have no faith in religion or even God, now claim piety and intend to take away the Islamic identity of the Holy Quds.”

“This ridiculous move is in fact the continuation of the colonialist polices of oppressors, which will not save the Zionist regime, but also take the regime closer to the endpoint of its existence,” the Iranian president added.

Speaking of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Ahmadinejad was quoted by Iran’s official news agency Iran as saying that the “issue of Palestine is the main issue in the region and the whole world and nobody can ignore it.”

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Now if the other candidates would come out like Rick did! Boom on those islamics who want this shit in our country!

DURHAM, N.H. — Rick Santorum on Friday asserted that Sharia law has no place in America.

“Jihadism is evil and we need to say what it is,” he said at the Strafford County Lincoln-Reagan dinner, remarks that show how the former Pennsylvania senator continues to establish himself as the candidate most-aligned with the Republican Party’s conservative base.

“We need to define it and say what it is. And it is evil. Sharia law is incompatible with American jurisprudence and our Constitution.”

Santorum, invoking New York Rep. Peter King’s hearing this week on the alleged radicalization of American Muslims, said that the “vast majority” of Muslims don’t want to it either.

“They left because of Sharia law,” he said, referring to why he believes Muslim immigrants left their home countries to come to the United States.

Santorum added, “Sharia law is not just a religious code. It is also a governmental code. It happens to be both religious in nature an origin, but it is a civil code. And it is incompatible with the civil code of the United States.”

The audience loudly applauded.

Santorum, a devout Catholic, warned about Sharia at CPAC last month, and his latest comments set up a stark contrast between his world view and President Obama’s efforts to court support in the Muslim world.

Allen West on his vision of America

NDAA: Allen West sets record straight

Sheriff Arpaio: We will not cower to the threat of litigation

Sheriff Arpaio says the Feds simply will not show him the facts surrounding their claims and he will not comply until they do, nor will he cower to the threat of litigation. He says that he doesn’t report to the US Government, he reports to the citizens of Maricopa County and he will not step down.