Wanna see the kind of Muslims our U.S. Marines urinated on in Afghanistan?

I dare you to watch this video to the end and tell me that the Marines did anything wrong. These are the same Muslims with whom Barack Hussein Obama is negotiating now. What does that tell you about him?

Click here to see video: THE TALIBAN AT WORK

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This morning, wife and I and her sister went south to the casino. To have a very enjoyable champagne brunch. Yes, I had not one, not twosies, but 6 (six!) mimosas! The women do not partake so I drink theirs also. What can I say? I am almost addicted to those mimosas!

And of course, lots of bacon on the first trip through the buffet covered with a nice thick slab of rare prime rib. Ah, just good eating, though to offset all that meat, I did have some bread and butter. Then another trip, but just prime rib this time, and some good (usually I stay away from this meat) fried chicken. Again, more bread to offset the meat! Plus I bypassed dessert. No cake, pies or ice cream covered in hot fudge for me! Instead, see this coming? Another plate covered with prime rib! Am thinking I had enough meat protein for a bit.

Then we went into the casino and played slots. I was on a winning streak, my wife got on a winning streak after I shared some of my winnings with her. And by about 545pm, we were done and came home. I with triple digit (low triple digit) winning and the same with my wife. I asked her how much she had and when she told me, I said great you can now buy me my own Kindle Fire. She said, as is usual, in your dreams!

Would have stayed longer, but the women got antsy because Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants playing. Got home in time for the last 8 minutes of the 4th quarter. And the Giants have won! 37-20 over the Packers! Now they go on to play the San Francisco 49er’s. Geesh, now I have time to figure out which team I should root for! Can’t root for the Houston Texans as they lost earlier today to Baltimore Ravens. Dammit!


Old mechanics keep it going, even in the hospital!



In her book Slander, conservative commentator and pundit Ann Coulter called Newt Gingrich one of the most consequential politicians in the last century. Why would she make such a claim? What did he do that had such consequence?

In 1993, the Republican Party was the minority party. It had been in the minority since 1955. Even President Reagan had to deal with a Democrat Congress in the 80s and was limited in his ability to change Washington as a result. Newt Gingrich had seen this up close and personal. He had tried to help Reagan with the Conservative Opportunity Society. By 1993 he had become the Republican whip in the house. With his leadership the Republicans crafted a proposal called the Contract With America (CWA). It was designed so that Republican candidates could campaign on conservative principles in order to win their congressional seats and then govern in a conservative manner. The electorate responded. It handed the House and Senate over to the Republicans. This was a revolution unheard of in the times they occurred. Gingrich became the Speaker of the House as a result.

The CWA was a conservative proposition. It held that the electorate could hold their representatives responsible and could remove them if they didn’t perform. The representatives would be responsible to their constituents. But it also implied that they should perform like they would under a business contract.

Did Gingrich write the contract himself? No. But he led the effort for congressional candidates to sign up. And most did. He led educational efforts for those potential conservative congressmen to help them campaign. Since then Gingrich has lead other congressional education efforts. He has been a constant source of education for congressional representatives.

What did the Contract propose to do? There were two parts to the CWA. The first part was a series of reforms to Congressional activity itself. These were proposed changes to the way it would operate. The proposals were: require that Congress be held to all laws that apply to the rest of the country; audit Congress for fraud and waste; reduce the number of House committees and committee staff; set term limits for committee chairmen; disallow proxy votes; require public committee meetings; require a three-fifths majority for tax increases; and implement zero base-line budgeting.

These are all conservative proposals. Did Pelosi enforce these types of rules? No way. Should they be implemented again? You betcha. Let’s audit Congress again. Let’s reduce their budgets, staff, and terms etc. But we need to change the presidency too.

Read the article here for the 2nd part of the CWA.


GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry today criticized the Obama administration for its “over the top” rhetoric in response to a video that purports to show four U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters.

Perry, speaking on CNN’s State of the Union program, said the reactions from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the video is indicative of what he says is a “disdain” for the military by Obama officials.

“These kids made a mistake, no doubt about it,” Perry said, adding that when you’re 18 or 19 years old you do “dumb” things. “…To call it a criminal act is over the top.”

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(Thanks to Governor Rick Perry of Texas)


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And remember people, it is NOT islamophobia if the ragheads are really out to to kill you and I.