Here is a Phobia for You Today: friggatriskaidekaphobia

Yep, today is Friday the 13th! How many of you are fearful of today?

The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen), or paraskevidekatriaphobia a concatenation of the Greek words Paraskeví (?????????, meaning “Friday”), and dekatreís (?????????, meaning “thirteen”) attached to phobía (?????, from phóbos, ?????, meaning “fear”). The latter word was derived in 1911 and first appeared in a mainstream source in 1953.

See, you learn a little something. Now try using those words in a sentence or two today.


Our dog Coco seems to have perked up a little this morning. My wife got an ice cube and Coco just licked it to nothing and wanted more! So wife got a tiny bit of chicken, all chopped up in tiny pieces, and she ate what little my wife gave her. When I got up, I took Coco outside and man, she cleaned her insides out of any solids and liquids. Took her a bit of walking around and stopping to do more, but finally she was ready to come in. Wife took that chicken (canned chicken) and mushed it up a bit more and put the medicine in it. Put it in a bowl and Coco went right for it and ate it all. Licked the bowl for some time. So we are more hopeful now that Coco will come out okay. Still what I believe and one of the things the vet said, she may have a virus or picked up something and it just needs to work itself out of her.

Little bit, will go and get her some canned dog food. Something we never give her, just her regular kibbles and bits. But being under the weather, will do that for a few days or so. Trick will be to wean her off the canned food! Little over a year ago when she was ill, she ate canned dog food and we remember how hard it was to get her back to kibbles and bits.


And this is just plain weird!

That’s what’s happened to a gal in the UK. You’ll find the last paragraph funny. More pics and info at link.

Hazel Jones always wondered why she suffered from terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty. But it wasn’t until she turned 18 that she was given her astonishing diagnosis – she had two vaginas.

The blonde 27-year-old from High Wycombe has the million-in-one condition, which means she has two separate uteruses and cervixes as well.

But she told ITV’s This Morning she was comfortable with having the condition, despite the fact she had to effectively lose her virginity twice.

‘Once I found out what it was I told everybody,’ she told TV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

‘I thought it was amazing and it’s definitely an ice-breaker at parties’

She added: ‘If women want to have a look, I’m quite happy to show them, it’s not something I’m embarrassed by.’

Hazel went to the doctor after her long-term boyfriend told her she was ‘different’ in the genital area.

Sitting next to Hazel, Doctor Dawn Harper explained: ‘When developing in the womb girls start with two tubes. These fuse and the septum breaks down and forms one uterus.

‘In around one in 3,000 cases the septum stays within the uterus but to actually have two separate uteruses is much rarer.’

Hazel said previously she had found sex very uncomfortable, but now she didn’t suffer any adverse effects. She turned down surgery as it could have left significant scar tissue.

She revealed: ‘When I was younger I thought I was having cystitis and urine infections from a young age when I was tearing the middle septum.’

She added that she once asked a school friend which ‘hole’ she should use for a tampon, but became too embarrassed to continue the conversation after her friend thought she meant she put it up her bottom.


And here is the official poster of the democrats: